C3 Testimonies

These are people’s experiences in the C3 Church Movement:

Icarus says of their experience:

[…] Finance is sore spot for me because it was a false C3 prophesy and encouragement which ultimately lead to my family becoming bankrupt and falling apart. It’s complicated, but C3 walked away without recourse, and a small fortune as they had demanded 10% of investment funds raised for a project, which was paid. Needless to say C3 did not step in to help my family when we didn’t have a cent. Ironically because the project ran out of funds, which wouldn’t have been an issue had C3 not taken 10%! Anyway as I said it’s a complicated story and it’s a long time ago now but I will never forget, all I can do is try too warn people that C3 willuse false prophesy as a tool to bleed more money out of you.

Source: Icarus, Patheos – a tale of two Houston’s, Hillsong Church Watch, http://hillsongchurchwatch.com/2014/11/03/patheos-a-tale-of-two-houstons/#comment-12393, November 11, 2014 at 5:12 am.

Sally Meyers‘ says of their experiences:

There was a messy business at the Mt Annan Church over a family who left around 1999. If my memory serves me, the children attended the school, and the father worked, unpaid as a tradesman on the church property. When he asked for wages, all hell broke loose. It resulted in a church split, as the Pastor disciplined the father for rebellion in front of the congregation, while the fathers children were present. It got messy, because another high profile couple came to their defence. The wife was the press secretary for the local member who was the Finance Minister, and her husband was on council. The families left; but not without a bitter split in the church, which all began with money. I don’t know where the families are, though I do know there was sadness for couple who came to their defence. The husband died, and she ( sorry can’t remember her name) left the area. I was at the Campbelltown church which is how I know about it. Yeah everyone knew about it.

Source: C3 Parramatta Scandal (Part 2) Sex, Money, Power, C3 Church Watch, https://c3churchwatch.com/2012/09/21/c3-penrith-scandal-part-2-sex-money-power/#comment-1990, September 21, 2012 at 8:41 am.


Sue Smith‘ says of their experiences:

After finding this website and reading these comments Iam so glad I escaped them [C3]. I was going to one of their churches for a number of years and had assisted in youth ministry. Upon having two sudden deaths in the family not one person from that “caring” place even called me to offer their condolences. At the time I was deeply upset, how could Christians behave like that. I felt like I had passed my use by date and from their actions (or lack of) I could only conclude they are users, manipulaters and money hungry. Now I thank God they treated me like that and I escaped.

Source: Church Leaders Speak Out, C3 Church Watch, https://c3churchwatch.com/church-leaders-speak-out/#comment-2313, November 3, 2012 at 9:17 am.


‘Nathan Digeaux’ says of their experience,

[…] I’ve attended the church before it became a C3 and that’s part of my ongoing disappointment. It was a thriving church full of life and a lot of us put in time and money in and served faithfully and gladly. I’ve seen the assets squandered and Jude Blaney exhault himself.

I don’t attend now. I have promised myself not to because its not good for me. (And I won’t be visiting this site again either). I was going because of a misplaced sense of justice and to try and be there for people. But now they’ve all (all but a handfull) moved away.

The church has now sold the old building and use some of the money to buy a new venue – smaller and grubby.

I don’t believe C3 is a cult. But I do believe Jude Blaney is practicing spiritual abuse.

Thanks for maintaining this website – it has helped me greatly. See ya!

Source: Nathan Digeaux, C3 Scandals, C3 Church Watch, https://c3churchwatch.com/c3-scandals/#comment-21401, August 11, 2014 at 2:09 pm.


Champ145 says of their experience:

[…] I speak as someone who was a committed member of C3 for over 15 years – inside the movement and in a variety of roles and across a number of local churches. I read the posts on this site with intense interest – much of what I experienced in C3 is stated here over and over again – which leads me to believe my issues with C3 were not personal but they are systemic to the movement. That’s kind of comforting.

If you grew up as a child in C3, have parents that are in C3, were given a filtered view of C3 through your parents, all your friends go to C3, know nothing but C3… is there the chance that you might have had a sheltered and narrow development?
Is there the chance that you view might be incomplete? I see you reacting on a very emotional level. It seems that the criticism found on this website is totally at odds with your mindset – it must seem to you perplexing and incongruous.

A common response of cult members is to completely dismiss criticism of the movement and in particular the leader. I’m not saying C3 is a cult but it has definitely showed cult-like traits for the past 10+ years. Movements become cults and eventually self destruct because they cannot objectively self-assess or take in criticism from those outside who have perspective (or those inside who have perspective). Invariably cults seem confident, decisive and arrogant.

