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‘Ps’ David Yonggi Cho said earlier in the investigations that he, “denied… allegations, calling them a smear campaign by a very small group of people in his church. ‘The truth will reveal itself during the prosecutors’s investigation. Those who filed the complaint will have to take responsibility accordingly.”

Well now the truth is out in the open and perhaps Yonggi Cho will now bear fruit in keeping with repentance. Will he ask for forgiveness from his own elders who made the original claims?

This blame shifting is typical in the WOF community. We only need to look across the water to Singapore and Kong Hee, who waits his own judgement. The same Kong Hee who claims to be mentored by both David Yonggi Cho and Phil Pringle.

Hee and Pringle are also board members of Church Growth International founded by Yonggi Cho. Scroll down link below and see other “interesting” names included on this board: Benny Hinn, Marilyn Hickey, Casey Treat etc.

The Summer Church Growth Magazine

There is much “tweeting” and many “leadership” FB comments making the rounds these days lately about choosing your companions wisely. Phil Pringle tweets,

Ldrshp Mxm – ‘Make friends wit grt ppl’
Pr 12:26 T righteous shld choose frnds carefully 4 t way f t wicked leads them astray

Source: Phil Pringle, Twitter, https://twitter.com/philpringle/status/432217337866244098, 10:20 AM – 8 Feb 2014. (Accessed 22/02/2014.)


Need we say more?

Korea Joongang Daily reports…

Pastor and his son convicted in tax evasion case

A Seoul court yesterday convicted the Rev. Cho Yong-gi, the founder of Korea’s biggest church, and his oldest son, Cho Hee-jun, of breach of trust and tax evasion, causing 13.1 billion won ($12.1 million) in losses for the Yoido Full Gospel Church.

The Seoul Central District Court handed down the senior Cho a three-year prison term, which was suspended for five years, and ordered him to pay 5 billion won in fines.

It also sentenced his son to three years behind bars, which he was ordered to begin serving immediately.

Presiding Judge Cho Yong-hyun said in verdict deliberations that because of Cho’s status as a top decision-maker within the church, the pastor emeritus must have approved the irregularities or deliberately stayed quiet, thereby signaling his approval.

The court also ruled that the elder Cho, hailed as the father of Korean evangelicalism and known for his conservative stance on social issues, evaded an inheritance tax worth 3.6 billion won, which the court said will be collected by the state.

“Considering how the defendant has led his life in tumultuous times, and contributions he has made to society as a religious man, the court has decided to suspend his prison term for five years,” the judge explained.

The 78-year-old pastor founded the giant red-bricked Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul in 1973, after which it grew into one of the world’s largest Christian congregations, with more than 800,000 members currently registered.

Cho stood trial on charges that he ordered church officials in 2002 to purchase 250,000 shares of stock for I-Service, a company owned by his oldest son, at a price four times higher than market value, causing the church to lose 13.1 billion won.

Prosecutors argued that Cho’s son, 49, had asked his father to purchase the shares at a much higher cost to recoup the 20 billion won he lost in stock investments two years earlier – a claim the court accepted yesterday.

Cho Hee-jun apparently lost that sum while serving as chairman of the Kookmin Ilbo, when he collected billions of won in donations from readers and church members to help cover the newspaper’s operating costs.

The courtroom was packed with church members throughout the 90-minute sentencing, a testament to the influence the Cho family wielded in the mega-church.

While delivering the three-year prison term for the former newspaper chairman, the judge rebuked the younger Cho for attempting to shift the responsibility for his unethical business practices onto his father and other senior church members.

“The defendant’s behavior is subject to and deserves criticism,” Judge Cho said.”

Source: By Kang Jin-Kyu, Pastor and his son convicted in tax evasion case, Korea Joongang Daily, http://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/news/article/article.aspx?aid=2985272&cloc=joongangdaily, Published 21/02/2014. (Accessed 22/02/2014.)

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