C3 San Diego Preaching exposed as “basically sloganeering?”

Chris Rosebrough recently reviewed another C3 San Diego sermon, exposing once again how C3 San Diego leadership have no clue how to preach, or biblically lead a Christian church. Rosebrough concluded that what he heard was “basically sloganeering. A bunch of passages ripped out of context, woven into a theology”.

If you’re not sure if you think you should attend a C3 Church because you are questioning if they are Christian or not, listen to this sermon below:

Where’d You Get That Theology?



00:11:48 Zach Drews & Sasha Volz Share a Prophetic Word
00:22:44 Gloria Copeland & Billye Brim Taking Your Place of Authority
00:38:21 Jonathan Cahn Jubilee Man
00:48:34 David Crank Ghost Stories
01:09:29 Sermon Review: Make it Reign by John Heinrichs

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Fighting For the Faith; http://www.piratechristian.com/fightingforthefaith/2016/11/whered-you-get-that-theology, (Published 29/11/2016, Accessed 15/12/2016)


2 thoughts on “C3 San Diego Preaching exposed as “basically sloganeering?””

  1. Russell Cannons said:


    Highlighted a sermon from C3 Auckland, (New Zealand) by senior pastor Fiona Rush to Chris Rosebrough. It was beyond anything I had heard from C3 Auckland in the past. Chris picked it up and reviewed the offending section in Fighting for the Faith yesterday.

    Regards Russell Cannons.