People have left C3 Church rightfully disillusioned by the false teachings they receive from Phil Pringle. We often hear these stories from hurting people in their emails to us. Sometimes we meet hurting victims and hear their stories. It is not uncommon when they start to receive good Christian doctrine that they start asking questions such as, “Is Phil Pringle really a Christian?”

Up until now we have avoided responding to this question. However, since publishing Prophet Pringle’s God-Given 2020 Vision Lie (Part 3), something really hit us hard.


Althought it’s been hard to get clarification on definitions and doctrines from Dean Sweetman, he has helped us establish some crucial elements on C3 Church Watch. We asked him the following in an older thread:

“One foundational doctrine of Christianity is the doctrine of Total Depravity. (AKA the doctrine of original sin.) Do you believe and hold to this doctrine?” [Source: September 28, 2013 at 4:56 am]

His reponse was confusing. But he concluded with this:

“… I am an ArminiCalvinist. God provides the grace we provide the faith.” [Source: September 29, 2013 at 7:02 pm]

We asked for further information:

“What do you mean when you say, “we provide the faith”? Where does that faith come from?
What do you mean when you say, “I am a Rom 3:23 guy” if you do not adhere “to Total Depravity as Augustine/Calvin do and TULIP Calvinists do”? [Source: September 30, 2013 at 8:01 am]

He clarified,

“Further, the faith everyone must act upon to enter into relationship with God is innate in Humans because we are made in His image.” [Source: September 30, 2013 at 5:16 pm]

We offer this in rebuttal:

Jesus declares “no one can come to Me unless it is granted him by the Father.” (John 6:65) In the same passage Jesus declares: ” all that the Father gives to Me will come to Me.” (John 6:37) In both verses the phrase “come to Me” simply means “believe in Me” and so taken together Jesus is stating that no one can believe in Him unless God grants it, and all to whom God grants it will believe”. According to this passage, then, God grants faith, a faith that will infallibly arise in the heart of those He has given His Son…

 Faith is not the product of an unregenerated human nature. If a person becomes humble enough to submit to God it is because the Holy Spirit has given that person a new, humble nature … not because some men are more humble than others. It was not by chance that one person believed the gospel and not the other, nor was it because one had some innate virtue that the other lacked. It is grace and grace ALONE that makes men to differ, not the exertion of men’s wills. While God requires faith of all men He promises to give unto all those that are ordained unto eternal life his Holy Spirit (John 6:63-65), which quickens and disarms hostility so they are willing, and able to believe. (Also see 2 Chronicles 30:11-12; Phil 1:29, 2 Tim 2:25, Acts 13:48, Rom 9:15-18; John 1:13; 1 John 5:1)


This is important to grasp. We might assume that Dean is semi-Pelagian rather than full-blown Pelagian but “Pelagians say that faith is a human faculty”. If Dean Sweetman’s theology is in line with Phil Pringle’s theology – then it’s even more dangerous then the Pelagian heresy. If God’s faith is innate in humans, one can continually look within themselves to find god in a similar way eastern religions look within onself to find nirvana, god or oneness with god.

Since you can’t find a theology like this in the bible, we need to look at how C3 deconstructs and reconstructs the Christian faith to suit their own idolotrous notions. What is this god they worship?


When dealing with false teachers, it is hard to pin them down on definitions. They often hide behind words and conveniently change their definitions to suit their agendas and purposes to mystify and manipulate their audiences. (A good example of some words they redefine to suit their selfish purposes are ‘tithe’, ‘faith’, ‘love’ or ‘grace’.)

As a result of this, it is hard to pin down a false teacher on anything substantive. While the Word of God has been made plain to man, a false teacher turns it into a jigsaw puzzle, throws the pieces into the air and grabs convenient pieces to construct something completely new and different. An innovative approach if you would.

The final puzzle they construct looks odd and much smaller. If you weren’t familiar with the bible, you would think you are getting the whole picture. But since you can see that puzzle pieces are missing you start to wonder how the false teacher managed to construct such a believable ‘theology’.

Therefore it’s been hard for us to determine how C3 has constructed their own small jigsaw-piece theology. They would have to somehow make wrong pieces fit to make it look right. We now think we are starting to understand Pringle’s theology and why the C3 Church Movement is growing so fast. Dean Sweetman’s comments have helped us connect other pieces of C3’s mystical jigsaw theology. And we think we can start to see why Dean sees himself as “a Rom 3:23 guy”.


Let’s say that Phil Pringle follows Deans theology or vice versa: all humans beings have fallen short of the glory of God. It seems all Christians would agree that this is biblical so far. Yet Dean seems to believe that within every single sinner is a God-placed faith, a fusion between God’s divine attributes and man’s sinful nature: “the faith everyone must act upon to enter into relationship with God is innate in Humans because we are made in His image”. Already there is scriptural error present. But this comment helped explain why Phil Pringle would quote and source non-Christians in his books as examples how to live this life in faith, success and influence: these sinners have all tapped into their ‘god-potential’ without God. When you read his books it becomes evident that Pringle uses ungodly men to draw on ‘godly’ principles.

