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This audio from Kong Hee in Presence Conference 2010 demonstrates how Kong Hee is nothing but a false teacher. Pull out your bibles and compare what Kong Hee says in the name of God to the Word of God. See if Kong Hee makes any logical sense as he progresses in his teaching on ‘trumpets’. Is he consistent? Is Kong Hee preaching about God or something else? Who is glorified in all this?

Before we start, we wish to alert readers to these comments made by Kong Hee at the beginning of the audio:

“You know pastor Phil Pringle, Apostle, the Bishop ( J. John calls him the bishop)- to me he is the Apostle, he’s my friend, he’s the friend of God. I’ve known Pastor Phil and Pastor Chris for eighteen years. And yet we talk about City Harvest Church.

You can’t talk about City Harvest Church without talking about C3. Or Christian City Church. You know Pastor Phil has been there for me; praying with me; encouraging me; discipling me; telling me how to do the work of the ministry; taught me how to collect an offering; how to give an altar call; how to build a church; build a team. So Pastor Phil, from the depth of my heart, for Sun and myself, we wouldn’t be where we are today without you and Pastor Chris. Let’s give Pastor Phil and Pastor Chris a big clap.” 00:24

To read further how Kong Hee regards his mentor, read here:

Kong Hee To Phil Pringle: “You created this mess! You’ve Got To Come And Help Us Fix It”

Below this sermon [?] are snippets of the transcript where we would like to point out further corrections or articles. These are worth reading.

“I heard that the [C3] church started out of Dee Why.” 01:35

Kong Hee believes that Phil Pringle is an ‘apostle’ and heard that his church ‘started’ out of Dee Why. It is deceitful of Phil Pringle to feed this illusion to Kong Hee that he is an ‘Apostle’ and started/planted a church at Dee Why. Phil Pringle attempted to start a church in Roseville. He was unsuccesful. Instead, Pringle caused a church split when he took over Paul Collins church at the Dee Why Surf Club in Sydney. Read the chapter from John Barclay’s book ‘Arise’ where Barclay records the history of Christin City Church.

The History of Phil Pringle & The C3 Movement

Kong says,

“Even this week he [Phil Pringle] blessed me with a wonderful pen. I understand that there are only two of these in the whole earth. In the whole world. This is the ‘Phil Pringle’ pen. Better than Mt Blanc. Better than Watermark. You know it’s so anointed. You know I was carrying it and I felt the power of God. I tell you I was trembling over. I just put this on… Where are the catchers?

I’m just going to carry it near my heart so the anointing of God can pulsate- OK…” [03:16]

The bible says that one of the attributes of a false teacher is that “through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you” (2 Peter 2:3). Here, Kong Hee is no different. While it sounds like he is joking, he like Pastrix Chris Pringle and Senior Pastor Mark Kelsey, promote that people can buy Pringle’s anointed merchandise.

Phil Takes A Power Nap While Chris Gets A Dour Slap

You Too Can BUY Phil Pringle’s ‘Godly’ Anointing!

C3 Brisbane Encouraged To Bid On The Lord’s Supper ….. And The Pastors Pants?

Kong also promotes his own merchandise.

“Praise the Lord! Well, this afternoon I just realised while I was here, I bought along products but I didn’t even talk about it. So my guys was telling me and- so I just want to make known to you that today in the next few hours there’s some material.” [03:50]

Finally, the visions Kong receives towards the end are 100% false. Hell was MADE to punish the devil and his agents. However, the vision that Kong Hee received is against the Holy Spirit’s revealed truth about hell.

Oddly enough, Kong Hee supposedly quoted a demon that reported to Satan that pornography and lust were spreading throughout the world. Due to Kong Hee’s of his wife’s “China Wine” music video, how are they not promoting the work of this demon? Something to think about.