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This article will be promoting some articles and present some of our older articles that expose how CHC leaders (and some C3 Leaders like Phil Pringle and Joe Pringle), are constantly tarnishing the reputation of the Singaporean government and elevating the innocence of Kong Hee. It is worth stressing that the Christian is to submit to their scriptures that make it clear we are submit to our governments. To malign them in any way is a bad witness against Christ and His people.

We publish the below articles with the latest news of CHC “Pastor” Kim Hock in mind.


Who Is The “Fairest” One of All?

I hope this will not end up being the talk of CNY visitation – which paper is more fair – Our mainstream media Straits Times or City Harvest Church’s in-house paper City News Singapore? But it just might help some get away difficult questions during Chinese New Year visitation (i.e. “why don’t you find a boyfriend?”)

How Did It Even Matter?

Well, it all started when Sun Ho embarked on the “Crossover Project” to Taiwan in 2002/2003. During that time, we seen the famous Roland Poon saga where he alleges that the church support her career using church funds, but was later threatened with lawsuit and had to issue a public apology (now we know he can maintain his integrity while Kong Hee and the entire management board is one down – the church had supported Sun Ho’s secular music career using church funds while blatantly lying to the entire church that “not a single cent was used” from the church).

Then we see the face-of between Sun Ho and the now-defunct Mando-pop group 5566, who boycotted the 933 music awards in 2004 – because church members were ferociously buying up her Chinese albums in quantities 5s/10s/30s just to make her #1 in album sale. Then we see the “she’s a pastor, she’s not a pastor, she’s actually a reverend, she’s never been one” fiasco.

There was never a lack of news when it comes to Singapore’s Hollywood Star with a series of Billboard Dance Chart Singles spun from church funds (yes – apparently it was one of the latest revelations in Court as a result of the CBT case involving the 6 CHC leaders).

Since many moons ago, CHC leadership had been accusing ST’s style of reporting as being “biased”, “one-sided”, “sensationalists”, among other names. And with this on-going trial involving the 6 leaders, the accusations have become even more cutting, coming from pastors and leaders themselves.

There’s differing view, obviously – there’s always someone who appreciates ST – especially when they make you look good:
Apparently, City News SG has got what it takes to be the “only source you could trust” (wonder if it’s an accolade only foreigners knew – where did that come from??), when it comes to receiving news from what is now unfortunately called the “CHC trial”

Well who can blame them? It’s a well known fact that our MSM need more than a slap from some co-driver somewhere, and we know Bertha Henson is not going to make it since MDA has did some ninja work on her Breakfast Network, as well as other popular news sites like Yahoo.

So Maybe ST is Thrash… How About CN?

We know for sure it’s a force to be reckoned with – when it comes to the misappropriation of funds case, it reports the “other side of truth” (perhaps I’m just gonna add “according to what one deems it”). Looking at what their worship leader and one of the Executive Member claims (that the authorities is scared of them), I think harmless Bertha should have a reason to ask MDA why her site got into their list but not CN’s:

Perhaps Bertha will also find encouragement from one of the pastors suspended by COC – sometimes bad things just happen to “good” people who did nothing – yes you can do it, Bertha:

I generally enjoy reading CN, especially when it comes to the lighter side and a “inside perspective”. But there are certain misleading elements as well, such as the way it selects headlines and frames its contents and leaving out certain elements – often stirs up the emotions of it’s readership. Not too nice if it results in anti-government sentiments accusing the government of being bias, don’t you think? (refer to the previous blog article: http://notunderthetable.blogspot.sg/2014/01/are-members-of-chc-unconsciously.html)

If it comes from ST, I can understand because they want and have no choice but to sell news. But for an in-house paper with international reach aimed at reporting truth, I think Bertha can offer some advice on how to be cordial yet factual and objective, and concurrently ask MDA why is her site is being “persecuted” in such an unfair world, when an in-house international paper enjoys such freedom.

Does the authorities fear them so much as their leader claim? Who is the fairest one of all would be another CNY discussion topic at visitations to spice up the usual “how are you” and “you are still not married???” type of small talk.

