Phil Pringle Dave Martin Joel OsteenSome C3 supporters have criticized us for saying that C3 leadership pressures their congregations into giving their finances. We would like to see what these same C3 supporters think about this article.

A few years ago, Pringle had Dr Martin teach at a C3 Global Partners breakfast on how church leaders can “encourage” their members to give. (It’s safe to say Phil Pringle has been using fleecing strategies like this for a long time.)

This same friend of Phil Pringle, Dr. Dave Martin, also sits on the advisory board of Joel Osteen’s Champions Network.

This article is from Shannon O’Dell from Breaking all the Rurals:

Tips to a Better Sunday Offering

Dr. Dave Martin, at our C3 Global Partners breakfast, imparted wisdom into me today about an issue many churches miss…THE OFFERING. Why do we skip one of the most blessed moment in worship? Here is the wisdom he imparted to me:

#1 Don’t back off the offering.
Make it a celebration, because givers love to give.

#2 Make sure your music matches your giving moment.
Don’t play the song “He’s Coming Soon” during the offering, because the large donor might say, “If Jesus is coming soon I will just hang on to this and give it to Him directly.”

#3 Givers don’t Kick…Kickers don’t give.
Realize that not everyone will get it, but most will, especially the seeking and unchurched. People will always complain about money and the church. Don’t let that stop you from obeying God.

#4 Tithing opens the window of blessing, and an Offering determines how much comes out of the window.
Tithing is the basic bare minimum and a sacrificial offering is when the overflow pours out.

#5 Change your offering envelopes monthly.
If they look at the same thing week after week it may become insignificant.

#6 Hand the envelopes out, don’t place them in the back of the seats.
Take the time to offer them the opportunity to offer to God.

#7 Share testimony and life change before passing the plate.
Let your church see your vision in action.

#8 Take up two offerings.
Take up the tithe weekly and an offering or “special” offering monthly.

Just some thoughts that might just revolutionize your churches giving.

Source: By Shannon O’Dell, Tips to a Better Sunday Offering, Breaking all the Rurals,, Published 02/16/2011. (Accessed 18/09/2014.)