“There is a direct correlation between the measure of God’s Word in our lives and the measure of prosperity we enjoy.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, 2001, pg 14.

The saying goes, “If you got it, flaunt it”. Here is where Phil and Chris Pringle live:

Iain Halliday-Designed Renovation on Mona Vale Bluff Wants $3.5m+

That “Mona Vale discount” is back in force with this 4-bedroom blufftop home wanting what appears to be a rather humble $3.5m+. It is indeed a low price for Northern Beaches water frontage, but not for Mona Vale. The suburb seldom sees homes trading above the $3m mark (although street mate 46 Hillcrest Ave did sell for a record breaking $5.1m in Nov 2007). The subject property was acquired by the current owners for $2.0m in Feb 2007 in rather shabby shape. By late 2009, plans were lodged for a renovation and pool addition with the local council; and now today, in 2012, the home is on the open market and we’re treated to images of the final product designed by Iain Halliday. The north-facing views, minimalist aesthetic, clean lines, and four-bedrooms make it a good buy, in our opinion. One small aside, the Radical Terrace can’t help but point out similarities (including the circular skylight) between this renovation and a project by Halliday’s former BKH partner David Katon in Bondi Beach. Just sayin’.

Source: Kyle Gerrity, Iain Halliday-Designed Renovation on Mona Vale Bluff Wants $3.5m+, 17/07/2012. Accessed 10/6/2013. (Edited for privacy)