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C3 Church Update

Phil Pringle must be speaking furiously (by faith) over this court case for Kong Hee to obtain the victory. If Kong Hee loses, Pringle’s congregation will see him as a spiritual fraud. (That is unless his leadership keep leaking information to the congregation which in turn makes them leave before the trial finishes.)

To all C3 leaders and members reading this website: Thank you for providing us with information from the C3 leadership meetings and updating us on the state of affairs within C3 Church Oxford Falls.

We encourage you to keep spreading our articles and news reports that expose the scheming nature of Phil Pringle and Kong Hee to other C3 members.

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Encourage C3 members to think for themselves and engage them in intellectual discussion. Let them know when they are engaging with you on an irrational or emotional level and patiently lead them to the truth of their ways.

More importantly, keep using your connect group time to ignore the Connect Group notes and keep testing what we are teaching you to the Word of God. Make sure you read the bible in context. Read large portions of scripture. Keep discussing with an open bible what Phil Pringle, Kong Hee and Sun Ho are doing.

You are in our prayers. Pray that repentance comes to these institutions.

We apologise for the delay of this article. Channel NewsAsia reports,

Prosecution wraps up case against City Harvest Church leaders

The prosecution on Monday wrapped up its case against the six leaders of the City Harvest Church after completing questioning of its last witness, Mdm Foong Ai Fang, an audit manager at Baker Tilly.

SINGAPORE: The prosecution on Monday wrapped up its case against the six leaders of the City Harvest Church after completing questioning of its last witness, Mdm Foong Ai Fang, an audit manager at Baker Tilly.

Church founder Kong Hee and his five deputies are accused of misusing millions of the church’s building fund monies to boost the career of singer Sun Ho.

After 42 days in court, the defence lawyers have indicated that they will submit to the judge that the defendants have no case to answer.

Both the prosecution and defence will exchange written submissions on this in March.

In April, District Judge See Kee Oon will decide if the prosecution has produced sufficient evidence to support its claims of criminal breach of trust, among other things.

The prosecution argued that this was done through “sham bond investments” in Xtron and Firna.

Last month, the lead auditor in-charge of the church’s accounts testified that the bond investments made by the church did not make sense.

Mr Sim Guan Seng of Baker Tilly said that the bond transactions between the church, Xtron and Firna looked as though they were set up for specific purposes, which would “raise a lot of red flags”.

But the defence countered that the investments were not “sham” just because Mr Sim said they were not sound.

A key point of contention was the secrecy that shrouded the discussions among the accused.

Referring to various emails, the prosecution tried to make the point that the defendants were hiding information from the auditors as well as church members.

But the defence pointed out that there was no breach in the church’s constitution when the Building Fund was used for the investments.

Its case is that it was always clear the church’s building fund monies were used to produce Ms Ho’s music albums and that the auditors signed off on the various audits.

It also stressed that no church money was lost.

But the court also heard that the information which the auditors based their work on came from the accused.

If the judge decides that the prosecution has produced sufficient evidence, the defence will present its case in July.

Source: By Claire Huang, Prosecution wraps up case against City Harvest Church leaders, Channel NewsAsia, http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/prosecution-wraps-up-case/991282.html, Posted, 10/02/2014 19:02. (Accessed 12/02/2014.)