C3 Scandals

Pringle Leadership Scandals

We are keeping on record reported scandals within the C3 movement.  Feel free to browse these articles and visit the sources. [UPDATE 02/03/2012: We are also recording relevant news on the golden triangle. That is, we are looking at the developing investigations into Pringle’s mentor Yonggi Cho and his Pringle’s protege Kong Hee. (See at the very bottom our articles on the developing Kong Hee case.)]


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“City Harvest Church’s Kong Hee’s statement regarding charges”

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57 thoughts on “C3 Scandals”

  1. Pauline Yates said:

    Anything on c3 Brisbane please

  2. Muslims are better than you all Christians

  3. Whatever My Name said:

    Unfortunately, you should evaluate whether you are following the Man of God syndome. The church isn’t about Phil Pringle, nor any one pastor for that matter. They are man just like you and I. Just as imperfect as you and I. We are not to cast judgement. Ultimately, it’s all about God. C3 teaches sound biblical principles and the full counsel of the Bible. The enemy wants you to cast doubt, to divide the church, and unfortunately I rebuke the role your website plays against C3 or any other church for that matter. Bind and break that spirit that is upon you.

    • “[…] I rebuke the role your website plays against C3 or any other church […]”.

      Excellent; while you’re at it, how about giving Kong Hee a serve and seeing if you can get him to give back any of the millions that he stole from his flock at CHC.

    • Whatever My Name, you are totally wrong. Jesus told us not to judge (condemn) other people; but He also said “…and if you judge, judge justly.” My understanding of this means that those who believe in, who follow Jesus, do not condemn others. But, does that mean we just swallow whatever our pastor (or any Christian teacher) says without discernment? Without weighing what preachers and teachers of the gospel say, against a) what the Holy Spirit has taught us, and is teaching us and b) what the Word of God actually says? Of course not. If you are one of those ‘fools and blind’ who just accepts what ever your pastor or (any) Christian leader (or anyone, for that matter) says is ‘what God wants us to believe/do’ WHILE CHECKING YOUR BRAIN AT THE DOOR, then you definitely need God’s grace to see that you are ensnared. I pray that the eyes of your heart will be opened. We are called (if we are born again) to become one in spirit with Christ. Yielding to the flesh to trust men, to believe lies or half-truths, is always tempting to our fallen nature; but it denies God His right to build His Kingdom within us, as He chooses.

    • Scott carter said:

      I used to go to phil pringles church in d.y. West in the 80s and didnt know the word of god then but 25 years later ,i reckon hes just another wealth ,health ,bla bla teacher anyway who needs him

  4. SDCinNS said:

    One of the common features of false/pseudo christian movements is saying, “we aren’t to judge” – “we should never be divisive or say anything negative about a church or it’s leadership.”

    Such a position are thoroughly unbiblical.

    – Paul names Hymenaeus and Alexander as teaching falsehood in 1Timothy.
    – Jesus condemns the “teaching of the Nicolaitans” in Revelation 2
    – The entire book of Jude is written about, “certain individuals who… have secretly slipped in among you. They are ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God.”
    – Jesus warns to “watch out for false teachers” in Matthew 7:15
    – In 1Tim, Paul tells Timothy, “stay there in Ephesus so that you may command certain people not to teach false doctrines any longer.”
    – Paul warned the Ephesian church in Acts 20, ” I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock. Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. So be on your guard! ”

    I could provide more quotes from the Bible – but you get the idea. These (and many other passages) clearly teach that false teaching and those who peddle it are to be clearly pointed out. One of the very important duties of church leaders is to point out false teaching and those who spread it – and believers are constantly warned to be on their guard against such people.

    You can’t “be on your guard” and “watch out” as the Scriptures tell us to, unless false teachers and false teaching are clearly pointed out. In my experience, a godly minister is happy to have his teachings put up to the light of Scripture and welcomes a thorough examination of his life, ministry and doctrine. But false teachers, as Peter points out in 2Peter, “despise authority” – they don’t want to be accountable to anyone – so they adopt the “don’t judge anyone” mantra. They hide from the light of examination.

    I, for one, am thankful for those who “examine the Scriptures every day to see if these things are true.” Acts 17:11

    • Amen to all of that !!

    • Richard BarrerasSr. said:

      Doesn’t anyone read 1st Corin.5:12. My first time here, looking through the notes Paul said that we are to judge those inside the church.

  5. Champ145 said:

    What about CcC Marion in Adelaide who are refusing to pay compensation for a number of young men abused by convicted paedophile Pastor Trevor Russell. Pastor Jude Blayney, the cults present leader is desperately fighting to keep control of a diminishing congregation with diminishing financial resources. Speculation surrounds when fight will turn to flight for Blaney.

