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Many people are led to believe that Kong Hee is a pastor. After hearing a number of his sermons, what he does, what he confesses and what he claims to be, we beg to differ.

We have managed to collect a number of videos of Kong Hee which are no longer available online. In these clips, ask yourself some of these questions:

      1. Is Kong Hee behaving the way a pastor should behave?
      2. Is Kong Hee teaching what the bible actually says what Christians should believe?
      3. Is Kong Hee teaching how Christians should properly live out their spirituality?
      4. Is Kong Hee offering a different version of Christianity that orthodox Christianity has held steadfast too?

The second last video shows Kong Hee teaching that Jesus was rich… and died to make Christians rich with the wealth of this world. In response to Kong Hee’s sermon, we are looking at writing an article that exposes his ‘Jesus’ for what it is: a lie.

We have published on C3CW in the past that Phil Pringle spoke at the “Asia Conference 2010, a bi-annual conference organized by CHC”. The last video is an advert for Asia Conference 2010 where famous financial hucksters John Avanzini and Steve Munsey were invited to speak. This was an event that Phil Pringle helped Kong Hee organise. Therefore – it is no surprise to see and hear some disturbing things emerge from this advert.

Here are the videos…

Down the track, we will also be explaining why C3 Church Watch is examining Kong Hee. We are keen to do articles that expose Kong and Pringle’s close associations. We also wish to provide people with Kong Hee’s personal testimony in how he became a Word of Faith heretic. So stay tuned.