“If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.” 1 Corinthians 13:1-2

One of the reasons why the Apostle Paul wrote 1 Corinthians 13, (often known as the ‘Love Chapter’), was to contrast the practice of the false teachers with the true teachers in the Corinth church. The false teachers appealed and persuaded people in the church with mighty claims, wonderful knowledge and charismatic characteristics. These “servants of righteousness” elevated knowledge, revelation, good works, faith, spiritual encounters and other form of gnostic superstitions and principles. They were supposedly “super apostles”, “great teachers” and oracles of Jesus. The equivalent of what we have today is Kong Hee of City Harvest Church and Phil Pringle of the Christian City Church Movement in Sydney Australia.

In past audio segments, we have recorded Kong Hee proudly asserting that he is a Word Faith teacher who is “very positive”, speaks positively and is an “uppety-up kind of person”. However, when you examine his life and the life of Phil Pringle, they do not exhibit the Christian love that Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians 13. Phil Pringle and Kong Hee highly esteem their prophetic callings and prophecies, parading themselves as examples before men as though they “have all faith, so as to move mountains”. Only they have the higher knowledge. Only they have stepped into the realm of faith or the realm of the Holy Spirit. Only God has given them a vision. Only they have unlocked the princples of God that no other Christian has found until now. These men are gnostics. And these were the types of false, unloving men that the Apostle Paul was trying to address in Corinth. Why were they unloving? They had no truth in them.

As we will see below, Kong Hee is no different to the false men in the church in Paul’s day.


Two years ago, Kong Hee spoke at Presence Conference 2011. Before we could hit the ‘record’ button, Kong Hee stood up and prophesied that C3 Church will own the Darling Harbour Convention Center. We managed to record and transcribe the aftermath of his prophecy.

“We’ve got a little bit of time left. So why don’t you just say, “Darling Harbour belongs to C3”. Just stand there right now. Amen! Darling Harbour belongs to C3 movement. Amen! … I just sense that great things are in stored for C3. I just sense it. Pastor Phil has been such a blessing to people all around the world. Asia. North America. Australia. And I think that it’s time that God’s gonna bless him in such a great way beyond what you can ever imagine. A new season for Doctor Phil Pringle and Pastor Chris. And I just sense that Darling Harbour is in the equation some how. I really sense it Pastor. I really sense it. This place just feels just right. It’s- you know you walk into a place and it just feels like church – and you know that this belongs to you.

I’m just excited! I’m excited I say it! So lets just give the Lord a big clap! Ohhh!” – Kong Hee, Presence Conference, 00:07, 2011.

The sermon we have recorded and transcribed is breathtakingly bad. We have decided to expose SOME of the deceitful teaching behind his sermon. Your critical observations and comments would be greatly appreciated.

When reading the segments of the transcript, look up the bible passages Kong Hee uses yourself and ask yourself these questions:

      1. Why isn’t Kong Hee reading the bible?
      2. Does the bible actually teach what Kong Hee is saying?
      3. Does God honestly say what Kong says God says in the bible? 

Here is part of the transcript,

“And once again I want to thank you again for your hospitality and your love. The offerings that you collected yesterday was just amazing. Thank you so much.” – Kong Hee, Presence Conference, 00:48, 2011.

“I’ve been a Christian now for thirty six years. And I’ve come to a realisation that faith, vision and dreams, they’re all synonymous. When you have faith, you always walk in visions and dreams. And when you have a vision and a dream, it will be so great it requires faith for you to carry it out. And if they are not scary or risky, then there is no need for you and I to trust in the Lord.” – Kong Hee, Presence Conference 2011, 03:47, 2011.

So if you do not have a vision or a dream but confess you are a Christian, you’re not saved? Thanks for clarifying Kong.

Folks. If Kong Hee honestly believes “faith, vision and dreams” are “synonymous”, then we are dealing with a false Christian. Christianity has never taught this. More importantly, God has never taught this in his Word. Kong Hee is elevating his dreams, visions and experiences above God’s Word. What you have witnessed already is Kong Hee lying to people. In fact, what Kong Hee says next is flat out dishonest:

“And God heard Abraham like a wonderful father. He probably laughed in his heart: “Abraham, don’t be so negative and so fearful. Don’t stay inside your small little tent. Step out of your tent and look up into the sky and tell me, what do you see? Your tent is too small. You are too limited in space and time in your vision. You are living in a pure three dimensional world. Step out into the kingdom of God. Look into the sky.” So Abraham came out and looked out into the sky… Suddenly something great began to happen. Abraham stepped out of his three dimensional world and stepped into the realm of the Holy Spirit. Into the Presence™ of God. He started to have hope as his mind began to expand…

His mind turned from very negative to very positive. He began to dream… He was shaken with visions and dreams…

And his words began to change and became very positive. He lost the vocabulary of negative thinking. “I’m a Father of many nations. My name is no more Abram but Abraham. My wife is no more Sarai but Sarah. I’m now a different person.” Suddenly, he was completely changed from negative Abraham to positive Abraham. From fearful Abraham to a bold Abraham. From a dreamless Abraham to a man full of visions and dreams! What a transformation!

