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We managed to capture this audio in Phil Pringle’s C3 Presence Conference, 2011.

In this audio we have Kong Hee’s Advisory Pastor Phil Pringle ‘prophesying’ over Kong Hee. Pringle informs the audience about Kong Hee’s circumstances and is caught encouraging people to give money to Kong’s cause in court. Conveniently, Pringle does not explain why Kong Hee was being investigated. What was said was very revealing about Phil Pringle and Kong Hee. We will look at tackling some of the things said in this audio in another articles. Feel free to share this article or audio.

Hear it below or read the transcript underneath the audio.

Kong Hee: “Tonight, can we do two more things before I give the stage back to Pastor Phil? First of all, could – could Pastor Phil, could Pastor Chris and Sun come up to the stage for a moment right now. You know what? God shows his love through people. That’s why we need one another. And could you just take a moment? I just – two things, right? Just – and can you just turn around and give somebody a big hug? And just say that, ‘God really loves you’. ‘God really loves you’. ‘He really, really loves you’. Amen! Amen! Amen!

Tonight, the second thing; how many of you are glad that you came tonight? Let’s give the Lord a big clap offering. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Amen!

Tonight is it possible- past these eleven months, I don’t know what the future holds. I believe in God for complete deliverance. I believe in God to come through. Not one night but I believe in the blessing of the house. Sun and I, we believe in Apostolic proclamation and blessing. Tonight, as the Advisory Pastor of City Harvest Church, as the Apostle of our church, will you just, could you- Pastor Chris just lay hands on both of us. And can you just pray for us? Amen.”

Phil Pringle: “Amen, Father. Here right now. Father in heaven, deliverance is there’s. [Chris Pringle: “Yes!”] You’ve circled us with songs of deliverance. You’ve turned our mourning into dancing. The oil of just- the feelings of despair, the ashes are replaced with the oil of joy. What a victory this will be. Though it’s dragged on, it’s only for a greater rope to hang the devil by. In Jesus name, Father we pronounce victory. [Crowd cheers]. We pronounce [Chris Pringle: “Yes!”] conquering. We pronounce deliverance in JESUS NAME. NOT ONE NIGHT WILL THIS FAIR HEAD SPEND BEHIND BARS. LORD GOD YOUR NAME IS EXALTED. YOU WILL GLORIFY THE NAME OF JESUS to this great man and his wife and that awesome church that they have built by the power of God and in the name of Jesus.

So here tonight Father, all of us stand together as the body of Christ, as the Kingdom of God. We can invoke things on this earth in that name above every other name. We have a power. We declare it in Jesus name.

SALVATION! VICTORY AND DELIVERANCE! In Jesus mighty name! Hahaha! Oh bless him! The blessings in heaven, bessings of the mountains, blessings of the hills, blessings of the valleys, blessings of the city, blessings of the country, blessings of the people, blessings of the nations – rest upon you. You’ll speak to those who sit on thrones. You’ll stand before those who command the affairs of men. You’ll speak from a broken heart and win those who are proud and they will break and kneel before you. And those who’ve attacked you will be at your feet, seeking forgiveness. And you will show the grace of God and the hand of Heaven and the reconciliation of the Spirit of the Lord.

“Kings will come to Christ. Men who have opposed with their proud mind the things of God will be bent towards God, blown by a wind greater than themselves. God is raising you up. Once you have come through this, you’ll stand and strengthen the church.

Not only in Singapore, not only in Asia but through-out the world,” says the Lord. “You’ll strengthen the hearts of pastors everywhere, prophets everywhere, apostles everywhere, preachers, evangelists.”

So bless this man Lord. As he builds a massive bridge into China, that nation will come to Christ. The price of China is being paid in your world right now. An anointing for a nation yet to come to Christ. Jesus!

CHINA! TURN! And oil, none other has carried, will be placed upon you that you will share with many thousands of evangelists [that] will travel to the nation of China, like messengers carrying the message of the king – and that I will put the trumpet to your lips. You will grow an army. A vast army will gather.

“Your hour is yet to come,” says the Lord, “But I will bless you in Jesus name”.

Amen! [Crowds applause] Father! Oh God! We glorify you! Praise you! Amen!”

c3 presence prophecy of pringle

Pringle: “And those who’ve attacked you will be at your feet, seeking forgiveness”

Then Pringle goes on to say this,

“Alrighty. Can I ask you to find your seats again? Is that alright? If you can just return to your seats. I want to let you know about a couple of things.

I’m wondering if- thank you Kari. I’m wondering if i can do something that ah- we don’t do here normally. (And I’ve only got about five minutes because the buses are leaving at ten o’clock.)

