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This year at the 2013 C3 Global Presence Conference, Kong Hee made the following comment.

“I’ve learnt one thing about Pastor Phil: he’s a prophet of God. He’s very dangerous when he tells you that this building is created for you or built for you or developed for you. Because in 1995, he said the same thing to me. He said, “The SunTec Convention Center is- developed for you”.

And then, I just checked a video a few years- uh, just recently, Pastor Phil. In the year 2000 I think. Or 2001. You spoke to our entire congregation. And you said, “You know what? You guys are going to SunTec Convention Center”. And so we did. And all the troubles began.

So it’s all your fault, Pastor!” – Kong Hee, C3 Global Presence Conference, Day 1, Session 1, 2013.

Kong has made it clear that Phil Pringle has been saying that he will own the SunTec Convention Center. So why did Kong Hee mislead his congregation into thinking CHC would be moving into stadiums? Why was he purposely deceiving people rather than stating to his congregation that he had in mind of owning the Convention Center?

Here are some CHC members recalling a specific event where Kong Hee was misleading them into thinking they were going to moving into a future stadium.

“All the figures revealed about the expenditures for “Crossover” project are mind blowing!

What irks me is that Pastor Kong preached that the Arise and Build was for building God a great house, he showed pictures of huge stadiums even just prior to the point of announcing Suntec. And so we gave our best, our bonuses, our savings, our holidays.

Now we hear from their own mouths that all the money went into the Crossover. We’ve been executive members for more than 10 years and this is the first time we hear about our BF money being used for other purposes. We had to hear it from the courts!

To set the record straight, we never knew or even agreed for such use of the BF. We were all hoodwinked. We were all lied to. This is criminal. Since they have already admitted to using our BF in this manner, not for its original intended purpose, we are now considering a class action suit to get our money back plus damages. If Eng Han can get his all back, so should we. We don’t need to wait for the trail to be over. Anyone else with us? Any lawyers here to advise?

Looking at all the finances for the Crossover, something looks fishy. The amounts seems unusually inflated even for Hollywood standards. It obviously included non crossover expenses like Kong’s travel of $700k. I can’t help wonder if the amount paid to the people to work with Sun was exactly as stated or there is a mark up, commissions and middle man fees for a invisible go between, with the money lining the pockets of Kong and his team. They are surely capable of that!”

Source: CHC Confessions, Faecbook, https://www.facebook.com/CHCConfessions/posts/660357897316924, 30/08/2013. (Accessed 02/09/2013.)

Another CHC member wrote:

City Harvest Stadium?!?

After Pastor Kong Hee shared last week, about no longer just settling for any ol’ auditorium or concert hall… I think it is in the heart-beat of every City Harvest Church member:

Hahaha!!! Especially when Pastor showed us the pictures of all the photos… WOW! It is absolutely mind-boggling & faith-stretching… but at the same time, very exciting!

This is my absolute favourite…

Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena in Munich… Just look at the size of that!

So it is time for us all to see the great JOY ahead of us! 🙂

Source: Posted by Sandra, City Harvest Stadium?!?, http://sanses.com/2007/10/city-harvest-stadium-2/,31/10/2007. (Accessed 02/09/2013.)

We think the video we have below is what these commentors may be referring too. (Pay special attention to Kong encouraging people to use the New Age technique of visualisation.)