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Jesus says,

God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” John 4:24

Have you ever heard Phil Pringle talk about preparing an “atmosphere of faith”? Have you seen Pringle interview people in his church claiming they like C3 because they “feel God” and “His” presence? When people have been “prepared” through the music in C3 “worship”, have you heard Pringle say things like “God is going to come in here, touch our lives in this incredible atmosphere”?

What is alarming with the way Pringle constructs his “church” services is how emotionally manipulative they are. Even one of C3’s leaders have noted the emotional atmosphere in C3 services.

C3 Leader: Move Away From The “Emotional Moment Of A Service” To Give Money

However, this emotional manipulation is far more evident in Pringle’s deceitful Presence Conference events. Even the Presence Conference 2014 brochure says the following about C3 creating an “experience” for their customer,

“The entire experience has been created with you in mind […]” [Source]

Now meet Derren Brown. We would like to hear your thoughts on Derren Brown’s experiment in how he converted people to believe in god.

What are some parallels to Phil Pringle’s techniques? What sets Pringle’s apart from Derren Brown? How is his god different to Brown’s “god”?