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It appears Phil Pringle and C3 has once again proven that they can sweep any scandal under the ever-expanding C3 rug.

Jurgen Matthesius put the following up on his Instagram account,

@philpringle & @chrisapringle honoring@deansweetman & @jillsweetman for 15 years of amazing leadership! #c3americas2014

Source: Jurgmeister, Instagram, http://instagram.com/p/sLuOOjCZcY/, Accessed 02/09/2014.


‘C3 Church Hub’ also commented on this event,

| LEGACY | Tonight we honoured @deansweetman &@jillsweetman for 14 years as the Americas Overseers for C3. We are excited to have @lornetebbutt &@kellytebbutt as the overseers for Canada and@jurgmeister & @leannematthesius as the overseers for USA. The future is bright in the Americas! #2020vision #c3churchhub #c3vegas2014

Source: c3churchhub, Instagram, http://instagram.com/p/sLz6fIq56z/, Accessed 02/09/2014.


If you click on the above screengrabs, you can see photos of the farewell/’passing on the baton’ ceremony.


The C3 ‘leadership’ facade revealed on Instagram demonstrates just how questionable the C3 ‘evangelical industrial complex’ is. Did Dean Sweetman plant churches? Yes. But did Dean Sweetman lead C3 through “15 years of amazing leadership”?

The Sweetmans have 5 churches currently in –
Milton (North Atlanta)
Siverlake (LA)
North Hollywood (LA)
Grayson (Atlanta)
But at least 11 of Dean Sweetman’s C3 church plants or “grafts” that we know of, have failed, leaving a trail of hurt and broken people in their wake, including several divorced and bankrupt pastors. These broken people were members of C3 churches in Vegas, Walton County, Flowery Branch and Asheville.

In spite of the Sweetman’s obvious bad oversight, Jurgen Matthesius honours them for “15 years of amazing leadership”.

We should ask, does this give us insight to Jurgen Matthesius’ leadership integrity for the future?


Jurgen Matthesius, pastor of C3 Church San Diego is the new C3 Church Americas Overseer. And quite frankly, this is the worst thing Phil Pringle could have done.

Is he even qualified to have oversight of a large numbers of churches that fall under the C3 Americas banner? The answer is a resounding ‘no’!

For a review of Jurgen Matthesius’ preaching, listen to this critique by Chris Rosebrough from Fighting for the Faith:

Fractured Bible Stories

Click Here to Download this episode

Program segments:

• Fractured Bible Stories with Robert Hotchkin, Jurgen Matthesius and David Crank
• Sermon Review: Pursuing Your Weird by Brian Manley at Narrate Church
Email your questions or comments to: talkback@fightingforthefaith.com

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Fractured Bible Stories, Fighting for the Faith, http://www.fightingforthefaith.com/2014/08/fractured-bible-stories.html, Published 28/08/2014. (Accessed 05/09/2014.)


And now onto Phil Pringle.

Rather than help restore the sheep ruined by C3 Pastor, and now convicted felon, Nick Dimitris, did Phil Pringle deliberately turn a blind eye and change the C3 Church Americas Overseer to deal with the problem? Is he hoping this action may solve the issue at C3 Asheville (now called Asheville United)?

This move actually makes us wonder just how much involvement Phil Pringle had in assisting Dean Sweetman with his handling of the C3 Asheville scandal. Did he, like Pontius Pilate, wash his hands of the matter, and let Dean take full responsibility?

Can we assume he knew full well of the C3 Asheville scandal? Otherwise why did he get involved with the ceremonial transfer of the C3 oversight? And why was Dean Sweetman’s response to the C3 Asheville scandal, so similar to Phil Pringle’s ongoing responses to the CHC/Kong Hee scandal Phil Pringle is associated with (as CHC advisory pastor)? If our assessment is right – then, like Dean Sweetman, Phil Pringle is just as responsible for not dealing with the criminal behaviour of C3 pastor Nick Dimitris much sooner.

Was Dean just imitating the methods and behaviour of his spiritual mentor, Phil Pringle?

But here’s the irony. While it appears that Phil Pringle is trying to distance the C3 movement from the C3 Asheville scandal, he is still more than happy to work with and be endorsed by his own mentor, good friend and convicted felon, David Yonggi Cho.

“Dr Phil Pringle is an honoured member of The Board of Directors for ‘Church Growth International’, and I have had the pleasure of knowing his great faith and trust in the Lord as he and his lovely wife are moving onward and upward with The Lord Jesus Christ” Dr Yonggi Cho, Chairman ‘Church Growth International’

Source: David Yonggi Cho, Phil Pringle, My C3 Church, http://www2.myc3church.net/phil-pringle, (Accessed 06/09/2014.)


Well done, Phil Pringle and Dean Sweetman! Only great prophets and overseers like you can absolve all responsibility and issues at C3 Asheville (and CHC) but foster a culture of unquestionable loyalty to questionable men.