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When Dr Paul Choo critiqued Kong Hee’s church, he exposed Phil Pringle’s Leadership Giving Model (LGM) philosophy and program which integrated in CHC’s system.

Dr Paul Choo Warns People Against Kong Hee’s Ministry: “This is NOT Christianity. This is NOT the gospel. This is a SCAM.”

Below is audio and a transcript of Phil Pringle claiming that Kong Hee copied his Leadership Giving Model (LGM), which includes the ‘Rise & Build’ program.

Apart from the LGM being entirely unbiblical and manipulative, it would seem that there are some inherent weaknesses in Phil Pringle’s LGM. Phil Pringle says that his LGM has been heavily promoted over the years and was enthusiastically embraced by various church leaders. One such ‘leader’ was Kong Hee.

Whilst we acknowledge that a person can use a business model fraudulently without it being the fault of the creator of the model, in the absence of Phil Pringle calling out Kong Hee on his ‘abuse’ of the Leadership Giving Model, are we to assume that it still has his blessing?

We would like to remind our readers what Pringle appears to think is appropriate financial conduct in Kong Hee’s church.

“I read a blog by a woman—Sanses. She was very positive towards the church. I thought she did a really good job. I thought it’s so simple, like man-on-the-street talk. She’s going like, “What am I missing here? The church [CHC] invested $25m, and now it’s got it all back with interest. Church didn’t lose any money, what am I missing? Why are these people in court?” I probably was doing a search for something when I found it. I thought well, this is good news.” [Source]

Does Pringle’s LGM system work on this philosophy: justifying the means if it all turns out fine in the end? Has Pringle’s LGM system always operated with the above philosophy or does Pringle’s LGM system work on this philosophy only in CHC?

“What I’m saying is that- that, when you step out, you will see God move. And you will see the power of God do amazing things in your life. And- And when you hear about what others have done, it- it inspires us to actually to do the same-

The second thing is the responsibility of leadership. The second reason we should bring substantial offerings to the Lord is because we have led others into this…

… And so for them to exhibit a Leadership Giving Model, inspired churches all around in the other areas. I remember in 1989 when we did start this, I became aware of other churches that came to actually see what we were doing…

… And I was aware that in 1989, around Australia, fifty seven million dollars was raised through out the country through other people taking on this program. That is the one I- I- only the ones- I knew about…

… And then Kong Hee in Singapore picked up the idea and he calls his ‘Rise and Build’ and just takes the whole thing, copies it exactly and raises sixty million US for- and he paid it debt free for his building there in- in Singapore. And now they’re planning on building another one for two hundred million- ah- US. And- and that-that’s just some of the examples that others have taken the lead from you here in this church. And you’ve been able to inspire others. And as we come into this program every year, people are er- inspired.”

Source: Phil Pringle, Eight Reasons To Give, C3 Church Oxford Falls, 23/06/2009. (Accessed 14/03/2012.) (Emphasis ours.)