    • Nathan Digeaux said:

      C3 Marion announced to its people in October 2013 that it has settled out of court for $500,000 for the paedophilia victims..History of C3: Jude Blaney kicked out Peter Vacca (the founder of Bethesda Movement when he was sick) and then turned the church in to C3. All the property built up by Peter Vacca and goodwilled members is now under Blaney’s control. C3 announced they are liquidating their property to pay the settlement and debts massed by Blaney over the years for African “mission trips” where the pastors stayed in luxuary hotels and went white-water rafting on their days off, leased cars, wages and long-service leave. Seriously days-off…. I bet David Livingston didn’t have “days-off” when in Africa. Blaney has turned a once mighty church into a big belly flop. with just 60-70 adults attending the biggest service.I’m not happy with the way this has all turned out.

    • Jan Nordhausen said:

      I have not been aware of all this, but I am so much in awe of God. Knowing that He is always in control! I was put through a traumatic time when I was involved in “Living Hope” when it was still running birthed by the Bethesda Movement. I have never ever been so humiliated, put down in front of others, abused…after I stood for Righteousness after a Counsellor was asking a certain caller very personal questions. I was stood down by Jude and the Manager at that time, because I made this stand. Of course, when Living Hope closed down “it was all Jan’s fault”. I was in Intercession for the Ministry, I loved it so much. I saw what Ps. Peter Vacca and Ps. Mike Davis went through with Jude, I knew Jude had a spirit of anger, and it was certainly displayed in front of myself and another counsellor. Even now, I am shunned in the street by past Counsellors. It has been a Traumatic time..but thanks to Pastor Vacca and Mike Davis they stood by me otherwise I don’t think I would have got through it. All I can say is “Don’t mess with God. Because sooner or later God will catch up with you, there is nowhere to hide.”

    • Maria Claire said:


    • Feel free to email us your story.

    • kreewater said:

      Nor will you be required to forgive him, unless and until he comes to you and asks for your forgiveness as Luke explains in his Gospel.

      Don’t hold your breath Maria Claire!

      This mob are not big on apologies or repenting!

    • Is there any support group or attorney a victim can contact?

    • Hi Vic,

      Please contact us at c3churchwatch@hotmail.cm. We would like to talk to you personally and see what we can do for you once we have made contact. We do deal with abused victims and would like to point you to the appropriate channels.

    • I happen t know that this Trevor Russell was also a victim at that church. I also know the remorse he has for what he did wrong. He has suffered as much from the misleading teaching that contributed to his behavior. This doesn’t ease any one else s pain except to say that until you forgive you cannot move on.. I know as I too have to forgive him.

  6. Has there been anything about c3 Thirroul?

  7. Nathan Digeaux said:

    What about C3 Marion scandal in the side part so more people know about the mess in Adelaide Jude Blaney has created? Its not just about Phil Pringel – its the incompetant “pastors” he has let become a part of the franchise. I wonder how much $ will go missing when the liquidation happens – some will go to Pringle probably.

  8. You people are judging Pastor Jude and should be ashamed of yourselves. Doesn’t it say “First take the wood out of your own eyes” When was success last judged by how many people you have going to your church? Anyway the reason Pastor Jude has a small church is people like your criticising him, upsetting other people and making them doubt, without knowing all the facts..

    • “When was success last judged by how many people you have going to your church?”

      Perhaps you would be better off directing that question to that learned “Doctor” and esteemed “Apostle”, the ever-so-erudite Phil Pringle. After all, it’s Phil who is always rabbiting on about his 2020 “vision”, thereby making public his altogether carnal obsession with numbers of “churches” and people.

      “Anyway the reason Pastor Jude has a small church […]”

      There is only one church – and it belongs to God, not to any so-called “Pastor”.

    • We are a C3 church and we don’t judge our success by how many people we have coming. All those people that come and go don’t understand our vision and they are critical and jealous of Pastor Jude’s ministry. He is wise and has helped many be better Christians teaching them about being in church every week, bringing an offering and submitting to godly leadership. It doesn’t matter we only have 60-70 people but what’s in our hearts. Without Pastor Jude our church wouldn’t even be there.

    • Yes but when Jude took over that church he had over 500 in there and upset most of them through arrogance

    • Without pastor Jude, you would probably know that the passage you are referring to in Matthew ch 7 is referring to hypocritical judging- not being discerning and recognizing false leadership. It would be better for him if he had never become a teacher.

