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Have you ever been confused as a Christian how to juggle God’s grace with God’s Law? Have you come out of C3 completely scrambled how to understand your Christian faith?

The below resource from Jim McClarty explains exceptionally well how Christians are free in Christ within the grace-filled New Covenant. This series allows Christians to distinguish the differences between the Law, works and grace. Furthermore, it tackles many peculiar Christian doctrines on the way.

We are quite sure that C3 will not be big in promoting a fantastic resource like this (they need you to keep the Law so you can tithe to C3, give sacrificially to C3, be dedicated to the ‘House of God’ (C3) and to continually go to the altar of C3 so God can bless you).

We pray that these resources set you free in Christ. We also pray that you pass these on to your friends in the C3 movement and encourage them to pull out their bibles and challenge what Jim McClarty teaches. Come to your own conclusions and enjoy the spiritual benefits that you have in Christ.

Law vs. Grace

Ever since Paul put pen to paper the Christian Church has been locked in a struggle between legalism and the sufficiency of God’s free and sovereign grace. In this series of 9 messages, we explore the tension between these two opposing views and show that the New Covenant is based solely and completely on the unmerited kindness of God toward His people.

Part 1
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Part 2
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Part 3
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Part 4
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Part 5
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Part 6
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Part 7
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Part 8
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Part 9
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Source: http://www.gcaarchive.com/lawvsgrace.shtml

While Phil Pringle points you to your works, Jim McLarty points you to Christ’s finished work.

While Phil Pringle perverts God’s Word and muddies the doctrines on Law and Grace, Jim McLarty clearly leads believers to understand how Christians are meant to understand God’s Law and God’s grace.

While Pringle confuses believers that they are to juggle grace, works and Law with his antics, Jim McLarty logically walks believers through the scriptures allowing Christians to critically examine for themselves how to distinguish between grace, law and works.