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You can see Phil Pringle produce a painting in his Presence Conference 2014 promo:

Here is Jake Betlam encouraging bidders to buy (in faith) Phil Pringle’s “anointed” artwork :

Not only is Phil Pringle an artist, he likes to parade himself as a prophet to his church and to Christians in Singapore’s City Harvest Church,

“Prophet for Profit” Phil Pringle Enticing the CHC “Foolish Virgins”?

Apparently it’s important that you see Phil Pringle’s art as “anointed” if you buy it. Pringle had his henchmen say this about his art:

You Too Can BUY Phil Pringle’s ‘Godly’ Anointing!

This was the result of the auction. Who would have seen that coming?

So whoever the Singaporean person was, whoever bought the “anointed” painting from “Prophet” Phil Pringle in “faith”, well done!

You indeed bought Kong Hee his victory. Kong Hee is indeed innocent and the Singaporean government are those evil people that tried to bring him down. Well done for thwarting Satan’s plans by your obedience to buying Phil Pringle’s “anointed’ painting! What an amazing testimony! To God be the glory! The innocent Kong Hee has walked free.

Pfff! Who are we kidding?

Can this Singaporean get a refund for being scammed into buying “trash-heap” artwork? Clearly, Pringle and Betlam’s cheap gimmick gained them a $50,000 reputation, offering tainted money to needy people in the Sydney community. How well do Phil Pringle and Jake Betlam sleep at night?