I’m wondering, as I was sitting there just wrestling with a thought, because I really ah, appreciate everybody here and their sacrifice in getting here. But I’m feeling like I just would like us to show love in a very real and a practical way for Kong and Sun.

So I’m just going to ask this question. If you would like to help them financially then we’re going to pass the container one more time here. I don’t want you to feel that you have to. I don’t want you to feel that there’s any great drive for this on you at all.

But I just feel that maybe some of you who would like to do this. We normally don’t receive offerings for preachers because it’s a very big conference and it’s a- and we build it into our overall thinking and budget to look after our speakers. But right now, if you need a card and you want to help these guys, just raise your hand.

You need to understand that they- I’m- I’m not quite sure I can say this, are they- are they- they’re gone? Okay. Umm…

To actually even be here, because their passports were confiscated, they had to pay bail to get those passports back. The bail was set at one million dollars. Each. Uh- oh, for Kong Hee I’m sorry.

Then, I think it was even more for him. I can’t remember the figures. But I know that for- they had to raise seven million dollars for members of staff and others to travel. That’s just that area. If you’ve ever been to Singapore, you know how expensive this place is. To fight the case he has had to employ a legal firm. And I know what the bills are. They are nearly a million dollars each time they come. Between half a million and a million dollars each time those bills come. His church is not allowed to pay one cent of his personal cost that he is incurring in this battle. He has to find it himself.

He’s sold his house. He has scratched together everything he can. One of the things that I’m doing is going there. I’ve made a commitment to be there once every two weeks. Normally it ends up being once every three weeks because of a variety of commitments that I’ve already got and doing things. But when I’m gone, he’s able to travel. And when I’m their, he’s able to travel and preach and find support amongst Asia and other churches.

Uh- I know that he was finding it hard to put some money together to get a cup of Starbucks at one stage. And uh- it’s a challenge. There’s been new legislation passed on the use of commercial spaces in Singapore since this case has come. So the religio- the restriction on his church is severe, ah, in that area [inaudible] after their purchase, go into co-ownership with ah, SunTec. And we’re in there. I will be speaking there in a couple days time. I will be on Friday to speak there happily.

We’ve got another great preacher here called Kevin Loo, who will be speaking here ah, in our church on Sunday. And I want you to meet him tomorrow night, ah, in church- ah in our meetings here.

But I’m just wondering, there may be some people here who feel- and you would like to put something, anything, in to help pastor Kong and Sun. And these are mighty, mighty men and women of God. Unbelievable in what they have accomplished. I can’t even begin to tell you the impact they’ve had on so many nations around Asia. Ah- I think Andrew Kubalah was it- one meeting there where I might have prayed for sixty different nations? Sometimes praying for a thousand pastors from one nation. I didn’t even preach. I just called nation after nation up on the stage.

We would pray for a thousand Indians. And we’d call another nation up. Vietnam. Cambodia. And one after the other, we were all at this Asia Conference, prophesying over them, speaking into their world, touched that.

Two thirds of the worlds population was just there. You cannot ignore that. God is raising up a voice to go into the city so-

I always think of these things is not just time to play around, kind of mess around and think, “Oh you know! We’re just here for a nice little sermon!” This is a place where we would do something and achieve things. And so I’m wondering if ah- if those ushers could just- right now- let me pray- and we’ll pass those containers. If you need a- if you need a card, please don’t feel embarrassed.

If you’re just thinking, “Ok! I’ll let it go,” don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel embarrassed. I do not want you to feel any pressure at all on- this is simply an opportunity for you to say, “I would like to help… uh-  in support of these guys.”

Father right now I’m praying that you will help us be a blessing [to] Pastor Kong. Every cent that it goes into this offering will go to them. And probably more that we will try and add out of the budget of this conference. Father! Right now I’m praying for blessing on that dear couple, in Jesus mighty name. And everybody said, amen!

God bless you as you give and thank you very much.

I had to think deeply about getting involved in this because I know where I go. I take a lot of people with me. I don’t mean not just my family but our church and a whole movement. Ah- but I’m a slight risk taker and- you know like- I like the idea of standing for people. It’s easy to say I’m standing for Jesus. For once, one of his servants is suffering. Front page attack. I’ve been there. I know what it feels like plenty of times. But I’m a little older now. A little browner. It doesn’t matter so much. Standing with a guy when I know what it feels like to put on your shades, going to a supermarket. And your kids take a beating at school, cos their father’s the pastor. Some of your people are looking. They’ll talk to me about the church I go to. You feel that and hold your head up high. You keep marching.

You need a great church. You need a great people standing with you- easy to be a fair-weathered friend. When that foul weather comes, God’s looking at them to be faithful. In Jesus name, amen! Thank you so much for giving right there. I really do appreciate that.”