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It appears that CHC members like to think they are “grounded in the Word of God”.

After reading this article by CityNews, it becomes apparent that CHC members are more conditioned by clever marketing ploys and psychological manipulation. It appears that Phil Pringle has taught Kong Hee how to build his ‘church’ very well. Consider these teachings from Phil Pringle before reading the below CityNews article (Please note that Pringle’s teachings on Abraham are false):

“People can become anything under the right conditions.” – Phil Pringle, You The Leader, pg 319.

“The people we choose are to “fight for us.” The people we choose must have the ability to fight and win. They have proven themselves in spiritual battles and triumphed. They are overcomers. They display consistently positive attitudes. These people do not just attend, support or watch, but they fight. For us! They do not just fight for their own victories. They fight for the church. They defend the Pastor when he’s criticized. They fight for the church’s reputation, health and her finances. They are genuine soldiers for God… I want to know my guys will be loyal to me when the attacks are unjustified, and when they are justified.” – Phil Pringle, You The Leader, pg 317-318.” – Phil Pringle, You The Leader, pg 317-318.

“All the ministries in our churches, from Youth Leaders through to Music Directors and Associate Pastors are best “home-grown”. Abraham trained those who were born “in his own house,” to be an extremely effective band of soldiers (Gen 14:14)… Those people God gives us are rarely trained when they come. This is so that we can place our particular anointing and culture into their lives. They come unready, so that we can go to work at making them ready.” – Phil Pringle, You The Leader, pg 319.

“Abraham’s method is far preferable to getting someone from elsewhere. If people do come from outside, give them time to be “baptised” into the church, so they “own” the vision like everybody else. To become true sons and daughters of the church they need to drink the milk (accept the teaching), imbibe the spirit (accept the attitude of the church), and accept the name (be proud of belonging to your congregation).” – Phil Pringle, You The Leader, pg 320.

If you did not find that creepy, wait til you read this article. Ask yourself, “Shouldn’t Jesus be the central focus, NOT CHC?”

CityNews writes,

What CHC Is All About

New believers undergo the Church Introductory Course to get acquainted with the organization behind the vision.

City Harvest Church is well-known for having members who are grounded in the Word of God. That is because the church believes it is imperative for every member to be discipled and adequately equipped with sound biblical principles. As such, CHC has developed Bible study programs that are centered on Christian beliefs.

There are 12 different Bible study programs in CHC, each discuss and strengthen key aspects of the believer’s life. Through these programs, the believer is taught fundamental beliefs, as he goes through the growth process and finally matures into the fullness of Christ.

The very first program that launches the believer into this journey is the Church Introductory Class.

New members of CHC are encouraged to undergo this series of four lessons to discover the why, what and how of CHC—the reason the church does what it does. Attendees learn all about the history of CHC, its vision, mission statement, core beliefs and cell group system. Each lesson is comprehensive and interactive, with worksheets to be filled in.


CHC has one of the largest congregations in Asia. Its mission is “to build a church with a strong spiritual atmosphere of faith and purity, where every member is released into ministry, discipled in the Great Commandment to obey the Great Commission and the Cultural Mandate.” Through the CIC course, new members will acquire a deeper understanding of this mission and vision.

God has a purpose for every member in the body of Christ and this series of lessons aims to be the starting point to help one discover what his or her purpose might be. In addition, the structure that supports the vision is also revealed in this course—how CHC functions in its role as a church. Upon the completion of the course, members should understand why there is a need for CHC, what it means to be a City Harvester, and the importance for a Christian to be rooted in a local church.


Some of the zones in CHC are recently conducted the CIC course for their members. The zone under the pastoral care of Aries Zulkarnain (one of CHC’s executive pastors) had 120 members attending the course, while the zone under Wu Yuzhuang, a district pastor, had a turnout of 130.

“We just had our Easter weekend services last month where we saw many give their hearts to Jesus Christ,” explained Wu. “The CIC course is designed to explain who and what CHC is all about.”

Said Zulkarnain, also a pioneer of the church, “CIC is important because it introduces the values of the church. It also helps to strengthen the foundation of the members’ faith in relation to the church.

Andrea Lau, a student who started attending CHC three months ago, said, “The CIC classes showed me that CHC is a church that does not do things randomly. Everything is planned out thoughtfully and acted upon specifically, according to the vision given by God. Every detail and activity has a purpose.” In addition, she also learned that it is important to have a vision from God when it comes to organizing events and activities, so that there is no wastage of resources and time.

Another student, Casey Ho,  felt that the course was effective in grounding the fundamental values and belief system of the church in new members.  He said, “Pastor Zhuang is able to engage the class with his own personal experiences as a pioneering member of CHC. The use of interesting analogies made the lessons very relatable. Best of all, everything is supported with strong biblical references.”

As the course communicates and informs members of the plans and purposes behind the vision of the church, the hoped-for result is that every member be able and willing to achieve this vision, together in unity.

To sign up for the next CIC series, e-mail to info@chc.org.sg.

“The CIC course has given me better understanding about the fundamentals of being a Christian. It challenges me as a member of the church to play a part in building the Kingdom of God and my local church.”
Andrew Chandra

“I found the lessons very heartfelt. The content motivates and challenges me to commit myself to the house of the Lord.
Michelle Louise

“The class is interesting and very comprehensive. I am convicted by how important it is to find a suitable church and get rooted in that church.”
Lee Wanfong

“During the CIC lessons, Ps. Aries taught that in Christ, we can find our purpose in life and serve God with our talents. I was very impacted by this.”
Ivon Suhartono

“Through the CIC lessons, I’ve come to know about CHC. CHC is more than just a church, it’s a family. It is a place where I can experience God’s love, as well as love from other believers in church.”
Phyllis Yeo Shu Lin

“I am impacted by the love found in the church, and challenged to love and serve each other at greater length in this church.”
Willie Ng Zhiwei

“The CIC course has awakened to me the fact that there is a higher and divine purpose for each and everyone of us; and the church system provides us with the opportunity to develop our talents and gift, so as to reach out to the community with Christ’s love.”
Casey Ho

“The lessons were very enjoyable as Pastor taught it in a fun and interesting way. I am amazed by the vision of our church as I learn more about it through the class.”
Penny Chua Hui Yi

Source: By Sim Xiao Wei, What CHC Is All About, CityNews, http://www.citynews.sg/2011/05/what-chc-is-all-about/, Updated on 29 May 2011 at 6:30 am. (Accessed 28/01/2014.)