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CHC Confessions is a Facebook Group that offers valuable insight to the culture and methodoligies of City Harvest Church cult. Their insider stories and experiences are revealing, sobering and disturbing. Visit the group here:

CHC Confessions

The group has caught the eye of ‘The Real Singapore’.


A CHC member has revealed that Church funds could have been used to fund more than just Sun Ho’s Music Career. He alleges that funds were also likely to have been used for City College and O School, as well as paying for Kong Hee’s Entourage when he had international speaking engagements.

There have been a lot of concerns over the use of church funds by city harvest.

There has been much unhappiness over the abuse of church funds to buy a stake in suntec city. This is especially so when the money could be used to help the poor instead of enriching kong hee and his cronies. There have been many instances where ex-CHC have stepped forward to expose the church’s wrong doings.

Another courageous ex-CHC member has stepped forward to speak the truth.

I would like to invite all to discuss on the possible legal implications and social reprecussion of the abuse of church funds by Kong Hee and cronies. This is what the ex-CHC Member had to say:

1. Miss Ho Yeow Sun’s entourage includes two dancers. They can be seen dancing in Miss Ho’s recent music video, Fancy Free. These dancers are instructors of O School, which is funded by City College (that gets funds from City Harvest). These dance instructors are residing in the United States, residing in Miss Ho’s Los Angeles home. This brings to question if City Harvest is indirectly paying for Miss Ho’s dancers.

2. Xtron Productions have several employees who are board and executive members. Several on its payroll hold positions of leadership in the audio, lighting and media ministries. In November 2009, Rev. Kong Hee had a speaking engagement to Sacramento, California, several church employees (worship band, singers, and media personnel) were flown there with all expenses paid by the Church. In addition to that, Xtron employees were involved in the trip. If the speaking engagement was for the benefit of Rev. Kong, the question is, who pays for the cost to fly and accommodate his entourage?

It is known that Rev. Kong is not a salaried employee of City Harvest church. He relies on speaking engagement fees, love gifts and the royalties of his sermons and bible study material. However, how does the church draw the line between his personal speaking engagements and his service on behalf of the church? Also, why the need for Xtron employees to be part of the trip if this was promoted to church members as a missions trip? For many of Rev. Kong’s international speaking engagement, there is an employee from Xtron present to take photographs and record videos. Is City Harvest Church paying for the services or is the Reverend absorbing the costs?


May those who have read my comments and felt there is validity in it share the burden I have. I have been very careful in my choice of words and tone by which I make my comments. I could have given the names of the owners of Xtron Produtions, who are board and executive members. Unfortunately, my position does not permit or grant me the liberty to be a whistle blower.

Please understand that I am caught between a rock and a hard place. In 2003, when Roland Poon pointed out the church’s support of Miss Ho’s singing career, I witness the ugliness of hate. However, at the same time, I saw the pain in the eyes of church members who were deeply affected by the media slaughter of the church.

Over the course of days, I question if this was the right time to disclose the information that I have given. Why? Because many of the employees of Xtron, City College, Citycare, Little Big, O School, and along with the staff of City Harvest Church are fully aware of what goes on behind the scenes. Many have families with young children and mortgages and car payments to worry about. There are a large number of individuals dependent on how this system works. Sadly, it is snowballing into something monstrous.

From my heart,

Editor’s Note: This is a post made on Sg Forums a while ago, before the depth of the misuse of funds was known clearly. The point this writer makes about the pain of church followers seeing their funds misused is a good point. Many church members gave generously from their heart in the past and it is clearly painful for them to see their funds going to places they did not know or expect. Maybe some of the members now are still fooling themselves, and hoping, perhaps for their own funds’ sake, that Pastor Kong + Co are not guilty.

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