Who made it happen? God of course! It was God! But how did God make that a reality?

God caused Abraham to step OUT of his tent…

In Presence 2011, you’re going to step out of your tent and step into a realm of faith, into a realm of the Holy Spirit, the Presence™ of God.” – Kong Hee, Presence Conference 2011, 1:00, 2011.

Really Kong? God said all that to Abraham? Are you lying to Christians again? Did Abraham really speaking positive things in that moment saying, “I’m a Father of many nations. My name is no more Abram but Abraham. My wife is no more Sarai but Sarah. I’m now a different person”? Are you sure you are not making stuff up again?


Kong Hee said, “Abraham stepped out of his three dimensional world and stepped into the realm of the Holy Spirit“. No where in scripture is it EVER taught that Abraham stepped into the REALM of the Holy Spirit. Nor is it taught that we are to step into the realm of the Holy Spirit. At conversion the Spirit baptises us into Christ’s death, raises is into new life with Christ and we find ourselves in the Kingdom of God.

The Spirit gives us a new nature. We are created new creatures in Christ and are made heavenly citizens. Therefore, we HATE our sin and are convicted of it daily as new creations in Christ.

But the “realm of the Holy Spirit”? Observe what Kong Hee says happens when Abraham stepped into the “realm of the Holy Spirit”:

“[Abraham] started to have hope as his mind began to expand”.

This isn’t the god of Christianity speaking. Jesus didn’t purchase us by his blood so we can get fat heads. The roots of this deceptive teaching by Kong Hee is GNOSTICISM. This is when the teacher ignores the context and replaces the objective exegetical perspective of scripture with their own subjective mystical perspective. Gnostics always use biblical terms but have different definitions for them. (Try getting Kong Hee or Phil Pringle to define ‘faith’, ‘love’, ‘dreams’, ‘vision’, ‘blessing’ or ‘tithe’.) Their definitions change when it suits them to bewitch their audiences.

However, gnosticicm elevates wisdom, knowledge, imagination and alternate realms or layers of reality. As a result, they are continually playing with people’s realities, thus playing or brainwashing people’s minds with their false teaching. Often the one peddling gnostic teachings supposedly ‘enters’ into spiritual realities and returns to give people the secrets to enter these divine realms for selfish benefits. This is what Kong Hee is doing in this sermon.

In the above Genesis account, Kong Hee is trying to extract hidden secrets or promises in the text that no one has ever seen before. You can imagine how this hoodwinks people into seeing how unique, contemporary and revolutionary Kong Hee is to the ‘church of today’ by using such an approach. This is incredibly dangerous since Kong is not encouraging people in this instance to read the scriptures . He is simply lying to them about what the bible does not say.

“But God through challenges and difficulties and sufferings and trials and tribulation is forcing us to step out of our tent and look into our sky. Now what is our sky? Our sky is the Word of God! It’s the holy bible! And what are the stars? The stars are the thousands upon thousands of promises in the Word of God, written for you and I that if we are able to look at them, we are able to think God’s thoughts. We begin to see God’s visions. We begin to have God’s faith.  And we begin to speak God’s confession.” – Kong Hee, Presence Conference 2011, 9:50, 2011.

Does Genesis teach us that the sky is the bible and the stars are the “thousands upon thousands promises of God”?

No. Kong Hee is lying. Actually what he is engaging in is diabolical. We say this since the greatest promise the bible stresses is THE Promise: Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Is this promise mentioned by Kong Hee in this sermon? No. Jesus is watered down to nothing and the individual is encouraged to swim among the thousands of convoluted and obscure ‘promises of God’.

God actually wants us to catch the vision of the gospel and hold to the faith of Christ and His faithful work on Calvary. Why is Kong Hee distracting Christians from the essential promise given to us in Christ? This flies in the face of the Apostle Paul’s rebuke to the Galatians.