According to Phil Pringle, these pagan men seem to have vision and understand the secrets and hidden principles of the universe which God made to fulfil their purposes in life. (Otherwise why hold them up as leadership examples for the Christian?) The only thing these people seem to lack is Jesus. The obvious question is, if these people have everything they want already why would they want Jesus? (They’ve apparently got the ‘god-given faith’ to live without him to achieve their purpose in life.) So what could possibly entice these men into a C3 Church?

The answer is simple: A Jesus that gets them their DESIRED results and DREAMS faster, and one that seems to guarantee them a place in the afterlife without compomising their lifestyle). This truly is offering people ‘their best life now’. Who could resist a Jesus that bends the knee to your desires and dreams? Who could resist the idea of a God that wants to unlock your dreams, purpose and potential in this life now?

Evangelism suddenly becomes very easy when you offer a god that satisfies the world’s desires. No repentance is needed to be preached. If you want this Jesus to bend the knee to your lordship, all you need to do is respond to a C3 altar call.

And sure enough, when you hear an altar call given by Pringle, repentance is absent, sin is hardly addressed and the cross becomes meaningless since the cross and the gospel is not explained. You’ve prayed the prayer now read Pringle’s books on how to get rich or die trying.

This is the point, in the C3 movement you can completely bypass the cross and simply focus on the teachings that unlock your potential “in Christ” to be seen as a Christian. The end justifies the means. You want to get rich, have a beautiful wife and a big house? Believe in Jesus and he will make this dream a reality.

Rather then look outside themselves to the work of Christ finished on Calvary, sinners in C3 are taught to look within and to tap into their faith. The divine principles, special revelations and sacred secrets that God whispers into Pringle’s ears will lead the unregenerate to unlock their dreams and desires within, to step out into their full potential. This is none other the teaching of self-actualisation. It was Eastern religions and philosophies that espoused self-actualisation. They called it nirvana or enlightenment. C3 calls it reaching your God-given purpose or God-given destiny. We liken it to  Buddhism, Zen, Taoism, Meditation.

C3 theology? It’s about reaching the highest pinnacle of being. It’s about fulfillment and one-ness with God.

You don’t need the Jesus of the scripture or his cross to tap into this life C3 offers the world. They can do it with the innate god-given faith that is already within. But once they’ve got the C3 Jesus, this Jesus will birth something in you that will continue to feed your selfish (sinful) appetites.


You might be thinking at this point, “Come on! Are you saying C3 worships a genie god?” It’s a good question worth exploring right now. This leads us to an older article we wrote. This articles Ronda Byrnes ‘The Secret’ with Phil Pringle’s doctrine on faith in his book ‘Faith’. When reading it, ask yourself this question, “Is this the Christian faith that has been taught for 2000 years?”

‘The Secret’ to Phil Pringle’s Doctrine of ‘Faith’

This leads us to one of our latest articles here:

Prophet Pringle’s God-Given 2020 Vision Lie (Part 3)

If you were reading through his quotes, you would have stumbled across this one:

“Visions from the prophets are given to motivate their hearers to action.

One of the most sensational things on earth is a vision from God. Vision ignites fire in our spirit. It births the ‘prayer of faith’. It is imperative we see in the Spirit so we understand the will of God.” – Phil Pringle, Moving In The Spirit, pg 59.

So it is clear that Phil Pringle sees himself as a PROPHET over his people. But apparently when God gives a vision Phil Pringle says “It births the ‘prayer of faith’”. We decided to investigate what Pringle means by ‘prayer of faith’. We found that he defines and explains what the ‘prayer of faith’ as:

“Here we are talking about the prayer of faith. This is when we know what we want, have decided that we are going to have it, then asking God for it. We ask Him to enable us in obtaining it.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, 2001, pg 46.

Phil Pringle actually explains in detail how to perform that “prayer of faith” in his book ‘Faith’. In fact, this seems to be what his book was mainly about:

“There are seven clear steps to answered prayer. Step one – desire… Step two – decide… Step three – ask… Step four – receive… Step five – speak it… Step six – see it dreams and visions… Step seven – act it.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, 2001, pg 36-106.

This means if God gave Phil Pringle the vision before 1980 to start a church in Sydney, he would have started with some idea about this “prayer of faith”. It looks like his former New Age hippy practices crept back into his life disguising itself as biblical teaching.

 But lets go back to the jigsaw analogy. Let us see what it looks like so far: 

This means C3 needs to clarify what they understand Romans 3:23 to mean. They also need to define what they mean by the word ‘sinner’. Otherwise, to understand C3’s bizarre theology, we need to start at the beginning, the very beginning, with “Did God really say that”?