    • Jan Nordhausen said:

      Nobody has to put up with abuse, not even a “pastor”! We followed Jesus-not jude!

    • Jan Nordhausen said:

      ** Not even from a Pastor!

  9. “All those people that come and go don’t understand our vision and they are critical and jealous of Pastor Jude’s ministry.”

    Oh those short-sighted fools – those sinners who are steeped in negativity, and who are too proud to come to “Pastor Jude” that they might be released into the glorious freedom of C3!

    “[Pastor Jude] is wise and has helped many be better Christians teaching them about being in church every week, bringing an offering and submitting to godly leadership.”

    Yes, there seems little doubt that your “pastor” Jude is truly a gift from God, since he understands that we need to be “better Christians” by virtue of our acts of righteousness (clearly your “pastor” has been very busy; maybe one day he will get around to reading Isaiah 64:6).

    “It doesn’t matter we only have 60-70 people but what’s in our hearts.”

    Tell us Marty: what’s between your ears?

    “Without Pastor Jude our church wouldn’t even be there.”

    That rings a bell: didn’t Jesus say “This is pastor Jude, and on this rock I will build my church […]”?

    • I was a member of C3 Marion for quite a while and am still in contact with many people I made friends with there. It hasn’t grown at all over the 13 years Jude Blaney has been in control despite lots of words from Blaney himself about how “switched on and relevant” he is. I left because his preaching was really weak and not relevant to me. Most of CCC seem to be in a time-warp – old fashioned teaching that’s got very little of the true gospel – its just a string of meaningless platitudes. Its not the gospel – its a hard program of religious works. Many people that attend are people like Marty – you’d have to describe them as simple and vulnerable to religious control and manipulation.

    • I rebuke your comments and think you all need to repent and ask God to forgive you.C3 is not old fashioned at all. It does preach the true gospel and that includes Pastor Jude Blaney. Many people at our church are comitted to the gospel, are sticking at the church and that doesn’t mean we are a cult – just are committed to the gospel.

    • What’s the gospel Marty?

    • If you read c3 Policy I am sorry to say but you will see they require at least 75 people to be in attendance otherwise, in their own words,, you are not permitted to use the C3 name. First sounds like they are concerned with numbers.Second sounds like the C3 policy is not being obeyed or adhered to.
      I was told by the elders at the C3 I attended that they just lied and said there were 75 people attending.
      I am also sorry but “living your best life now ” is not the Gospel but a c3 slogan .
      Not sure what “higher and higher levels” are hopefully not a rerun of the Tower of Babel .
      We must never choose a man as God is” not a respecter of persons” but choose righteousness and stand with that.
      I understand you are saying you want to be loyal to someone ie Jude Blayney who you obviously have a lot of respect for.
      Nevertheless if it opposes God’s Truth and His righteousness we do not stand with it.
      I have actually known Jude for many many years and no comment on that .
      Just repeat stand with righteousness not a man or a church.

    • To your question to Marty, “What is the gospel” he replied “the gospel is living your best life now.” Marty, are you a born-again Christian? Do you know that you become a Christian when you believe the gospel? Do you know that it is impossible to please God without (the use of) faith? Do you know that you CANNOT believe the gospel, except God himself gives you the gift of faith, and not works, that is…to believe the gospel (and to continue living as a Christian)? If you know these things, then you know everything i wrote here is Scriptural. I have never heard an answer like this defining ‘the gospel’ so i trust you are neither born again by the grace of God (no, it is never a work of the flesh, or works, or reason but the power of the Holy Spirit working in you, in a similar way to how He worked in Mary, that is — to make you anew…reborn); and, at least at this point, not a Christian. Your soul is in peril, if you refuse to accept what i say; and if you continue to live on, in your fleshly and carnal unregenerate mind, thinking you are born-again, when you are not. Again, i repeat: you CANNOT learn to be a Christian by learning; you CANNOT become a Christian by reading the Bible, putting up your hand in a church service; signing a declaration of faith (all of which i did but, like John Wesley who preached for twelve years but was not at that point born again), or ANY THING that comes from man or his power. If this is how you define the core of your faith, which is the gospel, you cannot be born again. You need to seek the LORD with all your heart, and make sure you are born again. No true Christian would, or could be led by the Holy Spirit, with a new heart and mind, to give such a wrong, pitiful answer to this critical question. I pray for you to be saved.

  10. The Gospel is living your best life now… not in heaven but here on earth. C3 Marion is an awesome church and Pastor Jude Blaney is an awesome pastor who is taking the church to higher and higher and higher levels. All my friends from the church who seen this site criticising us are more determined to stick with pastor Jude no matter what. We don’t care what you say. People who say we are finished because we are having to sell the church building don’t know Pastor Jude and don’t know us. Watch this space!

