Since speaking at C3 Every Women’s Conference, we have been following the quackademic Caroline Leaf on Church Watch.

C3 Women’s Conference: A Leaf out of whose book?

Your best Leaf now…

How Caroline Leaf’s your brain after a C3 Woman’s conference…

Chris Rosebrough recently reviewed her on his Fighting for the Faith program. We would appreciate it if we had readers transcribe the segment for us if possible. It is a very insightful review.

JANUARY 06, 2015

Perry Noble’s Explanation

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Program segments:

• John Paul Jackson’s False Prophecy
• What’s Wrong With Dr. Caroline Leaf’s Theology
• Analysis Perry Noble’s Explanation
• Sermon Review: The Jesus Rhythm by Brady Boyd

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Perry Noble’s Explanation, Fighting for the Faith,, 08/01/2014. (Accessed 08/01/2014.)