Notably cults develop strong defensive techniques. Check out how the Kong Hee saga is being handled – this will obviously backfire on the movement causing major embarrassment and setting the movement back.Often one of the last defences is when the leader moves into being a seer – Phil Pringle has prophesied that Kong will not be jailed. (Personally I think this act will negatively affect Kong’s chances of keeping out of jail – just imaging what the judiciary think about that being splashed over the media! Not wise Phil – Kong’s lawyers would nave appreciated Phil’s little contribution.

There is also Jude Blaney situation and C3 Marion – traincrash waiting to happen.

Unfortunately C3 fits this cult-like profile. It comes down to a flawed concept or style of leadership.

The best thing for you would be to do some critical analysis of your own – in particular thinking about the leadership style in C3. Does it empower people? is there nepotism? Does it use authority in an abusive and controlling way? How is money used? Is there a warped sense of entitlement in the leadership group?

There are far more people who have been members of C3 who are now outside the movement than people who are in. That is a FACT for the Australian churches. What could a balanced and fair minded person conclude from that? Why does this site exist and is read by many people inside C3? Why do C3 people react so extremely against criticism? What does that say about the personal maturity and integrity of the leaders and the potential longevity movement itself?

Source: Champ145, C3 Asheville Scandal – The Wolf & The Ostrich (Part 8), C3 Church Watch, https://c3churchwatch.com/2013/11/29/c3-asheville-scandal-the-wolf-the-ostrich-part-8/#comment-11901, 2014/02/20 at 8:52 pm.


Sean L says of their experience:

I have some understanding on what you went through. By God’s mercy, several years ago, God delivered me and my family from a C3 “church.”

[Backstory: In my early teens, I was introduced to charismatic-Pentecostalism. After graduating high-school I went into the US Navy, continuing to attend these kind of churches wherever I was stationed. After the Navy, a business venture brought me to southern California, where I met my wife; she’d been raised Roman-Catholic and had left to attend a mega-site church in north San Diego county. I was already attending C3 San Diego, when I met my future wife, and I asked her to check out the church I had joined. So, she started attending C3 with me before we were married. We married after completing their pre-marriage program. My wife and I, and eventually our oldest child, were very involved volunteering, what C3 heavily promotes as “serving full time in the house of God.” For years we served as usher, door greeter, and restroom attendant. Since the C3 pastor was searching for a building suitable for his vision, each meeting needed to be set up, from rows of chairs, to the stage, podium, and band area. You can imagine how many dedicated volunteers were needed every Sunday, Wednesday, Friday for Kidz church, ect for set up and breakdown. We were faithful tithers. We committed yearly for their “Rise and Build” campaigns. Bit by bit, the Word of God written in Scripture began to convict us of the bad doctrine coming from the pulpit. Bit by bit, God’s Word began to awaken in us, a growing sense of dismay. Hesitantly, I began to test the pastor’s sermons to Scripture. There were many unscriptural things being stated regularly from the pulpit. Initially I would think of excuses for the pastor’s words. But the Holy Spirit was causing me to go back to the Bible again and again. I had a good relationship with the pastor, and had exchanged e-mails with him in the past. But there was a point where the man I had so deeply respected, was no longer interested in talking with me via e-mail or in person. When I finally approached the pastor about his teachings, I was told my family and I needed to leave, we were no longer welcome.]

That was a very difficult time for me, and my family. But I am thankful to God for it. After continuing to search God’s Word AND sit under god-fearing teaching [such as John MacArthur], my understanding became clear — the C3 pastor was a false teacher leading a false church.

So then WHY did I end up at a false church, giving to a false church, following and believing a false teacher, and being happy the whole time I was doing it? It was because I TESTED NOTHING. I grew up in the Pentecostal/Charismatic church since I was a child. Everything taught from the pulpit, in Christian books, or Christian TV, I accepted and believed. This led me to being deceived and deceiving others.

