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Mark Kelsey once preached about Jesus reading the scroll of Isaiah in the synagogue (Luke 4). At some point in the sermon Kelsey had the following brainwave about Jesus being raised in the synagogue/church. 

Kelsey raises a good point. Can you imagine a pastor raising up the Son of God in their synagogue? Wouldn’t Jesus be critical of the pastor preaching poorly? Wasn’t Jesus adamant against the blind teachers that did not see that the scriptures pointed to him?

In Luke 4, Jesus WAS critical of the congregation. He dared to criticize the people’s unbelief and rejection of his Messiahship. As a result of this, the people tried to kill Jesus by throwing him off a cliff.

According to Pringle, Jesus fails to live up to Pringle’s definition and standard of faith. If someone is critical of Pringle and his PMA posse of pastors, they are not tolerated. Consider how intolerant Pringle becomes when people criticise his pastors:

“DON’T you DARE criticize and pull down your pastor or anybody else around here! If you want to do that, just go now! We’re having too much fun to have the critics and the miserable people around! Just leave now!” – Phil Pringle, “God Creates With Words” // Dr. Phil Pringle // 02.12.12, Vimeo, http://vimeo.com/37288145, Uploaded by C3 Church San Diego, 22/02/2012.

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