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Answer: They’ve all been reviewed and validly critiqued by Chris Rosebrough on his program, ‘Fighting for the Faith’. They’ve also spoken together at Pringle’s C3 Presence in 2012.

Recently, Chris Rosebrough reviewed the false teachings of Kong Hee, Phil Pringle’s protege. In 2011, Steven Furtick stated that he sees Phil Pringle as a valid prophet of God and an inspirational friend and leader. Chris Rosebrough also in this episode reviews Steven Furtick’s response to the stories about Furtick’ new million dollar property. 

NOTE: The resent sermon that Kong Hee delivered is a rip off of a sermon he gave at the C3 Presence Conference back in 2011. You may like to compare the two sermons.

Prophet Cling Clang Kong

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OCTOBER 31, 2013

Majority Of Charismatic Manifestations Are Fake

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Program segments:

• Mike Bickle Says Majority of Charismatic Manifestations are Fake
• Kong Hee Butchers Genesis 15
• Steven Furtick’s Response to the News Story
• Sermon Review” YOLO: Renegade by Vince Antonucci

Source: Majority Of Charismatic Manifestations Are Fake, Fighting For The Faith, http://www.fightingforthefaith.com/2013/10/majority-of-charismatic-manifestations-are-fake.html, 31/10/2013. (Accessed 06/11/2013.)