So I encourage you to:
(1) Do what the Bible commands us to do: 1 Thess 5:21, 22
(2) These verses show why God commands us to test everything: Jer 14:14; Mt 7:15; 2 Pet 2:1; Jude 1:4; Gal 2:4; Mk 13:22; Col 2:4; 2 Cor 11:13-15
(3) These verses show that we (you, me) are responsible to ensure we’re not being deceived: Mt 24:4; Mk 13:5; 2 Thess 2:3; Jer 29:8; Eph 5:6,7; Rev 2:2
(4) These verses show we cannot just believe a pastor because they’re popular: Jer 5:31; Is 30:10; Jer 29:8; 2 Tim 4:3; Lam 2:14; Jer 6:14,8:11,23:17; Ez 13:10
(5) These verses God warns us if we do not test all things: Jer 29:31; 1 Tim 4:1; Rom 16:18; 2 Tim 2:17,18,4:4; 2 Thess 2:11; 2 Pet 2:3,17; Jer 27:10,15

I encourage you as you do these things starting now and going forward it will keep you from error. As you apply the Word of God to what you had been taught and experienced, you will find, as I did, you were taught and believed false teachings.

Regarding being hurt, the realization that you had been lied to, wasted time and money, and therefore not wanting anything else to do with God or church. I understand your feelings, but do not mistake what happened to you by the false pastor and his false church by attributing it to God and His true Church. The false pastor does not belong to God and his false church is not God’s either. So you have experienced something that is not of God.

Pringle is deceived and deceiving others. (2 Tim 3:13)
The pastor is deceived and deceiving others.
The elders/board are deceived and deceiving others.
The CGLs, ZGs are deceived and deceiving others.
The people attending the church (regardless of how friendly, nice, loving, etc they may be) are deceived and deceiving others.
And all of these people from Pringle on down are being deceived by the master deceiver himself – Rev 12:9; Gen 3:1
Only because of God’s mercy upon you, you are no longer a part of it – being deceived and deceiving others.

On Judgment Day, God will deal with them if they do not repent. (Rev 20:11-15) As for us (you, me) we too will give an account of ourselves before God.

For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard. (Romans 3:23)

– Each person will face God’s judgment for their own sin
Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment (Hebrews 9:27)

– God enabled Jesus to pay the penalty of our sin
Christ suffered for our sins once for all time. He never sinned, but he died for sinners to bring you safely home to God. He suffered physical death, but he was raised to life in the Spirit. (1 Peter 3:18)

– Our response
If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved. (Romans 10:9-10)
He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. (John 3:18)

– Belief in Jesus = proof is a life of trust & obeying God’s Word (the Bible)
Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter. (Matthew 7:21)
If someone claims, “I know God,” but doesn’t obey God’s commandments, that person is a liar and is not living in the truth. (1 John 2:4)

– And after giving our life to Jesus, as we read/learn God’s Word and learn to live according to it, we then ask for forgiveness each time we sin
But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness. (1 John 1:9)

I encourage you:
(1) Begin reading, studying, obeying, meditating on the Word of God. Begin to listen to right teaching. Some that I listen to are:

(2) Find a Bible teaching, verse-by-verse, no frills, church. I’m sure before you bought stock in a company, you did your due diligence researching thoroughly about the company before you invested. How much more, when it comes to our spiritual life? Do your due diligence researching thoroughly a church before you begin investing/attending it.
Listen to these messages, they will help you understand what to be looking for in a church and pastor:

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen. (2 Cor 13:14)

Source: Sean L, CHC Confessions, C3 Church Watch, https://c3churchwatch.com/2014/01/02/chc-confessions/#comment-10499, January 3, 2014 at 4:12 am.


Simeon says of their experience:

I can completely identify with what you went through. I was heavily involved as you were; we gave to the building fund (admittedly it was our decision, but the constant push for money is outrageous). I accepted what was taught. I always went along with the money teaching, but every time they talked about tithing being New Testament and Jesus telling the Pharisees they should keep doing it – I never felt comfortable with that, because there is no future reference to it.

I’ve seen the same happen to friends in the church – burned out until there was nothing left, paid very little.

I’ve seen lots of people leave; in fact I am watching one family being torn apart right now – not entirely because of c3, but what I believe is an addiction or something to it.

Having read many, many of these posts, it has finally occurred to me that this kind of thing is widespread throughout the movement. Admittedly it’s not every c3, as I know some good plants. But to see the same treatment of people, the same doctrine issues, the same (it seems) global push on money – all I can assume is it starts at the top and works its way down.

