Chris Rosebrough recently reviewed a section of Phil Pringle’s Vision Builders sermon “Financial Excellence” that was preached back in 2011.

DECEMBER 06, 2013

Beth Moore & the 12th Month Redemption?

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Program segments:

• William Tapley Sees the Prophetic in the Daniel Plan
• Phil Pringle Says that Rich & Successful Men Wrote the Bible
• Beth Moore & the 12th Month Redemption?
• Two Good Sermons by Bill Cwirla and Ron Hodel

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What is the chief end of Man? What is the point of Man? Are we supposed to enjoy the favour of God and get rich? Or is our only reason for existence that we are to Love God and obey His commandments?

We can only obey through being regenerated by the blood of Jesus, poured out for us. Only in Jesus can we live the life God intended for us.

Phil is desperately lost if he thinks that God wants him to be rich as if it were a blessing. We think he needs to do what the rich young ruler was told to do. Give all the money and possessions to the poor in order to become a disciple of Jesus.