Edit 15/06/2014: It appears that the C3 Churches in America have no problem advertising Phil Pringle on Instagram as a “Doctor”:

We are honored to have Dr Phil Pringle as one of our voices during #c3vegas2014. Dr Phil is the Founder & President of C3 Church International and the Senior Minister of C3 Church in Sydney Australia. Phil and his wife, Christine, started C3 Church in 1980 and it is now one of the fastest growing, exciting and powerful churches in Australia. An entire global movement of vibrant churches has been birthed as a result of Phil’s leadership and vision as he maintains an uncompromised passion to see cities changed by a contemporary, relevant and anointed church. Phil’s dynamic and relevant preaching has made him a much sought after speaker in both Christian and secular contexts, particularly in the areas of faith, leadership, ministry of the Holy Spirit, church building and kingdom principles of finance and giving. Don’t miss#c3vegas2014…register today!!

Source: C3americas, Instagram, http://instagram.com/p/mk5KHKjqoy/. (Accessed 15/06/2014.)


We have been following the dodgy history of Phil Pringle’s false credentials and those he endorses that also have false credentials.

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If Phil Pringle is not honest with his academic credentials before the general public, in what other ways is he being fast and loose with the facts or economical with the truth?


When articles surfaced on the internet a few years ago questioning the credibility of ‘Dr’ Phil Pringle’s credentials, people started reporting that Phil Pringle was ducking questions thrown at him about the validity of his doctorate. Recently, a churchwatcher made the following comment (PP is Phil Pringle, GM is C3 Pastor Gordon Moore and KH is Kong Hee).

“In other news, I know the contention about PP’s Doctorate (I have read the C3CW article re PP, GM and KH)….I also note some people’s observations he is not using “Dr” much anymore.”

“Can anyone who goes to C3OF or is close to the action advise?”

Source: Squidaloopa, Phil Pringle’s Kong Job At Presence 2014 (Part 3) All faith – no substance, C3 Church Watch, https://c3churchwatch.com/2014/06/04/phil-pringles-kong-job-at-presence-2014-part-3-all-faith-no-substance/#comment-18340, June 8, 2014 at 4:06 am. (Accessed 09/06/2014.)

This was an insiders reply,

“Can anyone who goes to C3OF or is close to the action advise?”

“Sources inside C3OF have confirmed that Phil Pringle is no longer referred to as “Dr”, but there is nothing to report beyond that. I personally suspect that Phil has been so embarrassed by this affair that he has let it quietly drop, perhaps to the extent of avoiding discussions even with those in C3′s inner sanctum (an iron-fisted ruler cannot afford to look like a dolt, it just doesn’t do). It’s a safe bet that anyone who is on the teat at C3OF and who values their job would not dare to ever broach the subject with “Apostle” Pringle.”

“At any rate, we can reasonably infer that Phil has come to the conclusion that touting his “PhD” was damaging his credibility (which, naturally enough, reinforces the view that it was not the genuine article). If Phil’s PhD *were* real, he could, of course, get in touch with anyone who has made assertions to the contrary and ask them to withdraw those assertions, but it doesn’t appear that he has ever done so (perhaps he is just trusting in God to strike the naysayers dead – a fate which he has suggested has befallen his opponents in the past).”

“In truth, even amongst die-hard C3 fans, there probably wouldn’t be many who would entertain the thought that Phil is an intellectual by any stretch of the imagination, or that he is cut from the sort of cloth that would allow him to succeed in academic pursuits. And of course, Phil has, in the past, affected to despise those individuals who show themselves as genuinely intelligent; this would appear, in the light of his subsequent desire to be a “Doctor”, to have been nothing less than a nasty case of sour grapes. (It’s always rather sad to see a grown man who is not comfortable in his own skin). Another point worth noting is that Kong “I Maintain My Integrity” Hee provided oversight for Phil when he undertook his study – which is strange, because if I were doing a PhD myself, I wouldn’t want my efforts to be associated with someone who had been caught out plagiarizing.”

Source: Inside Scoop, Phil Pringle’s Kong Job At Presence 2014 (Part 3) All faith – no substance, C3 Church Watch, https://c3churchwatch.com/2014/06/04/phil-pringles-kong-job-at-presence-2014-part-3-all-faith-no-substance/#comment-18373, June 8, 2014 at 1:44 pm. (Accessed 09/06/2014.)

The following reaction occurred after the above comment,

“Sources inside C3OF have confirmed that Phil Pringle is no longer referred to as “Dr”, but there is nothing to report beyond that.”

“Grrrrrrrrrr!! I attended c3 college a looong time ago and we head [sic] the staff tell us that we needed to call Phil Pringle “Dr Phil Pringle” so church members and visitors could see him in a better light and so I did.”

“Now I hear this and dig this info up,http://signposts02.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/c3pringle_credentials.pdf, and find out that I was mislead at college!!!! That college worshiped Pringle as a prophet by brainwashing us to believe he predicted 911!!!! HELLO!?! Using deaths in 911 to elevate prophetic office!?! Yuck!!!! And then they shovved [sic] down our throats Pringle getting an OAM from the Prime Minster John Howard!!!!”

“So does that mean Pringle mislead the Prime Minister of Australia with his false credentials??? And his college runs leadership classes?”

Source: GrumpyxC3CollegeStudent, Phil Pringle’s Kong Job At Presence 2014 (Part 3) All faith – no substance, C3 Church Watch, https://c3churchwatch.com/2014/06/04/phil-pringles-kong-job-at-presence-2014-part-3-all-faith-no-substance/#comment-18375, June 8, 2014 at 2:28 pm. (Accessed 09/06/2014.)

 What are your thoughts on this?