It’s sad really; the c3 I went to was alive and pumping when I first started going there. Then I don’t know what happened. They just wanted to be “big” – the big church (which is usually only 1/2 full), the push on money, the glitz and glam, the nepotism – oh believe me, I could post a whole article here. It angers me to my bones the way family members get treated like royalty and everyone else is a commoner. I’m sorry but that’s the truth and most people will tell you that in certain churches that’s how it operates. It’s truly disgusting. I would open up more except we may get a lawyers letter…

There are a few local churches I am considering attending. But at the moment I just couldn’t be bothered. I’m growing more than I have before and I’m not attending. I know what Hebrews says, but other than that, my walk is going up and on.

Source: Simeon, CHC Confessions, C3 Church Watch, https://c3churchwatch.com/2014/01/02/chc-confessions/#comment-10569, January 7, 2014 at 2:04 am.


M says of their experiences,

I attended C3 Auckland for a few years. I became uneasy with what I started to hear from the pulpit, sick of the pressure to give money, and began to question why all my friends were leaving the church.

I almost walked out when during the offering talk, one of the “pastors” (and I use quotation marks because one of my personal bugbears is their insistence on calling anyone in some sort of leadership role, as well as their spouse, a ‘pastor’ despite having no formal theological training… but i digress) says from the pulpit “there is no reason today why you should be poor. The only reason why people are poor is that they are either lazy, or don’t have enough faith”.

Final straw was when Phil Pringle came over to speak. There had recently been a massive “Rise and Build” push and the church had a new huge building, but alas, no huge projector to go with it! Only two projectors from the old building, which looked so small now on the huge back wall of the new building. So the big money push that night was to raise money for a new $30,000 projector. Because that’s what God wants for the church, right? And Pastor Phil made a huge deal about how he was personally going to put the first $1000 down right there, “and I believe you will get this new projector by the end of the week”.

And I’m thinking, really? I’m pretty sure God doesn’t care stuff all about a projector. But that is what it is all about at C3. Its about the “movement”, whatever that means really. Its about “5 ways to a better life”, “7 keys to financial freedom”. Its hype. I’m sure that a lot of the congregation, and many of the leaders, are well intentioned. But from my own understanding of who God is, I’m not sure its what he would have wanted.

Source: M, Church Leaders speak out, C3 Church Watch, https://c3churchwatch.com/church-leaders-speak-out/#comment-26514, November 7, 2014 at 9:43 am.


Tracey B says of their experience,

I went to a C3 Church in WA and the Pastor spent a good amount of time going on about tithing. He made me feel it was a sin not to give 10% to God. My family and I simply could not afford to tithe all the time. We have now left the church and because we weren’t big tithers nobody cares, yet when another member left the church the Pastor called him up to come back. This member was tithing $100 a week of course the Pastor would try and get him back.

Source: Tracey B, C3: they really do know how to separate you from your money…, C3 Church Watch, https://c3churchwatch.com/2014/09/18/c3-they-really-do-know-how-to-separate-you-from-your-money/#comment-26472, November 6, 2014 at 2:20 pm.



12 thoughts on “C3 Testimonies”

  1. A young couple I know very well; who have attended C3 Oxford falls since its beginning are very distressed. They have been dating for 3 years and are engaged they had a future planned. The young lady spends ALL her spare time working for free at the church. Her Pastor has now advised her not to marry her fiance because he doeskin believe in tithing.

  2. Hi everyone, I have been going to a C3 Church since last year. The sermons at my Church are very good. However, I feel uneasy about their approach to spending a good 10 minutes or more talking about giving. Yes, I know the church cannot sustain itself without money but to mention it every single Sunday. I digress! I know people who have left Church because of the forceful giving message. I don’t know what to call it but I don’t like it. I don’t know if in time it will become easier to accept the message but for now it’s really hard. One time after the morning offering a prayer was said…along the lines of God blessing every hand that had given????? Does it mean that someone who didn’t give may not be blessed? Or don’t deserve to be at Church? I struggle financially as it is….and 10% is beyond my ability

  3. Revival needed said:

    Hi all. With much fear and foreboding I have decided to venture into this site. Let me just say that as a pentecostal insider for many decades much of what I see concerns me greatly. I have never personally been a part of either C3 or HIllsong but I am familiar with them.

    The tithing issue is complicated. There are many mainstream bible teachers who have taught this over the centuries. There are also many who do not teach it and some who take a middle ground that if in the Old Testament they gave a minimum of 10 percent perhaps this is a guideline for us.

    The issue seems to be an overemphasis on give give give which is common in many churches. If the church was also doing what the bible teaches about helping the poor especially those of the household of faith then we would have far less of a problem. If say your church believes in tithing and Mary is struggling, I believe the church should be helping Mary in many ways including financially. The Old Testament full teaching on the tithe is complicated but it includes helping the needy.

