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“I think it’s great you’ve got City News […] — they still do a pretty good job.”

Phil Pringle will often tell you as C3 members to not read news that is making CHC look bad. According to your pastor, any news critical of C3 or CHC are bad and purposely spreading things that are not true of C3 or CHC.

However when asked about the media in relation to Kong Hee’s court case, Phil Pringle encourages church members that, “it’s worth knowing what the mainstream press is saying”.

“I think it’s worth knowing what the mainstream press is saying—I certainly stay abreast of it (CHC case).” – Phil Pringle, An Interview With Phil Pringle: On Goals, Victory, Truth & The Ultimate Breakfast Partner, CityNews, 07/03/2014. (Accessed 26/03/2014.)

To C3 readers visiting our site, have you been reading what Singapore media are reporting on?

In fact, Pringle thinks Kong Hee’s CityNews group does a “pretty good job” covering the events on Kong Hee’s court case.

So to all our C3 readers, with Pringle’s endorsement of CityNews, we would encourage you to not only read these “pretty good” CityNews articles but pass them on to your C3 friends. You may as well be informed as much as your pastor.

To read the original articles on City News, click the links below and scroll down to the bottom of the articles to access the URLs.

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COURT 04/08/2014


CHC Trial: John Lam Explains Building Fund Refunds To Court

CHC Trial: Prosecution Questions Existence of Personal Guarantee

COURT 05/08/2014


John Lam: “False” Entries Not What Prosecution Makes It Out To Be

COURT 06/08/2014

CHC Trial: Personal Guarantees Are Meant As A Last Resort, Says Defendant Lam.

CHC Trial: Prosecution Questions “Scenario Planning” Efforts By Accused

CHC Trial: DPP Questions Ex-Board Member’s Interest In Protecting The Church

COURT 07/08/2014

CHC Trial: Defense Objects To “Unfounded” Insinuation Of Fresh Exhibit

COURT 08/08/2014

Rubber Stamps, Unsold Albums And Phantom Guarantees Explained

COURT 11/08/2014

Kong Hee Takes The Stand; Reasons For And Sequence Of Crossover Project Established

CityNews reports CHC dropped church funds but used Hanafis funds for Crossover

COURT 12/08/2014

CHC Trial: Kong Hee: The Budget Of The US Album Had To Be Sound And Reasonable

Kong Hee Said No to 50-50 Profit Share With US Execs; Church Must Not Lose “A Single Dollar”

COURT 13/08/2014

Defendants Worked Out Budget To Ensure Xtron Recouped Its Investment

Why Sun Ho Was Managed By Xtron Instead Of Another Company

COURT 14/08/2014

Kong says Sun would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for those meddling CADS

CHC Trial: Kong Hee: Spiritual Mentors’ Endorsement Of Crossover Project A “Big Factor”

COURT 15/08/2014

City Harvest Trial: Church Not To Directly Fund Crossover

Chew Eng Han grills Kong…

COURT 16/08/2014

What did Sun Ho get up to in the Beijing Olympics?