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We are republishing stories from news sources around the world about David Yonggi Cho or Kong Hee for CHC and C3 members.

The fact is, Christianity and the world are stunned with the behaviour of these men. At least they understand this is not the normal behaviour of Christian ministers. Sadly, false teachers like Kong Hee and Phil Pringle will dismiss or demonise those outside their movements as ‘critics’ or backsliders. They often attack the media for ‘misreprenting’ them.

For some reason members of CHC and C3 will hold to the belief that their leaders are in the right and are being persecuted or misrepresented for Christ’s sake. To them, everyone outside their movement is in the wrong if they question their leaders behaviour.

If you are a CHC or a  C3 member, please start noticing how much concern the universal church has for you and the ministries you are involved in. Start looking at the Christian and secular news sources that have reported the issues around Kong Hee and David Yonggi Cho.

Do you honestly think Phil Pringle, Kong Hee and David Yonggi Cho have bought honour and glory to the name of Jesus Christ?

To our regular C3 leaders and members who read these articles, please keep printing these news articles and distributing them at your C3 Connect groups. We will continue looking for more articles for you to print and distribute to other C3 members and leaders.

ChristianToday (not ChristianityToday) reports,

Pastor David Yonggi Cho convicted of embezzling $12m

The pastor of the largest Pentecostal church in the world has been sentenced to three years in prison for embezzling $12 million in church funds.

David Yonggi Cho, founder of the Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, South Korea, had instructed church officials back in 2002 to buy stocks owned by his eldest son, Cho Hee-jun, at four times the market value.

In 2011, church elders accused him of embezzling $20 million and again last November, some 30 church elders took their complaints about Cho’s corruption to the press, accusing him and his family of stealing millions in church money over the last two decades.

At the press conference, the elders revealed the findings of an internal investigation into Cho’s financial dealings, including millions of dollars in church money that was borrowed by Cho and never returned.

They also reported a severence payment of around $18 million Cho received when he stepped down as head pastor in 2008 – a payment they say was made without the prior consent of the church and its decision-making bodies, The Hanyoreah news site reports.

At the time, former church elder Ha Song-ok said he had urged Cho many times to abandon his unethical practices.

Cho was sentenced on Thursday and must pay back $4.6 million to the church.  Yonhap News Agency reports that he was also convicted of evading taxes to the sum of $3.2 million.

He reportedly told his congregation that through his conviction he had learned that “an individual shouldn’t possess anything”.

“Besides health, status, fame, authority, money… these are all matters that are outside the body and unworthy of any pursuit,” he said.

Yoido Full Gospel Church is affiliated to the Assemblies of God and has more than a million members.

In a sermon on Sunday, The Gospel Herald reports that Cho told the congregation that his conviction was the hardest day of his 50-year ministry.

“God forbid, if God calls me back today, I will still be able to go to the Kingdom of God,” he was quoted by the website as saying.

Cho Hee-jun was sentenced to three years in prison for colluding in his father’s scheme.

Source: Pastor David Yonggi Cho convicted of embezzling $12m, ChristianToday, http://www.christiantoday.com/article/pastor.david.yonggi.cho.convicted.of.embezzling.12m/35994.htm, Published 27/02/2014. (Accessed 05/03/2014.)