    Mary should be helped including financially and if need be over a long period of time. Mr preacher if need be you yourself should help her as well as the church if need be. If blessing comes by giving and of course this is not the only way then church help her and especially if you are Pastor big shot maybe you should help especially that way whatever Mary feels to give on Sunday whether she believes in tithing or not does not become a burden to her.

    In the New Testament there is approximately double the no of verses on helping the poor, needy, widows etc than there is supporting the ministries. Lets see this is in the churches and even if Mary has some troubles and is not perfectly flowing in with the vision of the church all the more reason to help. Of course help may come in many ways but in pentecostal churches we are in general sadly negligent in this area.

    Some of our big shot preachers do not need more money but many in our churches do.

    Sorry for long post but trying to explain a few things.

    • The principle of giving laid out by the church and the Apostles is, “Do not muzzle the ox who treads the grains”. The idea is if there are leaders, elders or pastors that are faithful to their calling, we are to honour them accordingly.

      The church in acts revealed that it looked after widows and the less fortunate and shared all the things in common.

      Tithing only profits those who teach it.

    • Revival needed said:

      So church watcher you basically are agreeing with me. However in your typical australian church whether it teaches offerings or tithes and offerings it is possible for some of that money to go to benefit the widows needy etc. In the acts 6 example we dont know but it is possible that some of the widows provided for may have given in the offerings we dont know.

      I am adressing the situation where people feel under pressure to give which they should not. The congregation in whatever form wheter it is in a house or hired hall or building is most likely having offerings in some manner shape or form. At least some of that money can and one could argue should go to the needy. Hence adressing the situation where an individual or individuals are struggling they need to be helped. I am talking if need be ongoing food, some electricity paid, basic bills etc all of which in the situations you people are adressing is practically unknown.

      So then on Sunday or whenever the offering is taken people dont feel under pressure from the church wheter it is from tithes and offerings or as most of you who operate this site would just say offerings has and is helping the person. Then if they want or feel to or even if they feel the need to tithe they are not under pressure. Of course also a church or ministry should treat people the same whether they give a lot or a little which has you know in many circles in Australia and worldwide is not the case.
      This can be worse in USA as offerings can be tax deductible and hence church may have a record and hence the pastor referred to above can see if his future son in law is tithing or not here that is not the case although I would now be surprised if electronic giving does not put pressure on people.

      Of course to we may have training sessions on how to budget and related areas which may help as well. Now commenting on that I have seen the ludiricorous concept where we are having a training day on financial management and its fifty dollars to attend which can stop those who may need it the most from even attending.

      Jesus even said to one rich person sell all you have and give it to the poor and follow me. Now I don’t believe that is spoken to all but there is a concept here. How mnay messages do we have on that. I can think of very very few big name preachers some of whom are very rich who have even partly had that revelation in one of their so called visits to heaven or wherever.

      Now some of what I am saying is not so easy in a smaller church where even the pastor may get no or little salary but it can be done. Now in some of the mega churches that you are addressing here this could be done big time.

    • Tithing exists because for millennia the organised church has been the welfare department. Those old-testament sacrifices, what do you suppose happened to the meat and the grain? It wasn’t all completely burned, and there was far too much for the priests to eat it all. It was, of course, handed out to the poor. That’s why christians were eating meat that had been offered to idols: they were poor, and receiving welfare from the established church of the day.

  4. I have been apart of C3 Church for a couple of years and attended my first Presence conference this year.
    Upon returning from the conference I couldn’t help but feel resentful from all the high pressure giving messages, 3 times a day at the conference, the miracle offering in particular, which I will add they did not include on the iCard they sold with the entire Presence conference on it, in fact it does not include any of the lengthy “giving messages that were constantly going on through the conference.
    I particularly remember during the “Miracle Offering” session Phil brought up a couple who at the Miracle Offering last year, “added another zero onto their offering amount” and Phil explained that is where the blessing from God comes from-that extra zero and encouraged the congregation to add an extra zero to their offering.
    Upon returning to my home church our pastor stood up someone to share his “testimony” of how he gave a significant amount of money “rise and build” campaign that the church has every year for extra money to give to the church to build their vision and had everyone clap for him and cheer for him.
    The Bible says your right hand should not know what your left hand is doing- all I see in this church is people who brag about giving significant amounts of money to the church and getting promoted into places of “leadership” in the church (anyone who kisses the pastors behind enough and gives copious amounts of money is referred to as a Leader or a Pastor here).
    If anyone in the church does a good deed IE: help an old lady walk across the street it goes all over their facebook pages, there is no humbleness at all in this church, every type of outreach or charity the church partakes in it gets splashed all over social media for the wrong reasons-to glorify and idolize worship themselves- not god
    This is not a church of those who love and walk an everyday life with God and coming together .It is a group of people putting on fronts and see who can gain the most honor from the pastor , it is so scary to see that so many of Gods people in the dark and under the illusion that this is what Jesus came to die for.
    C3 is so fake and phony and I will be finding another Church that is more God and Bible based.

