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We will be producing a lot of information in the coming weeks about the emerging C3 ‘Church’ and City Harvest ‘Church’ scandals. A lot of information is coming out of the courts and hitting the news. The facebook group ‘CHC Confessions‘ has been exploding with fascinating insights to the CHC Cult and the China Wine scandal.

Furthermore, Dean Sweetman (Senior Pastor of C3 Church Atlanta and also “Executive Regional Overseers for C3 Americas”), has recently been commenting on C3 Church Watch.

At C3 Church Watch we will try to do our best to capture the important information surfacing at this time. This means there may be multiple articles posted a day.

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“You can inform your readers that Phil is a father in the faith to Kong.” [Source]

That was a recent comment made by Dean Sweetman. Sweetman is the ‘Executive Regional C3 Americas Overseer’ and Sr ‘Pastor’ of C3 Church Atlanta. Dean Sweetman is a significant player in the C3 movement and should be causing Australian and Singaporean heads to turn towards the global C3 Church movement with his recent comment.

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel across sea and land to make a single proselyte, and when he becomes a proselyte, you make him twice as much a child of hell as yourselves.” Matt 23:15

That was Jesus’ words to the false religious teachers of his day. This says a lot about not only the ministry of Phil Pringle but the influence he has had on the ministry of Kong Hee. Consider Kong Hee’s comment:

“You can’t talk about City Harvest Church without talking about C3. Or Christian City Church. You know Pastor Phil has been there for me; praying with me; encouraging me; discipling me; telling me how to do the work of the ministry; taught me how to collect an offering; how to give an altar call; how to build a church; build a team. So Pastor Phil, from the depth of my heart, for Sun and myself, we wouldn’t be where we are today without you and Pastor Chris. Let’s give Pastor Phil and Pastor Chris a big clap.” – Kong Hee, Kong Hee, Session 8: (00:24), Presence Conference 2010.

To fully understand how involved the founder of the C3 movement Phil Pringle is with the CHC scandal, please read the below articles.

Kong Hee To Phil Pringle: “You created this mess! You’ve Got To Come And Help Us Fix It”

Kong Hee Again Blames Phil Pringle For SunTec Mess: “… it’s all your fault, Pastor!”

We have already concluded that Phil Pringle and his C3 movement is a global prosperity cult. This was not just based on Pringle’s claim to his congregation that he was ‘Elijah’. (If you give money to him, you are giving directly to God). There were many times when we could have labeled C3 a cult. However it was Jabin Chavez who spoke at C3 this year that made us publicly label the C3 Church movement a cult.

Chavez On Resurrection Sunday Exalts Pringle’s Above Christ?

Now we are seeing people from CHC conclude from their experiences that CHC is also a cult. The similarities between the way C3 and CHC operate is highly disturbing. We are now becoming more concerned how C3 Church financially conducts itself if Kong Hee imitates and learns from Phil Pringle and his ministry.

“Many people come to City Harvest Church and they look at our church. Look at our pulpit. Our Rise and Build. And they say, “Hey! Why is it that in Australia they kinda copy after you?”

Well actually we came here and copied everything from Christian City Church. So we have our own Rise and Build and I just thought I show you this latest installment where we anounced to our church, SunTec City Convention Center.” – Kong hee, C3 Presence Conference, Session 4, Sydney, 2010. [Emphasis ours]

Recently this testimony was published online:

I remember Pastor Kong sharing about how a couple sold their Wedding Ring to pay for their Building Fund pledge, back when i was a christian at CHC 4 years ago. It’s a pity it’s all for China Wine.

I left CHC after my CG Leader Pressured me to show him the True amount of my income thus to increase the amount i give in my tithes. Now i know; CHC is a Cult. I got their “Regular Member’s Card” only after i have regularly gave my tithes (Of course i never gave 10%, it was barely 5% i never believed Church is all about money).

The CHC Cult Ranks:
Regular Cultist Sheep
Ministry Cultist Worshiper
Executive Cultist Leader

I was there. I heard this Sermon.
I still keep this card. To remind of how easily tricked i was.

chc ordinary member card

(A tithe is a one-tenth part of something, paid as a contribution to a religious organization)

Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151834020457147&set=p.10151834020457147&type=1, 30/08/2013. (Accessed 31/08/2013.)