Phil Pringle mislead his church on Sunday the 14th of April about the charges against Kong Hee’s financial mismanagement of church funds of up to S$50,000,000.

Various members from C3 Church Watch are continually startled how C3 members are still kept in the dark about Kong Hee. It appears that many C3 members do not know why Kong Hee was under investigation and why he is is now facing serious charges in court for mishandling church funds.

Instead C3 church members have been generally deceived to believe that Kong Hee is persecuted unfairly by an unjust, pagan government for preaching the gospel. And just this Sunday in the name of Jesus, Pringle made sure that he spun the information accordingly to suit his and disgracefully twisted the gospel and God’s Word to control people’s behaviour over the matter.

Here is the ‘great news’ Pringle delivered to his church about the developing case. 


The transcript is at the bottom of this article. Before reading what was said, take note of the following things Pringle spoke on:

    • Firstly, Pringle acknowledged the fact AGAIN that when he pastors CHC this gives Kong Hee and Sun Ho the opportunity to travel to “share in churches their burden ‘n what they’re facing and keep support happening”. Support ‘happening’?

It is our opinion that Pringle defines ‘support’ to mean ‘financial support’. Pringle disclosed this same information a few years ago where he dishonestly downplayed the allegations against Kong so people could financially support Kong Hee. At that C3 Presence Conference event, Kong “shared” to churches “their burden ‘n what they’re facing” and got the “support” they needed”. So it is of our opinion that to side-step new Singaporean legislation, Phil Pringle has helped Kong Hee by preaching at CHC so Kong can go to other churches to gain financial support over his court hearings and financial well-being. We are led to believe that other church pastors involved in ‘supporting’ Kong Hee may now include “Dr. David Yonggi Cho, John Bevere, Paul Scanlon, Casey Treat, Mark Conner and Jeffrey Rachmat“. (Don’t forget that Yonggi Chi (Pringle’s mentor and member on his ‘Church Growth International’), is also currently under investigation for mishandling his church’s funds.) 

    • Secondly, Pringle did a stunning job spinning the truth. Pringle did not inform what the Commissioner of Charities had recently done to Kong Hee and his senior members. Instead he heavily edited the account and informed everyone that Sun Ho was “exonerated”.  If you really want to see the latest development of the case, COC provides the following information:


The COC has issued a Statement clarifying his proposal to remove the suspended individuals related to the City Harvest Church (the Charity) from their office and employment in the Charity.  Concurrently, the Attorney-General Chambers (AGC) has issued a statement in response to media query regarding the Attorney-General role in the regulatory action (under the Charities Act) and his role as the Public Prosecutor.

Refer to the COC statement here.

Refer to AGC statement here 

(Updated: 12 Apr 2013)


Commissioner of Charities Acts to Protect Charitable Assets- Invites Representations to Proposal to Remove Individuals 

The COC intends to remove 8 suspended individuals related to the City Harvest Church (the Charity) from their respective offices or employment as trustees, governing board members, officers, agents and/or employees of the Charity.  The COC has given notice to these individuals and invited them to make representations on his proposal.  As provided for under the Charities Act, the COC would also like to invite representations from the public on his proposal with respect to some of these individuals by 13 May 2013. The normal services of the Charity can continue as usual.  Refer to press release here.

(Updated: 9 Apr 2013)

Source: Singapore Government, Charity Portal,, (Accessed 16/04/2013.)

    • Thirdly – he takes a playful swipe at his critics which got a pastor laughing hysterically. 
    • Fourthly – Kong Hee is NOT the Apostle Paul and deserves to be thrown into a ‘spiritual prison’ for disgracing the name of Christ and peddling a gospel that the Apostle Paul would oppose himself. For Pringle to suggest that he is the only Christian to support him in this time is just a load of Pharisaic rot. These men are behaving in very similar fashion that the Apostle Paul warned the church of following. Never did the Apostle Paul sell out the gospel for sex, money, power and down-right deception the way Kong Hee has.
    • Fifthly – Not only did Pringle make a light deal out of all this, if you are a  Christian outside of the C3 Church movement that is informed on the Kong Hee case- watch out! C3 Church Christians will oppose you for the sake of “Christian character”. Expect Pringle’s army to be against you thanks to Pringle’s deceptive presentation. According to Pringle, he wants Christians to carry Kong Hee’s unjust burden the way that Jesus carried our sins. This is down right diabolical. To use the cross of Christ to defend and support a heretic and cause division among Christians while peddling deception is simply disgraceful.
    • Finally, by using warlike language, Pringle had the audacity to link emotional, Australian patriotic pride of ANZAC war heroes to his talk of C3 soldiers warring for souls. He implements his cult-like strategy as so:

“Let’s be part of an army! [Crowd applauses] We’ve got a war for souls going on! It’s the fight to build the church! When you look to the right and the left, who’s there? You know that’s what you gotta do and say, “Look. We’re in this war-“”

This echoes his cult-like strategy from his book ‘You The Leader’ where he wants his church to fight for their leaders whether the attacks are justified or not. Pringle then rolls into linking the C3 army to the ANZACS.

Really Pringle? After using the cross to divide Christianity and to bring shame to Jesus’ name you sink to this cheap tactic as well? Have you no shame?

Pringle’s lack of character in this entire schemozzle has truly been spineless and pitiful, no matter how much he is polishing the outside of his Pharisaical cup.

Here is the transcript:

“I was in Singapore last week ah- folks with our good friends Kong and Sun Hee, although they are very rarely there when I am speaking because it gives them a chance to get out amongst the Asian community or various parts around the world and share in churches their burden ‘n what they’re facing and keep support happening and maintain a healthier relationship and communion with the wider body. And so that’s part of the reason why I am able to go there and uh- and they’ve just had ah- one really interesting breakthrough in this last week where the Commission of Charities (that’s the organisation overseeing charities in Singapore) has exonerated Sun from [audience applauses] all ah- all charges against her so- There was a pretty interesting ah- ah- so ah- You know I’m  believing that we will ah- see continual victories like that-

It’s a- It’s a pretty intersting thing when you- You know I mean it’s one thing to say  we’ll stand for Jesus. That’s you know an awesome thing ah- but it’s kinda easy to do cos he’s- he’s- you know- gotta a varied reputation. But he’s not actually here on earth. And ah- when His servants come under fire on earth, it’s interesting to watch reactions.

When Paul the Apostle was thrown into a Roman prison for tredizon- tre- treachory and sedition (I was going to say tradition), ah- sedition and treachory against the Roman empire, ah not one Roman Christian visited him to support him or stand with him. The Macedonians had to come up. The Philippians. And that’s why he wrote them such a wonderful letter. There’s not one- there’s a rebuke in every single letter of Paul except the letter to the Philippians, amen!

So I always think that’s a good way to get the grace of God on you- just stand with prayers that are facing trials and tribulations. And ah- you know you’re gonna find out even in your own world with fellow Christians where people talk about them. Ah- I know you’ve never heard a critical word about me anywhere but you know [Pastor laughs] it’s a- you’re laughing? [More laughter] Yeah it’s ah- But right at that moment you know it’s like, “Eeerr! What do I do?”

You know I-I found that- you know we live in a pretty back boneless society sometimes. Depth of character is demonstrated in what you’ll take on behalf of others. Jesus took our whole sins on himself when he didn’t have to do that. So standing up for the name of Jesus and for the church in a society that kinda comes against it, it’s a- it it develops strength on the inside of you. Last thing we wanna do is be people without any character. Amen? [Bad crowd response]

Yeah- very enthusiastic response this morning, amen. [Crowd picks up] Hallelujah!

C’mon! Let’s be part of an army! [Crowd applauses] We’ve got a war for souls going on! It’s the fight to build the church! When you look to the right and the left, who’s there? You know that’s what you gotta do and say, “Look. We’re in this war-” and part of Presence is- you know like- one of the great things about this Conference is that you only have to take two days off work. I know it’s three days but one day’s ANZAC Day. And on ANZAC Day we’re gonna have an ANZAC moment at the beginning of the day and remember ah- fallen soldiers and honour them. But also remind Australia that the war for souls and the war for Australia is not yet over. It’s not yet over and ah- and there’s still a huge cause for us to stand for God on- Anyway- I did a little video while I was in Singapore where we prayed for- for the church. If we could play that, that’d be great! Thanks!”

Source: Phil Pringle, “Awakening — Part 1” – Phil Pringle,, Sunday 14th April 2013. (Accessed 15/04/2013.)