    • Our daughter is now spending all available free time with c3 church activities and is spending money to travel to San Diago for some big event. My wife and I attended one of their “services” and I immediately recognized the shallow prosperity fake gospel that they teach. Money appeared to be the entire focus. The true gospel of Jesus isn’t present. Neither is the Holy Spirit. She recently declared she will only marry within the church. I only hope she awakens as others have as posted here.
      God bless us all and deliver us from the evil one!

  5. deceived no more said:

    yes give so that the pringles enjoy a 4mill new home and lie about why the counselling dept was dissolved………there’s paperwork proof of the truth……..just be warned!

  6. I live in the Netherlands.
    I have been a member of C3 from June 2012 until November 2017.
    Here are my personal experiences with C3:
    They focus waaay too much on paying your tithes, worshipping the Australian business man Phil Pringle, work for Phil Pringle, give lots of money to Phil Pringle, read books about Phil Pringle, etc.
    Within 5 years, I donated more than 13000 Euros to C3, but it was still not enough for them.
    If I wasn’t present 5 days a week, they came at my door to pick me up.
    I did everything for them, lots of voluntary work, giving gifts, presents, tithes, etc.
    Some of those “friends” I had there stabbed me in the back.
    I actually lived in poverty for them back then, to pay more tithes.
    It still wasn’t enough for them.
    Its never enough.
    When I left, they came after me, threatened me and stalked me like a witch hunt to bring me back to C3 by force.
    Even after my mother’s death, some of the C3 members threatened me inside the crematorium and threatened my sister.
    C3 don’t follow Jesus.
    They follow Phil Pringle and worship Phil Pringle.
    Some “friends” I had back then are still “trapped” inside the C3 movement and will probably never get out ever again.
    They will not let you go.
    I have seen marriages, relationships, friendships, happy lives be completely destroyed by the C3 movement.
    People who got huge financial debts and psychological problems afterwards.
    But I eventually managed to escape.
    I will never come back to C3 ever again.
    The C3 movement is a dangerous
    prosperity gospel cult.

    Phil Pringle is NOT a God, NOT the Messiah, NOT the “one and only true world leader”.
    Phil Pringle is a very dangerous cult leader.

  7. Here are my personal experiences with the C3 cult:
    I live in the Netherlands and i have been a member (and a money slave & work slave)
    of C3 for 5 years.
    Back in the year 2011, my parents got new neighbors.
    Ultra religious, hardcore Phil Pringle worshippers who were members of the Australian C3 movement.
    C3 is just a prosperity gospel cult with a pyramid scheme system.
    They actually believe and preach that Phil Pringle is a Holy prophet, the messiah and the one and only true world leader.
    If you don’t agree with their beliefs, don’t believe in Phil Pringle, don’t worship Phil Pringle, don’t donate all your money to Phil Pringle, don’t attend all events, or leave the C3 cult, the C3 members will stalk you, threaten you and your family and make your life a living hell.
    If you are not present at least 5 days a week, and don’t donate 10% or 20% of your monthly gross income and don’t join all their expensive events, a special “pick up team” will come up at your front door to take you to C3 by force.
    After I left the C3 cult in 2017, the witch hunt began.
    C3 members stalking and threatening me to bring me back to the cult.
    Back in 2019, after my mother’s death, and the death of another neighbor, they even threatened me inside the crematorium.
    They totally snapped inside the mourning hall.
    These nutjobs from C3 tried to ruin my life for 8 fucking years from 2011 until 2019.
    These people are fucking psycho.
    C3 is not a church, it’s a cult.
    Phil Pringle is not the Messiah, not a pastor, not a holy prophet, not the one and only true world leader.
    Phil Pringle is a criminal, a false prophet, a very dangerous cult leader.

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