Pringle’s Oracle Debacles

Pringle False Prophet

First off, Pringle thinks he is some type of Prophet. He has portrayed himself as a type of John the Baptist and has claimed to be an Elijah. Before reading prophecies before 2011, please read this following brief article:

Pringle Claims There’s “Still Not A Revival In Australia” And “Around The Nations Of The World”

ByYourWords2...We also have Pringle appealing to people to see him as a prophet of God. We have recorded Pringle portraying himself as a prophet, using his SunTec prophecy over Kong Hee to convince his audiences that he has infallible messages from God in certain seasons. But Phil Pringle is not a prophet of God. You will quickly realise he is a false prophet when you start examining his false prophecies. Here are some exposed false prophecies of Phil Pringle.

False Prophecy in 1998 (Sydney):

False Prophecy From Pringle in 1998

False Prophecy in 2005 (New Zealand):

Phil Pringle – False Prophet” Moriah Ministries Claim

False Prophecy(?) in 2008 (Korea):

Amazing Distortion Effort Made By C3 & Prophet Phil Pringle (Part 3)

False Prophecy in 2008 (Sydney):

Amazing Distortion Effort Made By C3 & Prophet Phil Pringle (Part 1)

Amazing Distortion Effort Made By C3 & Prophet Phil Pringle (Part 2)

Amazing Distortion Effort Made By C3 & Prophet Phil Pringle (Part 3)

Amazing Distortion Effort Made By C3 & Prophet Phil Pringle (Part 4)

Amazing Distortion Effort Made By C3 & Prophet Phil Pringle (Part 5)

False Prophecy in 2011:

Another False Prophecy By Pringle Alongside A Deceitful Sermon

Phil Pringle Prophesies A Money Multiplication Anointing On His Leaders

10 thoughts on “Pringle’s Oracle Debacles”

  1. Isn’t what you are doing here a bit dangerous? I know there are problems in c3 as there are in many churches. Is God not big enough to look after this himself? He will bring judgment to his church and he is. The other thing is that the blood of the sheep is on the shepherd. If Mr Pringle is wrong, guess who ends up in paying for it? Jesus told his disciples not to worry when there was someone preaching another gospel. maybe you should consider that. As for those that follow him, I can only hope that they will work out their own salvation with fear and trembling.

    • “I know there are problems in c3 as there are in many churches.”

      LOL; c3 is not a “church”; it is a pseudo-Christian cult whose object is to make money.

      Is that so difficult to understand?

  2. thinker said:

    Regine you should have read your bible first.There are plenty of free online bible websites if you don’t have one yet. Was that man preaching another gospel or casting out demons in Jesus’ name? see Mark 9:38-41.

    Further questions for you to investigate:
    1. What did Jesus say that was the first sign of “the end of the age”? see Matthew 24:3-5

    2. Who was cursed by the apostle Paul? see Galatians 1:8-9

    3. Did the apostles warn of false doctrines (teachings)? e.g. Colossians 2:18-23

    4. Did they ever describe false teachers? e.g.1 Timothy 6:3-5, 2 Peter chapter 2

    5. Did they ever actually *name* these false teachers/Christians in serious error? e.g.
    1 Timothy 1:18-20, 2 Timothy 4:9-15, 3 John 1:9-10

    Now read this statement:
    2 Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.

    Therefore often wrongly labelled] critical, judgemental, negative statements necessary to expose false teachers were ordained by God Himself. Who will you believe – the apostles themselves or “someone who sounds too nice to be a fake Christian/ a false teacher” (but is consistently shown to be preaching a money-hungry message contrary to the bible)?

  3. Reminds me of CTMI revelation in South Africa

  4. I have evidence (video) from Vicky Simpson likes as other False Prophet,she belongs to church c3 Phil Pringle (false prophet too). This video shows how she is “”teaching to active the Prophecy’Gift to the Congregation xxxxxchurch”. Me and my Husband were Members there. I think those people are mentioned in Revelation 2 : 14-16. We must understand we are living The Apostasy”Time.

  5. Leigh Hincks said:

    Actually I am not a christian or an observer of any religion. Do not see the point. If god is everywhere, then why do we need religions? This franchise is among the worst. How do I know? I have worked for this organisation. I even attended the board meetings and had to sit through the absolute bullsh*t being sprouted my these morons.

    As Phil said, “if you wan to get the attention of the pastors, just talk about the money”.

    I don’t really give a crap about prophets. All these grubs cared about were profits.

    Speaking in “tongues”. Jesus, what a load of tripe. Only really soft-minded idiots would believe such drivel.

    This organisation is a scam. A vehicle for making money from the deluded. Just like every other church on this planet…

    • Leigh – did you work for C3 here in Australia or overseas?

    • Just preach the Gospel.
      Luke 10:10 ” The Son of Man came to seek and save the lost”
      Avoid controversy shine for Jesus and be His witnesses.
      The great commission (Matthew 28:19-20 ) should be our desire and our testimony.

  6. Vicki S came to where I’ve been going recently – a small, un-mega c3 in a small town in Aus.
    She was bigged up bigtime as a prophet etc. The main thrust of her emotional, shouty thing was financial. Felt weird.

    It’s so confusing when there’s this mixture of the real and the unreal.
    I read somewhere that god hates “mixture”.
    Oh yeah, the Bible…

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