Finding a good church near you

Christians don’t want a Hillsong church. They don’t want a C3 church. They don’t want an NAR church or an emergent church. They want a faithful church that handles the Word of God correctly, preaches a biblical gospel and has pastors that faithfully love and feed the flock, defending them from ravenous wolves.

This page is dedicated to finding faithful churches, whether they be Anglican, Pentecostal, Baptist, Uniting, Reformed, Wesleyan or Presbyterian. The churches below have had often very good reports of being faithful churches.

But please do not take our word for it. We cannot guarantee that all the churches we have recommended are always going to be good churches. Make sure you be berean (Acts 17:11and ask yourself these questions with an open bible and a discerning spirit:

1. Do they correctly handle God’s Word?
2. Do they preach the gospel?

These first two are essential. Other important things you might want to consider:

1. Is the minister approachable and open for loving correction?
2. Does the church encourage you to reason, question and grow in discernment (critical thought)?
3. Does this church hold to any creeds, confessions or catechisms and are they public, up front or transparent with what they believe?
4. Do the elders and ministers highly regard Christ’s ordinances?
5. Does the church highly regard scripture and faithfully make and mature disciples?
6. Is there unity in the faith?
7. Does the church family have healthy role models, family models and offer stron Christian community support?

(For more information on signs to watch out for, click here.)

We pray that God leads you into a faithful church near you. Below are our recommended list of churches:


Grace Bible Church
Address: 10 Yuletide Street, Holland Park, QLD Australia, approximately 10 minutes drive south of the Brisbane CBD.
Times of worship: Sunday Morning – 9.00AM and 10.45AM
Sunday Evening – 5.00PM

New Life Christian Church (Blacktown Christian Reformed Church)
Address: 240 Richmond Road, Woodcroft, 2767, NSW.
Times of worship: 9:30am & 5pm



Christian Reformed Church of Blaxland
Address: 3 Renwick Close, Blaxland, 2774, NSW.
Times of worship: 9:30am & 5pm

Reformed Church of Canberra
Address: The Chapel Rivett Shopping Center, Rivett, 2611, ACT.
Times of worship: 10:30am & 5:30pm (6:30pm – daylight saving time)

Christian Reformed Church of Dee Why
Address: 58 Fisher Rd, Dee Why (Opposite Kingsway), 2099, NSW.
Times of worship: 10am & 6pm

Reformed Church of Hawkesbury
Address: 10 Paget St, Richmond, 2753, NSW.
Times of worship: 9:30am & 5pm.

Indonesian Reformed Church
Address: 84-88 Cecil Avenue, Castle Hill, 2154, NSW.
Times of worship: 10.15 AM (Worship Service) 10.15 AM (Sunday School)

Christian Reformed Church of Liverpool
Address: Cnr Kennedy & McLean Streets, Liverpool, NSW.
Times of worship: 10am & 6pm.

Christian Reformed Church of MacArthur
Address: The Northern Road, Cobbitty, 2570, NSW.
Times of Worship: 9.30am & 6pm

Newcastle Christian Reformed Church, Lake Macquarie
Address: 7 Elizabeth Street, Argenton Community Hall, Argenton, 2284, NSW.
Times of Worship: 9:30am (7 Elizabeth St Argenton)

Christian Reformed Church of Newcastle
Address: 36a Glendale Drive, Glendale, NSW.
Times of worship: 9:30am & 4pm. (5pm during Summer holidays.)

Christian Reformed Church of St Marys
Address: 74 Marsden Rd, St Marys, NSW.
Times of worship: 9:30am & 5pm

Reformed Church of Sutherland
Address: 1 Elliston Place (Cnr Allies Road), Lucas Heights, NSW.
Times of worship: 9:30am & 5pm – March to November, 9:30am & 6pm – December to February.

Christian Reformed Church of Sydney
Address: 84 Cecil Avenue Castle Hill
Times of worship: 10am & 5pm.

Christian Reformed Church – Tuggeranong
Address: Isabella Plains Neighbourhood House, Isabella Plains Shops, NSW.
Times of worship: 10:30am & 5pm. (9:30am & 6pm in summer holidays)

Christian Reformed Church of Wamberal
Address: Cnr of Tumbi Road & Dashwood Close, Wamberal, NSW.
Times of worship: 9:30am & 5pm.

Christian Reformed Church of Wollongong
Address: 96 Carters Lane, Fairy Meadow, NSW.
Times of worship: 9:30am & 6pm.

Bray Park Community Church
Address: 10 Youngs Crossing Road, Bray Park, 4500, QLD.
Times of worship: 9am & 6:30pm.

Christian Reformed Church of Inala
Address: 44 Poinsettia Street, Inala, 4077, QLD.
Times of worship: 9:45am & 6pm Summer, 5pm Winter.

Christian Reformed Church of Mansfield
Address: Cnr Ham & Wishart Rds, Wishart, 4122, WLD.
Times of Worship: Family Service: 9.30am; Lighthouse Service: 7pm; Afrikaans Outreach Service: 5pm, First Sunday of the month

Nerang Community Church
Address: 2 Arjuna Way, Gaven, 4211, QLD.
Times of Worship: 9am

Redlands Christian Reformed Church
Address: 134 Delancey Street, Ormiston, 4160, QLD.
Times of Worship: 9am & 5pm

Christian Reformed Church of Tivoli
Address: 42 Church Street, Tivoli, 4305, QLD.
Times of Worship: 9.30am & 6pm

Christian Reformed Church of Toowoomba
Address: 718 Boundary Street, Glenvale, Toowoomba, 4350, QLD.
Times of Worship: 9am & 5pm.

