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To C3 members who read our site, have you ever wondered why Phil Pringle never treated you as a pastor should? Ever thought why he never cared about you the way other pastors do? Well, here is Phil Pringle explaining to you why he is not fit to be a pastor.

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“You gotta know what your sweet spot is and what your sweet spot is not. I have found that my life is more about the “to-not-to-do” list than the “to-do” list.

When I became a Pastor there were all kinds of expectations on me. In my own head mostly I felt what a Pastor is meant to be. He’s meant to visit people in a hospital. He’s meant to counsel people. He’s meant to bring a sermon. He’s meant to sit in committee meetings. He’s meant to do this and that. And all of these things were in my head.

But the first time a person came to me for council, I felt, the whole anointing that I had go. Everything left me.

My shoulder’s slumped, all the energy went out on me. When this woman started talking to me I felt like I had no answers I didn’t know what to do, I was so tired. She’d be speaking for two minutes and I was worn out. So, I put my hands in my head as though I was deeply concerned, but I went to asleep.

The weird thing was when I woke up she was still talking. It kills me. I am not a councilor, do not come to me for council, you will be worse at the end of the session.

I have no empathy bone in my body. I feel for some things, but I don’t ever make decisions. And I can’t be worried about all the little feelings of people all the time. I’m sending people into war, I’m sending couples like this to cities I’ve never been to, San Diego. They come up and say, “Oh what’s going to happen, oh… GO!”

Source: Phil Pringle, “Find Your Flavor” // Phil Pringle // 03.16.14, Vimeo, https://vimeo.com/89512591, Sermon time: 10:40, Preached 16/03/2014, Uploaded 09/032014 at 10:49 AM. (Accessed 28/07/2015.)

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“Hospital visitation! Oh Lord! Hospital visitation!

Pastors are meant to go the hospital.

“Pastor can you come? Our baby’s about to die. Oh, you know, we just want you to be here with us.”

“Oh that’s a terrible situation.”

I drove over – Chhhh! – like this. I run up the stairs. Now you know, I’m not good with blood and medical things. I was talking to a nurse in New Zealand- we had our New Zealand Conference recently. Eight hundred pastors and wives in this thing just two weeks ago – and one of the pastors wives tells me she’s a nurse.

She says, “Oh it’s so wonder when you’re in surgery to hold the lungs of the patient there and feel them breathing.” [Makes gagging noises] You it’s just, I don’t cope. Oh! I go all weak. You know?

When a comes to me and says, “I’m pregnant,” I go, “Oh!” all over you know. I get a shiver. I go- I don’t cope with all that stuff.

Someone says, “I got a little problem up here in my mouth.” And they show me you know, some absinth. And I go, “Ahhhh!” I’m not- I’m not good with that.

So I run up this thing and there’s this poor little baby that’s [inauible]. And it’s had terrible problems and it’s only kept alive by a machine and they’re gonna be turning the machine off. Oh God! It’s just so terrible.

But I walk in and the room is like, dark. And it’s the intensive care room. And there’s these little babies. And there’s incubators around the room. And there’s deet-doot-deet-doot-deet-doot-deet-doot and chkyaw-uh-chkyaw-uh-chkaw- all these sounds going like this. And I walk and there’s not a lot of air in there. And I start seeing those little dots, you know in front of your eyes before you’re going to faint. Those little stars that boom-boomba.

I thought, “Good God! I’m gonna faint.” And I said, “Hi everybody! Hi!”

And I could hardly see them. It’s like a snow storm now. I’m going like – [makes short breathing sound] – I thought, “I’ll reach out. I’ll just lean on this bench and let the faint pass-t. I wont be able to talk. I’ll just stare at them and then- I’ll be fine.”

And I lean out to put my hand in the bench. But it’s not a bench. It’s a trolley. And the trolley starts going like this! I go- right out through the SWING DOORS!


Out into the hallway. K’BAAM!

I’m lying on the ground and the nurse’s knees are in my face saying, “Can you hear pastor Phil?!?”

And I can hear her. I can see her but I can’t talk.

“Ugh! UGH! – UGH!!!”

I’m trying to do something. … Not a sweet spot. You don’t want me visiting you in hospital.

I know what I’m meant to do.

I went to India to be a missionary at one stage. People said it would break your heart. The six week tour of India preaching. I hated it so much.

I didn’t like the people. I didn’t like. I thought, “Am I a Christian? My God! This is awful! This is so awful!”

I come back to Sydney Australia and I see this guy’s mullet. You know like hair hanging out here, pushing a shopping trolley, arguing with his wife. And I started weeping.

“God I love these people.” And I knew where I was called. The to-not-do list becomes more important than the to-do list because everybody will try to get you to do stuff that’s got nothing to do with what he ordained you for before you were born, in Jesus name.

It takes a lot of courage to not do some things. It takes more courage to say no than to say yes and trying to be a people pleaser. The secret to misery in life is trying to keep everybody happy. You got to stop trying to keep everybody happy and say, “Look, I just can’t do that. This person can do it. They’re much better at it.”

When people come to me and ask if I can heal the sick, you know I can do it every now and then, you know, pray for them and it happens. But Andrew Kubala is far better! Why would I want to be the hero? Batman. Superman. Spiderman. Clergyman.”

Source: Phil Pringle, “Find Your Flavor” // Phil Pringle // 03.16.14, Vimeo, https://vimeo.com/89512591, Sermon time: 14:00, Preached 16/03/2014, Uploaded 09/032014 at 10:49 AM. (Accessed 28/07/2015.)

And what if you do get sick?  Who will pay the church mortgage? Who will pay for the regular junkets overseas? Who will pay for the “vision” and the Vision dinners? Please, stay in good health – it’s your job to serve and keep him in the manner he’s become quite accustomed to.

Don’t expect Phil Pringle to serve you within the guidelines of a pastor in 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus. He’s said so himself.