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We wonder what Phil Pringle would make of this. He must be horrified that Kong Hee, his star pupil, has used his “anointing” for evil rather than good. Surely Phil Pringle didn’t pass on all his skills to Kong Hee with this outcome in mind.

It’s not like this is anything Phil Pringle would do, is it?

CHC Confessions writes,

KH, after 4 years where you went on stage to tell the congregation you look forward to telling your side of the story in court, this is what we found out from you so far:

1) You do not know the details
2) You are not aware of everyday on-goings
3) You relied on the advice of professionals
4) You are not schooled on bonds issues
5) You left it to your staff to handle and manage

It can be argued that the above are somewhat acceptable to a certain extent, given that CEOs and Heads of big organisations sees only the big picture and make strategic decisions. Let’s leave the nitpicking for another day.

However, what was shocking are the following:

A) Your wife DOES NOT KNOW how her Hollywood lifestyle is being funded. You said that although she was cc-ed in some email, she may not have seen it.

Comment: Really? You expect anyone (die-hard CHC fans notwithstanding) to believe that? Its like I’m suddenly put in the midst of high-life, high fashion, high society, and I can live for years without ever wondering how am I affording it? Either she is completely dumb and stupid, or you’re lying. Pick one. (Although I’m sure some readers will pick both.)

B) As an “artist” (apologies for the offence caused to real artists for using the same term), she’s getting paid by the church via royalties and bonuses.

Comment: Personal gain and self-gratification aside, it is common knowledge that the X number of years she spent in Hollywood amounted to absolutely nothing. Show your projected album sales to anyone who knows anything about the music industry, and the bunch of you will be thrown out of the door before you can say, “ABBA!”

Artists get paid via album sales, and they are also paid to attend events. The difference here is, your wife gets paid by the church, and she pays others to attend her event. Some kind of artist she is huh? Asian artists who made an impact in the USA are few and far in between (Coco Lee and Rain are 2 that comes to mind). Even with the immense success they had (relative to your wife), they couldn’t afford the lifestyle your wife enjoyed throughout the years. What makes anyone think she can? Now we know, straight from your mouth.


Comment: Its not clear whether you did not tithe at all, or stopped tithing after a certain events. What is clear though, is that when asked whether you tithe to the Building Fund, your answer was, “I tithe to the MPA”, which if we can be frank and call a spade a spade, is your personal account.

So for all the drama you’ve showcased onstage, all the challenges you thrown to the floor, all the bible verses quoted, asking people to downgrade their lives, sell their houses, give everything, make painful sacrifices, and all the evidence and testimonies of 30, 60, 100 fold rewards of tithing, you yourself, did not tithe. Instead, you bought yourself a nice house in Sentosa Cove.

For me, the rest of the trial is no longer relevant.

Source: CHC Confessions, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/CHCConfessions/posts/859423324077046, Published at 20:54 04/09/2014. (Accessed (05/09/2014.)