“O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? It was before your eyes that Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified. Let me ask you only this: Did you receive the Spirit by works of the law or by hearing with faith? Are you so foolish? Having begun by the Spirit, are you now being perfected by the flesh? Did you suffer so many things in vain—if indeed it was in vain? Does he who supplies the Spirit to you and works miracles among you do so by works of the law, or by hearing with faith— just as Abraham “believed God, and it was counted to him as righteousness”?” Galatians 3:1-1

Now take note of Kong Hee’s double speak and deception.

“From a dreamless Abraham to a man full of visions and dreams! What a transformation!
Who made it happen? God of course! It was God! But how did God make that a reality?
God caused Abraham to step OUT of his tent…”

Who made it happen? God of course! … But who is going to make it happen for them at Presence Conference 2011?

“In Presence 2011, you’re going to step out of your tent and step into a realm of faith, into a realm of the Holy Spirit, the Presence™ of God.”

Oh! YOU ARE going make your reality come to be when YOU step out of your tent… Didn’t Kong Hee say that God caused Abraham to… step out of his tent? See the double speak? See the deception? Not only can he not even read properly, he can’t even teach what he supposedly learnt from God without contradicting himself. Is this not delusion? How is Kong Hee even a pastor?

We will come back to the topic of ‘Abraham’ later when Kong Hee later in his sermon parades himself as ‘Abraham’ over his CHC movement.


“From the weakest boy in class, I became one of the tallest and strongest in the whole school.” – Kong Hee, 13:38

Can anyone confirm this to be true? We know Kong Hee exaggerates. Is this just another lie to justify his false biblical claims?


“My wife is a bold, bold girl. And she say, “Come on Kong! Just pray for him. He’s asking for prayer. Come on! Pray in Jesus name! He will heal the sick! Come on pray!” [Audience laughs]

I look at her- I- I look at her and say, “Woman, just shut up! Don’t you know- [Audience laughs] – Corinthians say, Women sit behind. Don’t talk.” [Audience laughs]

“Come on! Be an Asian wife! Know your place!” Woo! Haha!” – Kong Hee, Presence Conference, 16:14, 2010.

Is this any way a pastor should speak about his wife behind the pulpit?


“In 2005, the Lord spoke to me. He’s gonna give us a bigger arena in a down town area. I was thinking, “That’s impossible! I mean that’s impossible! God, you must have made a mistake! Singapore is land-locked. I mean we are so small!” … So I thought that’s impossible! And land price in Singapore? It’s the second most densely populated country in the world. And land price is so sky-rocketing high, we are more expensive then Manhattan New York city. I said, “God! Even if there is land, I can’t afford it.” So that was my thinking.

And then 2008, I was attending Dr Cho’s fiftieth anniversary celebration. It was at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. I tell you it’s just amazing! One church; one hundred thousand people in the stadium; twenty thousand people outside the stadium; and it’s a normal working day. … I was so blessed and shaken… That whole week, the Spirit of Faith overwhelmed me. And I was in my hotel room and I was weeping and I was crying. I said, “God! Forgive me for my lack of faith. God forgive me for not trusting you. If you can do this in Korea, surely you can do this in Singapore.”

And then the Lord began to speak to me. In my hotel room God said, “Kong! I want you step to the edge of your balcony and draw the curtain.” And I drew the curtain. And I could see the beautiful sky line of the city of Seoul. “So I want you to begin to count the stars.” And I started counting… “What do you believe?”

I quickly look in the bible and I came across one of the promises of God. 1 Chronicles 22:5.

“The house to be built for the Lord must be exceedingly magnificent, famous and glorious throughout all the nations.”

And all of a sudden I remembered the Word that Dr Phil Pringle gave me:

“Kong! SunTec City is built for you.”

I prayed, “God, I’m going to believe you. That you’re going to get me a place like Yuido Full Gospel Church in a downtown area just right across the national assembly… right in the heart of the city”.

And the Lord spoke to me,

“I will give you a building in the market place, for the market place to penetrate the market place.”

I went back and I began to let it consume my- every single day, I’m thinking of SunTec City. I began to visualise us worshiping in SunTec City. I began to speak out, “You’re going to give us a place”. I began to believe with all my heart- is going to be famous throughout all the world. I just believe it! I tell you, last month we had- we ran in our first service at SunTec City for the glory of God. Come on lets give the Lord a big hand! Oh give the Lord a great shout! Hallelujah!

Why must God command Abraham to come out of the tent? Because the flesh wants to stay in the tent. It’s always easy and cosy to be in your small little tent. But when you crawl out of your fleshly tent, everything all of a sudden becomes risky and dangerous, shaky and scary. But you need to count the stars. And you need to find your star.” – Kong Hee, 19:14.

If Kong Hee claimed that God said the above, is Kong Hee making God out to be a liar? Did God want Kong Hee to be an Abraham over his CHC movement? What do you think?

