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In July, the Straits Times reported the following,

City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee preached to crowds at the weekend as his embattled organisation moved back into its Suntec premises following a year-long revamp.

Worshippers packed the 7,305-seat auditorium as Kong – who is at the centre of a major corruption probe – gave a sermon titled A House On Fire.

“We’re not building buildings but building people,” he told the congregation during the 21/2-hour service last Saturday.

The church’s return to the Suntec Singapore convention centre – which it part-owns – means it finally has a permanent home after 25 unsuccessful attempts to secure a new set of premises.

Source: City Harvest Church returns to Suntec premises after revamp, Straits Times, http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/city-harvest-church-returns-suntec-premises-after-revamp-20130708, Published on Jul 08, 2013, 10:05 AM. (Accessed 20/07/2013.)

So Kong Hee thinks he’s “not building buildings but building people”? Really Kong?

Here is Kong Hee a few years ago flogging his congregation to give to the CHC building fund. In this video, Kong revealed that the unemployed, retirees and students were giving money to the building fund. He also says, “An equal amount, an equal sacrifice. You give your best. You give until your heart is broken. You give until tears stream down your eyes”.

An equal amount, an equal sacrifice? You give your best? Why does this sound familiar? Does this not sound like Phil Pringle’s own money grubby ‘Vision Builders’ campaign?

“Remember, the philosophy of Vision Builders is equal sacrifice not equal giving.”

In C3’s own Vision Builders pamphlets they not only encourage a similar philosophy but also instruct those in out of control debt to do the following,

“If you are in ‘out of control debt’, after your tithe the debt should be your next priority. Reducing the debt to a manageable amount
(or even clearing it completely) should be attempted as you also make a manageable gift to Vision Builders. Remember no amount
is insignificant.” – Vision Builders 2012, http://www2.myc3church.net/sites/default/files/VISION-BUILDERS-BROCHURE.pdf, pg. 10.

Once again, Kong Hee is proving that, “Pastor Phil has been there for me; praying with me; encouraging me; discipling me; telling me how to do the work of the ministry; taught me how to collect an offering; how to give an altar call; how to build a church; build a team”. In the public eye, both unashamedly and ruthlessly exploit people for financial gain with their similar fleece-a-thon campaigns. The difference between Phil Pringle and Kong Hee is that Kong seems to be more ruthless than Pringle.

Kong Hee below says , “And Chwung, have to eat into their reserve. Literally- I mean just the medical bills alone could really sink an ordinary person. But yet this year, Chwung is pledging twenty thousand dollars to the building fund, when he’s having a challenging time in his finances…”

Kong Hee said in the below video, “Nick and Connie sold their five room flat and downgraded to a three room apartment just so they could give twenty thousand dollars to the building fund! I mean, where do you hear people like that? I mean, people who are willing to sell their house and downgrade to build God a great house”.

Good question Kong. Where do you hear of people like that? Clearly you and your are wife aren’t suckers to the false things you say.

While people were selling their expensive flats or forsaking their own medication at their own expense to give to Kong Hee’s building fund,  Pastor Kong Hee’s wife Sun Ho was supposedly using those building fund expenses to flaunt her lavish Hollywood lifestyle. Not to only that, Sun Ho also renting out a Hollywood Mansion for $28,000 a month. Why wasn’t she forsaking this lifestyle to build God’s house?

For Kong Hee to say that he is not about building buildings but building people is dishonest. This is doublespeak. What the Straits Times did unknowingly was expose how again Kong Hee used the pulpit to preach his selfish propaganda. No pastor can carry integrity if he speaks with a forked tongue behind the pulpit.

When will integrity return to the CHC pulpit?