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Before watching this sermon of Phil Pringle at the C3 Church San Diego, imagine Phil transported backwards in time to the early church. Let us lay out the scene…

Philip of Corinth finally afforded to buy Askepios’ shrine at Epidauras, a place well known for healing people. With renovations complete (and statues of himself in the courts), he started preaching at his new church.

He managed to afford sophists to advertise and encourage local churches and early church fathers to visit his new church to advance the Kingdom of God.

With some church fathers present (Polycarp, Ignatius, Barnabas and Justin Martyr), the charismatic sophist wanted to prove to them how orthodox he could be. Irenaeus insisted on staying home to scribe how Philip was peddling gnostic beliefs and imitating pagan religions around him. Nevertheless, the ‘critic’ was finally persuaded to check out Philip’s church to hear what he had to say. The early church sat and listened as they listened to Philip’s sermon: Parable Of The Dog.

How do you think the early church father’s would have responded to Phil Pringle’s level of orthodoxy?