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Michael Horton (radio presenter of the White Horse Inn), offered this timely advice:

“This is another reason folks why you should not get your theological definitions from blogs. Go to the confessions. Not everybody has a confession. If you want to know what Lutherans believe go to the Book of Concord. If you want to know what reform Christians believe, go to the Three Forms of Unity or the Westminster Standards. If you want to go to what Calvinistic Baptists believe go to the Philadelphia Confession of faith.” – Michael Horton, WHI – 1104 | Antinomianism (Part 1), http://www.whitehorseinn.org/blog/2012/06/03/whi-1104-antinomianism-part-1/, 03/06/2012.

Click below to read the different confessions of the Christian faith:

Book Of Concord

The Three Forms Of Unity

The Westminster Confession of Faith

The Philadelphia Confession of Faith

Being able to define what we believe is very important. It helps us understand our faith and be able to give an answer to questions … we get asked questions all the time, usually by people who have very little idea who Jesus is.

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