    • Wow this guy needs help in a serious doctrinal way…You should be following the teachings of sound theologians such as John Piper or John MacArthur or Wayne Grudem. Unfortunately Marty, New Agers will stick by their beliefs too until they go to hell. Belief does not equal truth and Jesus did not die for you to be rich with the wealth of this world no matter how many times you are taught.

    • Annette said:

      No Marty, the gospel is not living your best life now! What a lame answer. Now that’s sad

    • C3 Marion is not an awesome church. I’d like to point out that I left C3 Marion a while ago quite disgusted with the poor teaching of Jude Blaney.

      But the assistant “pastor” Bayden Rex, who is a uniformed officer with South Australian Police has a lot to answer for.

      On 14 October 2012 “pastor” Rex when preaching a sermon entitled “Christ Centred Relationships” . moralising about how to be a good Christian said:

      “go talk to your neighbour you SLACK ARAB [congregation reacts negatively] ,.. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to put down anyone who is a Arab in this house, are there any?? [ congregation reacts negatively], I don’t know … maybe. [congregation reacts negatively] C’mon it’s a saying.”

      Its bad enough for a police officer to stand in a public place and use racist offensive language. Its worse when that police officer is also a so-called Christian Pastor. This person isn’t fit to be a Pastor or a South Australian Police Officer He is a racist and this is a type of racial vilification.

      I’ve actually got a good friend who is an Arab and he’s not lazy – in fact he’s a very energetic and hard worker. I thank God I didn’t bring him to church that day.

      The audio of this is at http://www.c3marion.org.au/uploads/messages/C3%20Marion%20Sunday%20141012.mp3 … start listenin at 32:00.

      Jude Blaney also previously challenged the congregation to get a tattoo ” to prove you love Christ”.. This was after he had made the very bad decision to get a tattoo thinking that this proved his love for Christ. There was and still is a lot of criticism of Jude Blaney over his quirky ideas and habits.

    • Anon, I am greatly disappointed in what you have written here about Gods Church. How dare you put Ps Jude down like you have and how dare you put Ps Rex down like that. That shows me what kind of person you really are. You have lost my respect.

    • Leah – Better to lose your respect than be guilty of compromising God’s Word.

    • Word Lover said:

      Dear Leah,
      Jude and Baydon have lost respect of the congregation by their actions and their own words. Anon just accurately quoted what Baydon Rex said. I listened to the sermon (before C3 took it down) and it disgusting.

      I ask you this question: since you have been attending C3 Melrose Park have you been living :”your best life” or going from calamity to calamity?

      You will never get free associating yourself with people like Jude Blaney. You’l walk in freedom by knowing Christ.

    • Hi Word Lover,
      Can you please email us at c3churchwatch@hotmail.com?

    • You have been deceived by a false doctrine, and are heading for the pit. ”Best life now” is for greedy carnal people who will not enter Heaven…It is the opposite of what is taught in the gospel. Repent.

    • Word lover said:

      Bayden Rex reminds me of the self declared prophet of the circumcision – “empty talkers and deceivers who must be silenced” described by Paul in Titus1:10 who said “Cretans are lazy”. Does this remind you of Baden Rex’s “slack Arab” comment. Paul says that people like Bayden Rex should be “rebuked sharply” (Titus 1:13). I think that no-one who is a brainwashed C3 person would be thinking of rebuking Bayden Rex. They probably think his racist comment is “awesome preaching”.

    • We listened to Rex’s sermon. The entire sermon is more controversial than that one statement.

    • squidaloopa said:

      Hey Marty!

      One year on, do you still subscribe to the “your best life” myth?

      I’ll make you a pinky promise – you tell me and I’ll tell you! Actually I’ll go first:

      St Paul was a Christian, helped establish the Church. He lived for the Gospel. He knew what it was like to be in plenty (cue prosperity doctrine) and in lack. Nonetheless, he was whipped, beaten, shipwrecked , falsely accused, lived under house arrest, and finally had his head cut off – for living “your best life”!!!

      Your turn…

  11. Nathan Digeaux said:

    The church is struggling with its identity and lacks purpose. In this morning’s service at Jude Blaney’s C3 Marion I did a head count and there were just 59 adults all up many of whom have been here for decades. The comments i see on this blog are true and entirely justified. The church won’t go anywhere with this leader.

