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We appear to have expanded our readership. To our readers, before reading this article please watch the youtube video of CHC Pastor Sun Ho performing in her raunchy video clip “China Wine”.

China Boy & China Wine

Definitely not good for our thought-life! Would you let your children watch this music video?

People can tell if parents are close with their children by the way their kids speak to them. If kids calls their parents ‘mum and dad’, they have a close relationship. If kids calls their parents ‘mother and father’, they have a formal or a slightly removed relationship with their parents. If kids calls their parents by their first name, it is an indicator that they have a weak bond with their parents.

With this is in mind, it was peculiar to watch Pringle formally address his close friends Kong Hee and Sun Ho the way he did a few months ago. We find it odd that he simply passed off his close relationship with Kong Hee and Sun Ho as an “engagement with Singapore”. The language he used seemed to imply that he is estranging himself from Kong Hee and Sun Ho. After recording how entangled Pringle is with the CHC mess we wouldn’t be surprised if he is trying to distance himself from Kong Hee and Sun Ho now.

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Here is what Pringle said at C3:

Phil Pringle is getting better at secretly disclosing information what is happening in Singapore behind closed doors . If anyone attended this “really important night”, please email us what was said about Kong Hee, Sun Ho and the CHC scandal. All information would be greatly appreciated.

There are occasions for confidentiality when personal safety and security are at stake or for the protection of children. However, when it comes to financial accountability, there is very little reason for secrecy … if everything is above board.

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