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News recently broke of Chew Eng Han. He is one of six members charged for mishandling church funds of up to US$40 million. He has decided to step down from his position at City Harvest Church. You can read his farewell and CHC’s reponse in our article here:

CHC Farewells Charged Member Chew Eng Han

Things are getting interesting. Chew Eng Han has responded to CHC’s statement. He writes,

Chew Eng Han’s response to CHC’s statement

In response to CHC’s Board’s response to my Personal Statement on my departure from CHC, the following are my replies:

1. Firstly I refer to the para which states:

“While we do not understand the reasons for his current sentiments, we wish nothing but the best for Eng Han and his family, and thank him for all his contributions.”

My query to the Board is whether they have been made aware of a four and a half hour meeting between Pastor Kong, Sun, myself and my wife? Are they also aware of some of the issues which I raised and whether there were sincere corrective actions taken since that meeting 3 months ago?

2. Secondly I refer to the para which states:

“The Board knows and believes that the senior leadership has always walked in integrity, adhering to Biblical principles through the leading of the Holy Spirit. We maintain our full confidence in the leadership.”

My query is how many of the board members made a conscious effort to read the COC Inquiry Report which was made accessible to them? And if they did, was then a diligent internal inquiry held in-house, to determine if there was any wrongdoing on the part of the alleged wrongdoers? Has the board done an inquiry on the issues named by COC, and satisfied itself fully that there has been no compromise of integrity? If the board has not done so, it cannot state that it knows and believes in the integrity of the senior leadership.

3. The board is probably unaware of many other issues, especially those on the pastoral angle, in terms of the manner of conduct of some of their pastors and senior leaders.  Without such information, it is not equipped to issue a board statement of confidence.

The church statement is a mere attempt to unite the church with a spiritual tone, but lacks substance in dealing with the real issues of truth and integrity.

Dated 22 June 2013

Source: Chew Eng Han, Chew Eng Han’s response to CHC’s statement, http://mrslightnfriends.com/chew-eng-hans-response-to-chcs-statement, 22/06/2013. (Accessed 24/06/2013.)