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Why Is This A Direct Reflection of Phil Pringle’s Mentoring?

We have Pringle recorded denying that he preaches the prosperity gospel (which we know is a flat-out deceptive claim):

“And the deal – some people accuse that – just what I said then, saying, ‘Oah! That’s prosperity gospel’ or whetever. I’ve never preached a gospel other than about Jesus my whole life. That’s the gospel: Jesus Christ. Beginning and end. You know I got no other message then that one.” – Phil Pringle, Steven Furtick ‘Stay Behind The Guide’,http://www2.myc3church.net/videos/steven-furtick-%E2%80%98stay-behind-guide, C3 Church Oxford Falls, 15/04/2012.

However, we know personally that Kong Hee sees Phil Pringle in an infallible light as a personal master and mentor, pope and Prophet of God.

Kong Hee To Phil Pringle: “You created this mess! You’ve Got To Come And Help Us Fix It”

Not only is Kong Hee a disciple of Phil Pringle, he imitates Phil Pringle in many ways in teachings, conferences, service layouts, financial events and advertising, etc.

“Many people come to City Harvest Church and they look at our church. Look at our pulpit. Our Rise and Build. And they say, “Hey! Why is it that in Australia they kinda copy after you?”

Well actually we came here and copied everything from Christian City Church. So we have our own Rise and Build and I just thought I show you this latest installment where we anounced to our church, SunTec City Convention Center. It’s a twelve thousand seater hall. And ah- it’s amazing. And already, in one month after we signed the lease, we are already starting to earn dividends from all the profits, eh! So lets just watch the video right now.” – Kong hee, C3 Presence Conference, Session 4, Sydney, 2010.

Phil Pringle needs to face the facts. He is a Word of Faith heretic that peddles the same damnable prosperity gospel that his faithful student Kong Hee peddles (Galatians 1). No matter how much Phil Pringle tries to distance himself from being a Word of Faith Heretic, Pringle’s disciple Kong Hee keeps exposing his mentor’s true colours. In fact, Kong Hee happily boasted of being a Word of Faith preacher at Pringle’s Presence Conference 2012.

Kong Hee has done his best to truly copy “everything from [Phil Pringle’s] Christian City Church”. Now keep this in the forefront of your mind: If Kong Hee’s church is critiqued, Phil Pringle’s church is critiqued.

Recently, Dr Paul Choo, (the founder of Goducate), gave a lecture titled “The Prosperity Gospel Message”. This lecture examined the pyramid scheme structure of CHC. Below the video are quotes from his lecture.

“So many people are brainwashed. Many of them.

“I go to support him [Kong Hee]! Don’t get confused! Don’t get discouraged and baffled-” because that’s how they think! Why don’t they leave the church? Why more go? You mean everybody’s brainwashed? Everybody’s like that?

Well let me tell you, many will not leave because this is the best scheme they’ve ever seen in their life.

You know you put money in a bank now, how many percentage do you get? Less then one percent right? Quarter percent I heard. Someone told me. … You put money in this scheme- prosperity gospel scheme, (backed by God you know). Not backed by bank. Not banked by US government. Not banked by Swiss government or Singapore. It’s backed by God you know. You know how powerful God is? If you can’t trust God, who can you trust?

Sometimes you buy scheme. Now you got to [inaudible] money. Just underline the highlighter the nice things to see. Then you say, “In this contract, how do I know if it’s real or not?” Let me tell you, this scheme, according to them, is backed not by God but also by the bible. “I show you. Like Malachi three verse ten. You don’t believe me? I show you!” WOAH! Alright.

So here we say, “How can they leave a scheme like this? It’s sooo attractive!” Quarter percent? This one gives you minimum three thousand percent. Thirty four. … Hundredfold? Ten thousand percent. Why do you want to take money out and put it in the bank? “Are you stupid or what? This is backed by God! Endorsed BY MEN OF GOD!”

You know something? One reason why this whole scheme has continued is because not of one man, but because this one man has been endorsed by may other people. Good men. Pastors who say, “Who are we to judge”. Pastors who keep quiet- Let me to tell you, when you keep quiet, when people ask you on a scheme like that, silence is consent. Do you know that?

“You as a Christian! What do you think of this?” [Inaudible] “Don’t want to think to much about these things.” You know what you’re saying? “It’s not bad.”

Let’s say you’re a financial guide and you know there is a scam that everybody’s using and scamming people. As a banker what must you do? You must tell people, “Hey please! Run from that! Have nothing to do with that”. But you and I as Christians most times, we keep quiet. And there are pastors of big churches that endorse this! It’s not about one man! It’s about a whole system that stinks! It’s about a whole system of men who keep quiet so that bad men can do scams. And I will not be apart of that. We must not be apart of it. We know the truth. We must speak the truth now!

I don’t like to do this. I’d rather preach the gospel. Good news is better than telling about scandals and bad things. Why should I go run down people? You think it’s a nice thing? As a Christian, we don’t like to do those things. I’d rather say, “God loves you! Jesus died for your sins! Jesus paid the price”. These are wonderful, wonderful things to talk about. Why do we talk about these things?

Because somebody has to say something. And I hope we will.”

[Condemns Sun Ho’s music video] [48:48]

“… But there will come a time when God will say, “You’ve taken my name in vain and I will not hold you guiltless. You will pay”. Til that day, our job is to warn people, “This is NOT Christianity. This is NOT the gospel. This is a SCAM. PERIOD! Using the name of God is a financial scam.” Don’t mince your words when you have to explain that. Don’t try to win popularity like all those pastors th-, “Oh! He’s not that bad! Who are we to judge others?” We’re not here to win popularity. We’re here to tell the truth. If you go to church to be popular, you’re in the wrong place. We came here because there’s truth. Truth will set us free. So I hope today that you have the truth and you will speak the truth but speak it in love.” [55:05]