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Before reading our article below, please read this court document:

Court Document: Document 1

In the document attached to this article, (see Court Document 1) you’ll witness another of C3 Asheville pastor, Nicholas Dimitris’ legal woes. This document is public record, easily found on the internet and seems to show that the FDIC won a case Dimitris brought against them.

Unfortunately, it seems Dimtris now has a judgment against him for around $1.1million. Now, as a felon with a massive financial judgment against him and pending sentencing for pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud next week, November 26, it seems that C3 is still fine with him being a pastor. Despite his staff and 2 boards in one year quitting C3 Asheville, oversight persists with Dimitris. Oversight primarily meaning Dean Sweetman due to the fact that 2 other New York C3 pastors both came in to evaluate the situation and recommend that Dimitris be removed. Sweetman continues to stand with Nick Dimitris when hundreds of reputable people have had no other choice other than to walk away.

C3 Asheville once seemed like a growing church of 250 people but is now a shadow of its former self struggling along with 35 people. Having tried twice now, the people nor the 2 boards that left nor the 2 C3 New York pastors had the option to remove Dimitris. Their only option was to leave the church which most have done and mostly in disbelief that Sweetman didn’t act in light of evidence presented to him. Many who left C3 report having had their character assassinated by Dimitris in a subtle and clever campaign to discredit anyone who stands against him.

Another disturbing aspect of this Asheville drama is that according to those who were close to Dimitris, some retirees have lost everything. One retiree in C3 was reportedly asked by Dimtris to take out a $30,000 home equity loan. Nick Dimitris allegedly borrowed it from the retiree with the promise to pay it back in full once he received some big tax refunds. Dimitris did receive his massive tax returns and the retiree is still waiting for his repayment 2 years later.

Another elderly couple report being $50k short in a Dimitris “deal”. Another widow lost her life savings and had to move in with her kids while another retirement aged investor lost half a million. Story after story and tragedy after tragedy are slowly coming to surface over the C3 Asheville scandal.

Perhaps oversight should ask one simple question. What is the fruit that Nick Dimitris bears? Is it a multitude of broken relationships? Is it many people that have testified to losing their retirement or savings? Is it a destroyed church? Destroyed by a man who wouldn’t let go or step down? Is it a culture of corruption? Is it a culture of lies and tearing people down? Perhaps they’re just not close enough to see the fruit.

Recently Dean Sweetman has been commenting on C3 Church Watch. He is the regional director and overseer of the C3 Churches in the Americas. Please familiarise yourself with the background of the scandal that C3 Pastor Nick Dimitris was involved in and how the C3 Church leadership reacted to him.

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