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Brian Houston Vs Phil Pringle

Pringle has often stated that God said He had given him the city of Sydney.

He felt a great presence of God coming on him, giving him a real peace about Sydney.


“I want you to come to Sydney…”

He had come before but the timing had not been right. There had been more growing to be done, more seeking of God’s anointing over his life, more learning of the ways of God in his life.

And on the return from India it had grown, the plant now beginning to stand erect by itself, rooted deeply in the spiritual ground God had prepared for it in this man’s life.


“I have given you this city…”

Source:  – John Barclay, Arise, 1987.

Well. God also said that he had given the city of Sydney to Brian Houston. They’ve both still got a long way to go.

However, Pringle’s draw card this year for his 2014 Global C3 Presence Conference was his good “friend” Brian Houston. We find it hard to understand their friendship since their is rivalry between the two leaders and their ministries.

For instance, Christians from both Hillsong and C3 have called Hillsong ‘Big Brother’ and C3 ‘Little Sister’. In the past, Houston’s leaders, associates and long-serving members have often labeled Pringle’s church the ‘slipstream ministry’. We thought this rivalry and petty issues were resolved between churches until Phil Pringle made this recent comment in C3 San Diego.

[NOTE: Phil Munsey is the brother of the notorious TBN prosperity pimp Steve Munsey. Pringle had Steve Munsey speak a few years ago at his Presence Conferences.]

Here is the transcript:

“No. I promise Pastor Phil Munsey I will not take longer than thirty three minutes, amen!

I’m so glad to have this man here! He’s a hero of mine. An absolute hero in the faith. No doubt about it.

And uh- he ah-he-he- him and I have some similar thing because he lives just down the road from Saddleback Church – and he’s had to live with- you know- a larger church in town.

I live in the same city as Hillsong and- you know, it drives me mad.

You know I like- I just die every time somebody mentions it- I’ve done- a bit- lived with that for twenty five years. But I’m kind-of a secure guy- I really don’t care- I’m quite happy about what we’re doing and where we’re going. But y-you gotta know what t-the living with that sort of thing does- you gotta understand this: somebody’s always got something bigger. If you play the who’s-got-the-bigger-one… game- er. [Audience laughs]

What are you laughing at? You’re a bunch of rascals here you know that? My God! That just- that just- that just did not land right. [Audience laughs]

I told these guys, “You know I preach sometimes like seven times. This is only my what? Fourth time? By the seventh time I am saying things that are ludicrous. I c- I don’t even know what I am saying.”

Source: Phil Pringle, “Find Your Flavor” // Phil Pringle // 03.16.14, Vimeo, http://vimeo.com/89512591, C3 Church San Diego, Uploaded Wednesday March 19, 2014 10:49 AM. (Accessed 22/03/2014.)

It looks as though the rivalry is still strong, Phil Pringle still lamenting in Houston’s shadow. The “who’s-got-the-bigger-one game”continues.

So what is happening? Why is there this this unusual ‘unity’ among rivals?

With our rise in C3 readership, the reports we get from C3 leadership and the rise of insults we get from behind the pulpit, we are wondering if this is having an effect on Presence Conference registration.

If the conference registration is low, we are wondering if C3 members are having issues with Phil Pringle’s dishonesty and silence over the scandals he is associated with. We know leaders who are unhappy with Pringle’s dishonesty over the Kong Hee scanda l(who is still speaking this year at Pringle’s conference), frustrated with his silence over the Yonggi Cho scandal and questioning his involvement with the C3 Asheville scandal.

Like we’ve said elsewhere, going by the tweets and instagram photos, Brian Houston and Phil Pringle seem to have bonded more closely from last November to now. So is Brian Houston simply speaking at C3 Presence Conference to do Pringle a favour because registration is low? In inviting Houston to speak at Presence Conference this year, is Pringle hoping that Houston will draw enough people to raise the numbers to pay for the use of the facilities?