What do you think?

Source: Not Under The Table, Who Is The “Fairest” One of All?, http://notunderthetable.blogspot.com.au/2014/01/who-is-fairest-one-of-all.html, Published 30/01/2014. (Accessed 12/06/2014.)

Here is another article on the same subject:


Who is the Fairest One of All Part II – The Insinuations of Pastor Tan Kim Hock’s

In two earlier articles written on 29 and 30 Jan 2014, “Are Members of CHC Unconsciously Manipulated or Influenced to Toy with the Sedition Act?” and “Who is the Fairest One of All?“, we saw how City Harvest Church leaders and pastors openly insinuating that the government and media had been “biased”, “scared of CHC” and “unfair” in its judiciary process.

It got so bad that the church leadership even changed their statement of beliefs to remove clause 17 (recognizing that the government is ordained by God) and replacing it with another belief about marriage. They have since re-instated clause 17 and removed “about marriage”. Somehow one cannot help but observe the wavering of their “statements of belief”.

Insinuations of a Church Pastor
Recently, after the judge ruled that the 6 accused have a case to answer, a City Harvest church pastor, Mr Tan Kim Hock, in 2 tweets, insinuated again that the judicial system is biased in giving the Straits Times “preferential and privileged access to information” regarding the outcome of the “no case to answer” trial. The Attorney General Chabers (AGC) further took issue with his first tweet which insinuates that the State Court is “biased and unfair” (source:
AGC warns City Harvest pastor for ‘contemptuous’ tweets)

The AGC further states in their statement: “AGC takes the view that the insinuations set out in the two tweets are insinuations which scandalise the Judiciary of the Republic of Singapore. These insinuations are scurrilous, false, and made without any objective basis”.
After his tweet was picked up by a local blog, TR Emeritus (source), Pastor Tan was quick to make an abrupt u-turn of his 2 tweets, with the following:
Obviously, the AGC did not share his opinion. The actions of the Pastor, who is also the Dean of the School of Theology, seems to be his undoing. He probably forgot his own wise words:
Pastor Tan was required to make a public apology which he has duly complied (source) on 6 June. It was not clear however, if this was acceptable since it was not displayed publicly but as a downloadable pdf file.
Implications of Such Insinuations
The effects of such insinuations by the leadership is a cause for concern, since leaders command an implicit form of trust and credibility among their followers. Perhaps the top-down effect of such leadership can be seen filtering down the ranks, resulting in the occurrences of members challenging the authorities – such as challenging COC’s decision to suspend the 9, citing Operation Spectrum, and other occurrences.
Parents of young members should be aware of what was told to children and teens, and adult members should seriously check the facts from third-party sources before buying into a leader’s opinion. For every official response so far related to the case, the court has proven that there’s another story behind it. So it does weigh in to be extra cautious.
There Is a Case To Answer
At the end of the day, the facts revealed and evidences produced in court do speak for themselves. As much as City Harvest diehards (a.k.a. “Jihadists”) have confessed, prayed and fasted for “no case to answer”, there is a case which the 6 has to answer in regards to the CBT and falsifying of accounts charges. It should not be construed that the Christian God is powerless and cannot answer prayers of a sincere and faith-fill congregation. However, it should be seen that a righteous God cannot simply let such wrong unpunished, and that crime demands a price to pay. The facts itself proved that the courts and media has not been biased (at least compared with CityNews’ selective omissions). Rather, on the contrary, it shows that the accused and those suspended by COC have something to hide.
There is more than meets the eye. Meanwhile, our most diehard fan should perhaps directing his tweet to our PM instead, for suing Roy Ngerng just because he was compared against Pastor Kong Hee in one of his blog post.

Source: Who is the Fairest One of All Part II – The Insinuations of Pastor Tan Kim Hock’s, Not Under The Table, http://notunderthetable.blogspot.com.au/2014/06/who-is-fairest-one-of-all-part-ii.html?spref=fb, 08/06/2014. (Accessed 12/06/2014.) 

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