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In his book ‘You The Leader’, Phil Pringle instructs readers how they can make   members defend leaders like himself:

“When we’re in the trenches getting fired at, I don’t want soldiers at my side wondering why their leader is being fired upon. People like this can eventually turn their guns on their leader. They imagine the Enemy must have good reason for shooting at their leader, and so they begin firing also.

Once we’ve been in the trenches a few times, we realize who can be trusted under fire. Even if the leader does make a mistake, that is still no reason for those around him or her to attack. I want to know that my team will be loyal to me when the attacks are unjustified, and when they are justified.” – Phil Pringle, You The Leader, 2005, pg 265-266.

If you do not consider this to be a form of mind control, then consider this article:

C3 Bible College Students Taught To Be Manipulative Leaders

In relation to the above qoute, Phil Pringle recently spoke at his church and started using the above method.

What Is Phil Pringle Trying To Hide? *Update 3* (03-07-2013)

Not long ago, we learnt that Pringle again spoke at City Harvest Church. It comes to no surprise that Phil Pringle refuses to address any substance to people’s claimsabout C3 Church or City Harvest Church. His entire sermon was grooming CHC members to be soldiers and to fight for God. Here is Pringle again conditioning people to not listen to the world outside of the constructed ‘church’.

Well Pringle, Jesus Christ has this to say about your approach to ministry:

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you clean the outside of the cup and the plate, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence.” Matthew 23:25

People have indeed seen straight through the facade. In response to Pringle’s behaviour, a commentor from CHC Confessions said,

“Phil Pringle the salesman preacher is insulting the intelligence of CHC members by asking them not to visit websites. When the light comes, darkness flees and it’s obvious the CHC leadership is interested is to keep their members in darkness and ignorance.” – Euphamist Ic, https://www.facebook.com/CHCConfessions/posts/629711277048253?comment_id=6796149&offset=0&total_comments=9, 03/07/2013. (Accessed 04/07/2013.)

Looks like Pringle doesn’t want his poor ‘critic’ with “three followers on twitter” to be heard or have him grow in popularity.

“I’m gonna tell the whole world, “You’ve got three followers on Twitter!” – Phil Pringle

Some obvious questions needs to be asked to Phil Pringle’s involvement with City Harvest Church:

    1. Why does CHC insist in having Phil Pringle as their Advisory Pastor?
    2. Isn’t Phil Pringle more of a liability then an asset?
    3. Is Phil Pringle worth the risk for CHC?

What do you think?

EDIT (04/07/2013): We thought it was appropriate to transcribe Phil Pringle:

“…..He says – take a teaspoon of concrete and harden up! Amen? Man up
Pringle – so I put the harness on and I walk into battle and you know, now,
after 30 years, I feel a little weird if there isn’t a problem.

I feel a little bored – I feel like, this isn’t very exciting. We’ve got no
big issues going on.

You’ve got to get used to the feeling that the christian life is a battle.
You get tempted here, people will criticize you there, things are going to
come at you from behind and in front.

AND by the way, don’t go clicking on all those websites, you know, with
negative stuff on them.

Click on truth, amen, click on the good guys, click on all the C3 churches,
CHC (City Harvest Church) churches – ” upgrade” their ratings, “like” this,
“like” this, “follow” him, “tweet” this, “retweet” that.

There’s such a temptation to go and read the junk, the nonsense. But every
time you “click”, you give another vote for it. You know these guys – don’t
do that! What do you want that in your head for anyway?

These are just some more of the battles, there’s just a little battle over

You and I need to front the battle full on, on the inside of our heart and
say “you know, all these invisible forces that try to attack us, I’m going
to stick up the sheild of faith, it’s not going to get me.

I believe God, we’ll get through this, we’ll get through that, we’ll
overcome this, we’ll beat this thing. I’m going to get over that, this is
going to go back from me, I’m not going under, I’m going over.

As you stick up that shield of faith and start speaking the word of God, you
repel all the fiery darts of the evil one. The only way you get good at
fighting is fighting.

So, if you’re not fighting today, stand up on the inside and say “You know
what? Time for me to get into battle, time for me to join King David in the
stronghold and get in the game.”
Source: Phil Pringle, CHC, http://www.chc.org.sg/citytv/videos, English Service
Discipleship, 29 Jun – 30 Jun. (Accessed 04/07/2013.)