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If you attend C3, don’t think. Don’t raise any questions around the Kong Hee scandal. Pringle and his leadership will make sure they squash any inquisitive mind who starts looking into the case. So leave quietly or just accept the deceitful stories peddled by Phil Pringle. Even better, ask Pringle himself why he doesn’t disclose the actual details of his close friends case to his congregation.

After his cunning stunts at his latest C3 Presence Conference, how do you think Phil Pringle is going to spin this latest turn of events to his congregation?

The Straits Times reports,

Judge throws out application to acquit City Harvest Church leaders

The trial against City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee and five others will continue, and all six of them will testify. The trial resumes July 14.

Their defence lawyers had claimed the prosecution had not done enough to show there was a case against the accused, and called on Presiding Judge of the State Courts See Kee Oon to throw out all of the charges.

 But on Monday, the judge rejected this, saying that there was enough evidence for the trial to continue with all of the charges intact. “In my view there is evidence to show that the investments were shams… and were merely disguises for something else,” he said.

 He was referring to several bond transactions which the prosecution believes were illegal and a way for the accused to misuse church funds. About $50 million is alleged to have been illegally used in various sham transactions to finance Kong’s wife Ho Yeow Sun’s pop music career and to cover this up.

By Feng Zengkun, Judge throws out application to acquit City Harvest Church leaders, Straits Times, http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/judge-throws-out-application-acquit-city-harvest-church-leaders-20#sthash.2zqPfbXY.dpuf, May 5, 2014 3:15 PM. (Accessed 05/05/2014.)

We at C3 Church Watch are committed to speaking the truth in love, including exposing the false prophets and shepherds within or associated with the C3 movement. However we are also very concerned about the well-being of those people within C3 churches who have been harmed by the false doctrine, unethical practices, and ongoing scandals within the movement.

This latest development further exposes the poisonous fruit of the C3 leadership. We urge members to honestly reflect on what is happening within the C3 movement. Flee to the Word of God, praying that He will be gracious and reveal to you the truth that leaders such as Phil Pringle and Kong Hee are not shepherds but rather are ravenous wolves not sparing the flock (Matthew 7:15-23, Acts 20:29-31). It is our earnest desire to see many snatched from the fire (Jude 3:23).

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