    • When I saw this I wasn’t sure if Jude Blaney was vomiting or licking wine from the table. Readers of this blog can decide.

      jude blaney boozy pastor.jpg

      Seems his quirky behavior continues. Quirky behavior, weird ideas and lame “preaching” (in 2012 Jude Blaney preached on how St Nicholas was a man that should be admired – his Christmas message to the spiritually emaciated people of C3 Marion.)

      If Digeax’s prediction that the money from the coming sale of the church buildings will be squandered I think quite a bit will be spent on Blaney’s favorite thing – expensive red wine.

      What I find even more disturbing is the foolishness of this man. He thinks that displaying himself this way in social media is a positive thing. This photo was proudly posted on Facebook by one of his children.

      Politicians, sports people, civic leaders and educators all need to maintain a good public profile. Not so for a C3 pastor Jude Blayney it seems.

    • Nathan Digeux i became a Christian in a fundamentalist group which some might label a cult, Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship, headquartered in India, with several satellite offices including one in South Bend, Indiana. I won’t say the group is a cult; but they are so strict they stifle the Holy Spirit, and control the church so much that it is impossible to truly exercise faith. After nine years in the group, my friends (some of whom had served in the ministry as volunteers for 25 years) decided to challenge the leader, Mr. Joshua Daniel, on certain issues they had with him over doctrine and his need to control everything (including, i guess, whom you could marry — it had to be someone who believed the LEF doctrines etc.); his response was to tell them they were either with him or against him, and they had 48 hours to repent. Anyway, i left the group, along with the ‘ringleaders’ my close friends and until today, i still see how great the damage done has been (my best friend married in the LEF and i advised him against such a choice — marrying a woman based on the INSTRUCTION of Mr Daniel, a serious mistake) and twenty years later, he is still suffering from their divorce two years after the marriage (with a child). Churches are like people; they need to be nurtured by the Holy Spirit. They must never be allowed to become man-centred, or a place where Jesus actually is not welcome, because the leaders are IN FACT wolves in sheep’s clothing. I pray your church doesn’t self-destruct; but with the awful example of pedophilia present in the leadership, it looks like God may allow this as an example to other churches …which is Scriptural. Still, my prayer is that the sincere and humble among you, if you are led by God, might still be able to recover and, one day, both personally or even possibly as small united home groups (the true original form of the Christian church, anyway) realise the callings God has for you all, and continue to love Him and seek His glory, which is Christ in you. Don’t give up but you need to push the wicked, the chronically unbelieving and unrepentant; and the liars and wolves, firmly out the door. If they refuse to repent, do as the Bible says, and wipe them off your feet like dirt. Do you honestly think Jesus will accept their hatred of Him for ever?

  12. Matthew said:

    Nathan you seem to have an insight in to the church and its current message. How long have you been attending the church to have established this insight and why do you continue to attend?

    • Nathan Digeaux said:

      Dear Matthew,
      I’ve attended the church before it became a C3 and that’s part of my ongoing disappointment. It was a thriving church full of life and a lot of us put in time and money in and served faithfully and gladly. I’ve seen the assets squandered and Jude Blaney exhault himself.

      I don’t attend now. I have promised myself not to because its not good for me. (And I won’t be visiting this site again either). I was going because of a misplaced sense of justice and to try and be there for people. But now they’ve all (all but a handfull) moved away.

      The church has now sold the old building and use some of the money to buy a new venue – smaller and grubby.

      I don’t believe C3 is a cult. But I do believe Jude Blaney is practicing spiritual abuse.

      Thanks for maintaining this website – it has helped me greatly. See ya!

  13. C3 Marion has closed down… BUT surprise surprise… C3 Melrose Park has started – all in the same week and just up the road! Same bunch of people, same toxic culture, same “pastor” (old Jude Blaney), same boring sermons BUT a new name, new ABN, new (smaller)building, new interior design.

    No matter how hard C3 tries to wallpaper over their issues and dark history (see Phil Pringle’s approach to Kong Hee scandal) the same old cultural issues fester beneath the surface. It’s the “C3 DNA” – it’s ingrained.

    They need a reformation not wallpaper, not a name change.

  14. The purpose of C3 and some others is fundamentally financial growth & gain for it’s leaders. They all the same traits. It’s whole business model is based on deception “to rope em in” and the leaders know it! I feel sorry for all the genuine people who feel they are in the right place. Hype, energetic music and singing, the power of suggestion etc etc does not mean it’s genuine christianity. Basically the movement has just copied and used ways of the secular world (many bad ones!) and put a christian label on it. Been going on since the birth of the church.

  15. Can anyone update us on the C3 Marion/Melrose park church nonsense?