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Previously we recorded people reporting Pringle making claims that God killed people because they opposed what God was doing through Phil Pringle.

Don’t Oppose Pringle Or God Might Kill You?

Here was one of the reports:

“did you ever hear Phil Pringle suggest that two women died as a result of opposing his ministry (in NZ)? We heard him make that claim in the early years of CCC (now C3).”

Now we have video footage of Phil Pringle telling the above story. He gave his account in both the morning and night time services on the 29th of December, 2013.

If you are not aware of the scandals Pringle is involved in – it is worth our readers looking up our articles that look at the C3 Asheville Scandal and City Harvest Church Scandal involving Kong Hee.

We have some VERY good inside sources in his movement. We have been informed what Pringle is saying in private meetings and in his Tuesday leadership meetings. Is it any wonder he is bringing this story up now to shut up his leaders and members? We are also aware that Phil Pringle is indeed following our blog. Therefore we wonder if he would have been more fierce with his retelling of his story if he didn’t have people monitoring him.

Reference: Phil Pringle, Nothing Is Impossible P1, http://www2.myc3church.net/videos/phil-pringle-nothing-impossible-p1, AM Service, Sunday 29th December 2013.

Reference: Phil Pringle, Nothing Is Impossible P2, http://www2.myc3church.net/videos/phil-pringle-nothing-impossible-p2, PM Service, Sunday 29th December 2013.

Phil Pringle is scripture twisting again. “Evil doers” are the unsaved. We don’t believe Pringle’s “conversation” with God. Pringle is operating on the cultish idea of not questioning the leader, and putting fear into the members so that no one dares to oppose his teachings. However, God has not given us a spirit of fear.

In these sermons Pringle is preaching from Psalms 37 and neglects to inform his listeners that the “righteous” are believers and the wicked are non-believers.

“Better the little that the righteous have than the wealth of many wicked;
for the power of the wicked will be broken, but the Lord upholds the righteous.” Psalm 37:16-17

This is all throughout the Psalm.

This begs the question: Who was speaking to Phil Pringle if it wasn’t God?

Phil Pringle exposes that the god that speaks to him is not the god of scriptures. Let us explain.

Pringle said that God accused these women of being “Christian evil-doers“. Consider that statement for a second. Now watch Pringle explain what God says about believers and non-believers.

“When God talks about you, a person planted in the house of God, a person who is in the Word of God and worships as is in prayer, he never calls you grass. He never calls you a green herb. He calls you a tree.”

According to Pringle, God never calls a Christian a “green herb” or a “grass”. Pringle announces that God only calls a Christian a tree. So we are to conclude that those women were not Christian at all.

“Grass has shallow roots. And when the sun comes up and in the summer it can wither it. If there’s no rain, within a few days it’s withered away and become nothing. And he says that’s what happens to evil doers. Well you know those two ladies- I mean the Lord says, “I will soon-” (what’s he say -uh- I’ll just read it to you), “They shall soon be cut down like grass”.

Pringle reminds his audience about those two Christian ladies in his church and has had God declare over them”They shall soon be cut down like grass”.

It looks like Pringle’s god cannot make up his mind if those women are trees, grass or a hybrid of both. As you can see, Pringle’s testimony and his own explanation fails him.