CHC Confessions has had members and ex-members share their experiences when they attended City Harvest Church. Do their stories sound like your stories at Christian City Church?

CG and CGL mean Cell Group and Cell Group Leader for those who don’t know what the abbreviations mean!

A CHC Confessor writes,

Hi everyone, I’m an ex-CHC member/ currently an atheist. This is my first ever post so please be kind. 🙂

I read the stories here and my heart breaks. I’ve had my share of experiences too.

Gave till it hurt, and I couldn’t meet other pay…ments for months.

Publicly embarrassed by pastors and ministry leaders over petty issues, eg not smiling enough when singing a praise song.

Forced by ex-CGL to ‘break up’ with my friends because they went to the wrong church.

Scolded by ex-CGL and ex-ZP when I shared my dream career and said I wanted to pursue it. They said I wasn’t smart or talented enough, and I should just forget it.

Finally realizing that no matter how hard I tried, I would never fit in or be happy in this church. I was different, and to my cell(s) and ministry group(s), being different is unacceptable.

So I left CHC, and eventually the faith, 5 years ago. I’m much happier now.

I was listening to a new pop hit the other day. The tune is uplifting and energetic, and the lyrics are worth listening to! Because they describe how I feel about this whole mess.
The lyrics in the verse sound like what I experienced in CHC…

But the best part is the chorus. Now, this is only a lighthearted pop song, don’t take it too seriously…

But this is my tongue-in-cheek observation: the chorus sounds almost like God himself could have sung it.

“I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter,
Dancing through the fire ‘cos
I am a champion
And you’re gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion ‘cos
I am a champion
And you’re gonna hear me roar!”

Hear that sound, CHC leaders?
It’s the Lion of Judah.
He’s coming to defend the innocent,
Heal the wounded, restore the broken.
And He’s coming for you.

‘Roar’, by Katy Perry. Enjoy! 🙂

Source: CHC Confessions, Facebook,, Published 12/09/2013. Accessed 12/09/2013.

Another CHC Confessor writes,

Besides the current issue, my reasons of leaving is because the church is no longer the same when I first attended.I attended CHC since 1999 during my Poly days. CHC was still a small church, about 1200 members during back then.Those was the days I could still remember up till today. My first CGL was passionate, inspiring and care about me. That encouraged me to serve in children church, JAMS …church, and dialect services. Those were the days I visited hospice and elderly who stayed in 1-room flat. I typically sepnd 3-4 days a week, despite of my school work. Sometimes, we could be so busy of church work till 12-1am after midnight.After serving in church faithfully and inspired by my first CGL, eventually I become a CGL after transfer to DD zone. However, that was where the nightmare started.I started to lead from 1 to 2 CG, together with my wife. Sometimes need to lead “make up” CG in weekend, as CG meeting was compulsory back then. That was the time when church experienced tremendous growth from 1000 to 10000, and then to 30000.

Things started to change when I started to see some stuff when were not revealed as an ordinary member.

You will be treated differently if you have status in society, or wealthy, or know how to say right things at right time. Some CGL never need to attend meeting regular, if the CG have growth, or you have status. You have priviledge free carpark as well.

Zone secretary conctantly haunt you for target attendance EACH WEEK, from Tue to Fri. If you cannot meet target, there will be counselling session. You will feel like you are working as finacial advisor. In fact, your team leader is a financial advisor.

You can’t imagine how a typical and ordinally CGL go thru the stress every week; and always been labelled as not competent. You will be humillated in front of people.

When CG member has financial difficulty, we have find our own way to help them. In DD zone, you were not expected to bring this “problem” to them. My CG had a member constantly in financial difficulty, because she was a single mother. I always bought her some grocery, even I was just earning $2000 and had my own family as well. That was a time I was “encouraged” by my team leader to buy Ed Hardy shirt which cost me $200. That was a huge amount for me. I was thinking perhaps I could get more food to someone who need it desperately indeed.

Members were asked to buy the workbook for bible class. I had members who in financial difficulty, must also buy all those books. Even though it was $12, but for some family, it was a lot. it is enough for thier whole day meal back then. Most of the time, I was the one who bought for them. They were not allowed to use old copy (They workbook has some sentences which require you to fill in the blank).

You were not allowed to oppose pastors’ opinion. You be categorized as “difficult” CGL. I had seen many CGL “dissappear” suddenly; or asked to step down.

But one of the most dissapointing experiences was that during 2010, just before the saga broke out, I was having marriage issue with my wife then. I decided to step down as CGL becuase I found I need to work on the relationship with my wife. Instead of having blessing from the team leader, I had a scolding and “counselling session” from them. All the CGLs in the same team, since the day I had decided to step down, no one even bother.

DD never even call to find out what happen to me. All the fellowship we had build up in prayer meeting, fasting and sacrificing, at the end when you are “not doing well”, no one seems to call. Not even a SMS to ask how are you doing.

I was transferred to another group, lead by another ZS. By then, I had closed up my heart cause I know no matter how much I had done, no one really bother.

I had finally decided to leave when my son, about 3 years old that time, was bullied by the ZS’s daugther. When I was attending the adult CG, that was also another room to let the children play together. For a few weeks, my son was isolated by this ZS’ daughter, and she asked the rest of the children not to play with my son. I thought my 3 years old son must have offended her but I found out there was no reason and this was going on for months. I finally realised why my son cried in the room whenever I was having CG in living room.

Perhaps, this was how the ZS character, and the daughter picked up from the parent somehow. I realised the church no longer the same where I used to be. Everyone was putting up a mask up front.

Finally, I left the church one week before KH was caught. I should had done so earlier.

Till today, attedning church is just another routine for me. I will probably never trust any leader or pastor anymore, as the scar is already formed.

Source: CHC Confessions, Facebook,, Published 12/09/2013. Accessed 12/09/2013.

Stories of people being abused are also quite common within C3 Church. Do you have stories from C3 Church? What is your story?