Westside Christian Church
Address: 1 Bruce Lane, Camira, 4300, QLD.
Times of Worship: 10am Weekly evening home church at various times


Gospel Light Evangelical Church
Address: 1186 Pacific Hwy, Pymble, 2073, NSW.
Times of Worship: 10:30am

Grace City Church
Address: 932 Pittwater Rd Dee Why NSW 2099  (Dee Why RSL)
Times of Worship: 10am


SOLA Church
Address: 116 Paddington Road, Paddington, 2021, NSW.
Time of Worship: 12pm


EV Church
Address: 331 Terrigal Drive, Erina, NSW 2250
Times of worship: 8:30am & 10:30am


(If you know of any good churches or if you can update us on any church above that is starting to derail from the Christian faith, please email us at

12 thoughts on “Finding a good church near you”

  1. Hey, You mention Grace City Church as a Pentecostal church but we are not, We are charismatic and believe the the gifts of the Holy Spirit but we are non denominational.

    Thanks for recommending us, we meet in Dee Why RSL now and our website is .

  2. Russell said:

    It is a shame that you write off churches just because they have a different theological understanding compared to you. I find it funny that as soon as I mention we are charismatic you write it off and say it is religious and questionable, both of which are untrue and have no backing.

    We are all brothers and sister in Christ and all trust him as Lord and Saviour, we may disagree on some points but that shouldn’t divide us and lead to slander. I am not here to argue or slander you and I know C3 and Hillsong do some great work although I would not agree with everything they do or how the run things. There is no perfect church but God uses us regardless to do His work.

    I can see you have a desire for the truth, that as Christians we live a life that is biblical and in accordance to God’s will and I commend you for that passion.

    • Russell – the article has been corrected and the address changed. There are a few moderators on the site and they were notified of problems people had attending the church at the old address. Yes, we agree there are no perfect churches, but it’s up to the individual to ask the right questions, attend a few services before they decide to join any congregation. If they find a church that declares Christ’s headship in all matters of doctrine and practice, have been praying about the church God would have them attend, then their decision-making process should find them a “safe haven”.

  3. Hi, i need help finding a non-charismatic, non ‘signs and wonders,’ non ‘tongues emphasizing (such as the founder and pastor speaking and singing in tongues from the platform for quite some time) including the practice of the entire roomful of cell members at a ‘Care Group’ or ‘Cell Meeting’ standing and speaking in gibberish which nobody interprets or understands…even 60 people at one time), church in Singapore. I have been part of FCBC (as my girlfriend — now wife– attended there); then Lighthouse Evangelism (where her family attended for many years); and now New Creation Church, under Pastor Prince. My Irish Protestant-background parents abandoned organised religion and myself and my three brothers were encouraged to find out what is true and what isn’t. So, i wasn’t brought up as a Christian (in fact, all religion was never mentioned at home). I was involved with an ‘umbrella church’ group for about ten years, in which i trusted in Christ. However, that group broke up through schism (the Canadian version of it; it is called LEF and began in India in 1935. Today their meetings are well attended in India mainly, and it is quite a large organisation. I left the group in 1997 because my closest friends were leaving, due to many issues including some unusual teachings. For the most part, the group is solidly evangelical and fundamental. But, one policy is that to marry, you can only marry inside the group.). I am torn because my wife believes in ‘tongues’ to some extent; but i do not believe, even if it is Scriptural, that the experience should be sought or pushed on people or made a requirement. Singapore seems infected with groups that seem to focus a great deal on ‘signs and wonders’ (such as ‘tongues’), yet the people in the church don’t seem to be willing or able to consider that not all ‘signs and wonders’ are from God at all. It seems that all churches here teach that seeking the ‘gift of tongues’ is something necessary to be ‘filled with the Spirit’ but my gut feeling and belief is that these works are of the flesh. Second, most churches here teach that tithing is mandatory, or imply (though they will deny it, i guess) that you can not be blessed, prosper in your life, or be under the ‘favor’ of god (i use the spelling carefully) if you hope to prosper in the world. Yet, the Word of God says this: “…these are the ungodly, who prosper in the world.” Please help me and my wife, because it seems hopeless. There seems to be so much real, and deep truth preached by Mr. Prince…yet welded to the absolute (but not publically disclosed) actual but secret doctrines of mandatory tithing and speaking in tongues for (i suppose) ‘the most mature and worthy’ believers. Can you please help? Everywhere i look, there seems to be no hope to find a group of believers who don’t believe false doctrines. While in the West there are similar groups (such as Hillsong or Vineyard), i was never part of them until coming to Singapore. I am troubled a lot, for example, by the Hillsong music, where several songs repeatedly train people to worship Jehovah as Christ; where ‘we rise from the ashes’ is repeated (the imagery of the Pagan god Phoenix); at NCC there are few real hymmns used and the vast bulk is Hillsong music. My spirit is very distressed by the mixed wine which is continually on offer; and i hope you can help me and my wife either find a true Christian body here, or help us found one. Thanks! Paul.

  4. Jan Nordhausen said:

    Is there one in Adelaide, anybody?

  5. Hi
    Most of your recommended churches are in NSW or QLD.
    Any churches in Melbourne CBD?


  6. While browsing in this site,I remember a quote that goes like this, “Christianity is the only organization on earth that shoots thier own wounded” 🙂

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