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We originally were going to publish a long-winded response to all the misleading and deceptive comments Phil Pringle made in the below transcript. However, we wish to frame the below transcript with the motivations of Sun Ho and the Cross Over project.

Pastor Sun Ho said the following about her music album release which featured her song China Wine:

“I’m really excited about this album, because I feel like it really represents me even though it’s in English.” [Source]

“Wyclef was so amazing! He would pick up his guitar and we started just writing the song and we call it “China Wine… I want to work with the choreographer to come up with “China Wine” dance steps and stuff. Seriously, I can’t wait to grow in America and I can’t wait for people to see me…” [Source]

Here is Pastor Sun Ho’s music video clip China Wine. Ask yourself this question, can you see this video clip convicting people of their sins and as a result. repent and turn to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins?

Keep this information in mind. 

On the 9th of June, Phil Pringle said the following (transcript below):

“Anyway – ah, when I’m in Singapore, generally Pastor Kong and Sun are not cos they are out, just ah, staying in the Asian Christian community preaching and – ah, making sure that everybody knows they’re still alive, ah- facing a lot of challenges, a lot of battles. A lot of people who um- you know have ah have ah – taking sides against them and- And ah- people just love to be critical. And you know, ah, there are times-ah with believers, I’m not sure if I care if they were right or wrong and- and in this case, this- this couple are the two of the most holy people I know. And I get convicted when I am around them. And I am a very holy person and ah – [audience laughs]. Anyway, I-I-I will ignore the fact that you laughed then. Amen! Ha ha ha!

So- ha ha hum! Uh- Just ask my wife how holy I- no don’t! And uh- yeah so- we um- anyway we were up there in ah- Singapore treading the wi- ONE OF THE THINGS- i- it’s a horrible if you are treading the wine press all on your own. And uh- to have some friends with you- even if, you know- uh- a- e- i- I like – I like the fact that Jesus stood with us even when we weren’t that great. I know most of you have- have been really great people all your life and done bad. But I’m glad he’s still with me anyway when I- met my moments of challenge and difficulty.

And even if you’re right, you know and ah- a- in- to- to be persecuted for that is a challenging thing.

Now this church is one of the greatest churches in the world. If I was to pick five great churches in the world, this would be one of them. In the whole world. This church is impacting nations, like taking the population ratio of Taiwan from two percent to ah- ten per cent oh- a- over a period of ten years. Ah- Astonishing results in many, many Christian- ah, in many, many ah- Asian nations in ah- Christian concerts that Sun was performing in, about a hundred and ah- ten concerts. In- In those she had about a hundred and forty thousand people come to Christ. So that was the purpose of um- them, as a church- ah- boosting that- ah – singing career. And ah- so anyway- ah- apart from all that fact, we are great friends of this church and are standing with them, seeing them ah- through this incredible challenge they are facing at present. And uh- they’ve had some good news in this last week, even though the pressure is still on- eh- eh- at an equal level. But I just wanted to play a little clip from last weekend when I was with him. Thanks guys!”

[Plays Video]

Amen! Well, the Pastor of that church is gonna be speakin’ at Presence Conference next week. Kong Hee. And the Advisory Pastor will also be speaking at that conference next week. Amen! So ah- it is going to be such an astonishing time. One of the reasons I show you that- just to get a visual of what this church is going to look like in a few years time amen! And ah- Presence will help us get to that place as we keep moving!

That’s one of seven services they have over a weekend. They also have Chinese and Indonesian services. Ah- but um- that one is actually the smaller of the two weekend services. Um- English speaking services. The night before is the Saturday night one which is the largest service during the week. And uh- that’s exciting though every time I get in amongst their great church and feel the power of their prayer life, their discipline and ah- and moving forward. And no wonder the- the devil has done everything he can to try and oppose them.

We’re gonna see revival around all the nations of the world, every tip where there’s a C3 Church- next week we are upgrading and going up a level, without any doubt at all.” – Phil Pringle, C3 Church Oxford Falls, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiKrMwtZGSk.

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