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What was, is now no longer but resurfaces when convenient?
Phil Pringle’s false doctorate.

C3 College graduates have informed us that many years ago they were told by college staff that Phil Pringle wanted to be addressed as “Dr” Phil Pringle around the C3 church campuses. This was a personal request from Pringle to the staff without much explanation. Some college lecturers explained this was to bolster the credibility of their “bible” colleges (if you can call them that). It is of our opinion that “Dr” Phil Pringle decided to bolster his international speaker credibility with the misleading title.

No sooner was the title “Dr” bestowed upon Pringle that it appeared to drop soon after. The reason being? Articles surfaced online exposing that Pringle obtained his unaccredited doctorate from a diploma mill called ‘New Covenant International University’ in Florida. (Read more here.)

However to this day, it is conveniently placed on Pringle by his closest friends. In fact, we are appalled to see Pringle deliberately misinform his personal mentor – David Yonggi Cho – about his credentials. C3 leadership have made us aware that David Yonggi Cho has personally mentored and nurtured Phil Pringle through various stages of depression. If this is true, this is no way to treat his caring mentor and close friend.

In spite of the fact that Cho and Pringle are false teachers, is this how you would treat your close friend and mentor? Why has Phil Pringle misinformed his close friend? Why is he quoting his misinformed friend to bolster his false credentials? Would you mislead your own friend to bolster your ‘credibility’ as a Christian minister?

Phil Pringle

Pastor Phil Pringle

Phil Pringle, together with his wife Chris, is the founder and Senior Pastor of C3 Church Sydney, Australia. He is also the founder and President of C3 Global – a church planting movement of over 300 churches worldwide – and the visionary behind C3’s Presence Conference, held in Sydney every April.

Phil’s great love is the local church. He believes the church functioning in the power of the Holy Spirit and feeding on the Word of God will thrive – in turn impacting the world around her with hope.

To this end, he is motivated to reach the lost and make disciples. His passion is to equip and empower people through teaching biblical truths and encouraging them to live their best life through Jesus Christ.

Phil’s preaching has made him a sought after speaker in both Christian and secular contexts, particularly in the areas of faith, leadership, ministry of the Holy Spirit, church building and kingdom principles of finance and giving.

His communication style, coupled with relevant application of the Word and the anointing of the Holy Spirit has inspired audiences right around the globe, from Seoul to Amsterdam and beyond.  He has been a keynote speaker at events including the CHC Asia Conference (2010), AOG Unstoppable Conference (UK, 2013) and the Church Growth International (CGI) Prayer Summit (annually).

“Dr Phil Pringle is an honoured member of The Board of Directors for ‘Church Growth International’, and I have had the pleasure of knowing his great faith and trust in the Lord as he and his lovely wife are moving onward and upward with The Lord Jesus Christ” Dr Yonggi Cho, Chairman ‘Church Growth International’

Along with being an accomplished and respected preacher, teacher and minister Phil Pringle is also the author of 14 books, a television host and a successful artist.

He has been married to Chris for over 40 years and they have three children: Rebekah, Daniel and Joseph. They have 2 grandsons, a granddaughter due this year, and a friendly West Highland Terrier named Piper.

After more than four decades in ministry, Phil will be the first to tell you: “We’re only just getting started”.

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Source: Phil Pringle, My C3 Church, http://www2.myc3church.net/phil-pringle. (Accessed 05/03/2014.)