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The credentials of “Dr” Phil

Before reading the below article, please read the folllowing article.

Is Doctor Phil Pringle Really a Doctor?

To this date we are not familiar with Phil Pringle gaining any further theological qualifications.

What a wascawwy wizard!

Potter JesusQuestion: According to Phil Pringle, what do J. K. Rowling and Jesus have in common?

Answer: The same creative force and substance that can materialise things into existence.

Pringle calls this creative force faith.

“Faith is a creative force. When we operate by faith, we employ the creative power of God.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, 2001, pg 66.

We have stressed for a long time now that Phil Pringle does not teach a regenerate faith or the Christian faith that saves sinners from the hands from an angry God. Rather, he teaches a faith foreign to the Christian faith found in the Word of Faith teachings which has its roots in the occult. Is it any surprise to anyone that Pringle will connect his own ‘faith’ and Jesus’ faith to the ‘faith’ of J. K. Rowling, the author that has popularised witch craft to children and families all around the world? Who knew that Rowling’s books are “fit for the kingdom of God”? Who knew Pringle would look to people like her to draw inspiration how to live a Godly life?

D. R. McConnell in his book ‘A Different Gospel’ compares the Word of Faith to the teachings of the metaphysical and Christian Science cults.

‘The Secret’ to Phil Pringle’s Doctrine of ‘Faith’

Phil Pringle Influenced By Occult/ New Thought/ Metaphysical Cult Teachings

How Pagan Can Pringle Get?

Before reading Pringle’s below article, we would like to quote again the metaphysical cult expert Ralph Waldo Trine who links his teachings to the occult:

THERE is a golden thread that runs through every religion in the world. There is a golden thread that runs through the lives and the teachings to all the prophets, seers, sages, and saviors in the world’s history, through the lives of all men of truly great and lasting power. All that they have ever done or attained to has been done in full accordance with law.

What one has done, all may do. This same golden thread must enter into the lives of all who today, in this busy work-a-day world of ours, would exchange impotence for power, weakness and suffering for abounding health and strength pain and unrest for perfect peace, poverty of whatever nature for fullness and plenty.

Each is building their own world. We both build from within and we attract from without. Thought is the force with which we build, for thoughts are forces. Like builds like and like attracts like. In the degree that thought is spiritualized does it become more subtle and powerful in its workings. This spiritualizing is in accordance with law and is within the power of all.

Everything is first worked out in the unseen before it is manifested in the seen, in the ideal before it is realized in the real, in the spiritual before it shows forth in the material…” [Source]

Here is Pringle’s article:

The Vow

“Put your teeth together” commitment is where we see change and growth in our lives. In our faithfulness we see the change. Commit and you will see you persistence pay off!

But Jesus said to him, “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:62 

We often make a commitment because it looks easy or we like the outcome, only to find obstacles in our path and the task of achieving it becomes difficult. Put your hand to the plow, Jesus says, and stick with it. Make a commitment and don’t look back, look forwards. Become a product of your future and not your past, by conforming to the vision and not past events.

Joseph rose because he walked like a king and talked like a king while he was a slave and a prisoner. He became a product of his vision, not his past. This takes faith.

Faithfulness is different from faith: it is the quality of good character, persistence and consistency. Miracles are not predictable in the life of a Christian because God wants us to grow: we develop muscles when we have to fight through things instead of having the answer handed to us all the time.

When the insect battles its way out of the chrysalis, it is developing the wings it needs to fly.

There are 9 bones in the wing of a dove. Imagine that the 9 gifts of the Spirit are one wing and the 9 fruits of the Spirit are the other. Gifts are given but fruit is grown over time: if you only have one wing, flight is impossible.

Growth is imperceptible, it looks like nothing is happening most of the time. You plod along doing the same thing but if you compare yourself to several years ago you can see that growth has occurred.

Now it came to pass, when the time had come for Him to be received up, that He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem. Luke 9:51

Jesus “set His face” to do the task at hand, despite how He felt about it. When you have committed to something you need to get over your feelings. Most of us know the internal argument we have when our alarms go off in the morning, you don’t feel like getting up, but you’ve committed. It is astonishing what can be achieved by simply continuing to do something every day of your life.

Plod along! Committing to God is like compound interest –it does so much more in your life than a lump sum payment can. Your persistence will affect every area of your life, developing character, endurance and faithfulness to give your Christianity a context and the muscles to pursue a breakthrough.

Joseph is one example from the Bible of persistence and many modern day heroes have had to overcome rejection and keep plodding along until they had a breakthrough from Thomas Edison to Michael Jordan:

– JK Rowling had 12 rejections from publishers and was told to “get a day job”.

– Colonel Sanders aged 67 was rejected by 1,009 banks before getting financing for KFC franchises.

They never could have achieved greatness if they had given up or refused to work on their visions because they didn’t feel like it. They were committed.

Commitment is not a word used in the Bible but it means “vow” or “pledge” which appears many times. Nothing is achieved without commitment, so make one today to pursue God and build His house and see what He will do in your life if you stick with it.

See you in church!

Source: Phil Pringle, The Vow, PhilPringle.com, philpringle.com/blog-/thevow#.U9R2b7HqL5c, Published 24/06/2014. (Accessed 27/07/2013.)