It is worth noting what Kong Hee said “Prophet” Phil Pringle said to him:

“Kong! SunTec City is built for you.”

And now, Prophet Kong Hee felt obliged return the favour to Phil Pringle:

“So why don’t you just say, “Darling Harbour belongs to C3”. Just stand there right now. Amen! Darling Harbour belongs to C3 movement. Amen! … Pastor Phil has been such a blessing to people all around the world… And I think that it’s time that God’s gonna bless him in such a great way beyond what you can ever imagine.”

Is the Darling Harbour Sydney Convention Center owned by Phil Pringle yet? No. Is it true that God built SunTec City for Kong Hee? Well Kong Hee said this,

“I tell you, last month we had- we ran in our first service at SunTec City for the glory of God. Come on lets give the Lord a big hand! Oh give the Lord a great shout! Hallelujah!”

So Kong Hee has made it clear that God built SunTec City for him to own. He also tried to make it clear to those attending Presence Conference that he now owned SunTec City. 


“But this afternoon, I am here to tell you that the bible is full of stars. And you have to find your star. Every day, you need to look in the heavens and start counting your star. And keep counting. And keep counting. And keep counting until God says, “STOP! This star is for you. This promise in the bible is just for you. Don’t stop until you have found the promises of God that is just for you. And that star will make you a star in life and a star in the Kingdom of God”.

Come on, give the Lord a big hand!” – Kong Hee, 25:13.

Really Kong? God sent you to tell everyone, “That the bible is full of stars” and that “YOU have to find YOUR star”?

“And you know whenever the promises of God comes to me, I record it… I put it down. The promise of God in the last eleven months. For example I have this missionary from Sri Lanka gave me Psalms 40 verse 1-3. South African Ambassador Zamalla McKina [?] gave me Isaiah 45:2. These are my promises. Kevin Loo gave me Isaiah 49:14-25 from New Living Translation. You know just different ones. Pastor Che Ahn, from LA gave me Deuteronomy 31:8. This morning Ps Bill Johnson gave me Psalm 35. Just wrote it down. And just read them. I just remember them. These are my promises. These are my steps.” – Kong Hee, 26:53.

Now to those going, “Why is this quote necessary”, please understand that Kong Hee has been travelling to ministries to misrepresent the investigations and the court procedures in Singapore. He presents himself as a martyr being persecuted by a pagan government. Even his mentor Phil Pringle plays this card when Kong Hee speaks at Presence Conference. However, Pringle has stated in the past that Kong Hee goes to other churches to gain ‘support’. If it’s the type of support that C3 gives him, we know that Kong Hee is gaining financial support to bypass his own countries legislation so that he can finance expensive lawyers.

So if you are a reader on C3CW, we could do with your help. Has Kong Hee spoken at the above churches in the past three years? How did he present his circumstances at these churches? Did these churches financially support him? If you have any information, please email us at C3churchwatch@hotmail.com.


And finally, it seems Kong Hee has accidentally exposed his top mentor Yonggi CHo as being a false teacher.

“Will you just look at me for a moment. Dr. Cho prophesied and laid hands on me, that my whole ministry will go up a whole new level. That my attendance is going to skyrocket. God’s going to be favoured by the likes I have not seen. Less then twelve hours later, my whole world collapsed. I lost members. I’m publicly humiliated. Seems like my whole world has gone. I spend all my weeks- I’m clinging onto the promises of God. Oh hallelujah! Hallelujah!

And you know what? From one fellow pilgrim, from one fellow traveller to another fellow traveller- how many of you, you feel like me?” – Kong Hee, 31:55.

So there you have it. Kong Hee not only exposes his mentor Phil Pringle as a false prophet, he also exposes his other mentor David Yonggi Cho as a false prophet. Kong Hee is the result, the fruit of their false gnostic teachings. And it is these three men that the early Apostles labeled as false teachers. It is the Apostles of Jesus Christ, our forefathers, that pronounced eternal damnation on Kong Hee, Phil Pringle and David Yonggi for preaching “any other gospel”. Yet we tolerate them doing the utmost damage to the body of Christ for their own personal glory? Where is that in the bible? To put this sermon in perspective – who is the one glorified?

Don’t tell us these men love the body of Christ. The body of Christ is being purposely mislead by these liars. These false prophets. They care only for themselves. As we saw, Christ was not glorified in this sermon.

Now only these three remain: Dave, Phil and Kong. And the greatest of these is Kong.

Truly, truly, when falsehood is paraded as truth before the church, you are left with a clanging Kong devoid of any love and integrity.